Saturday, September 5, 2009

Muslim Pres.of Interfaith Group Goes on a Tirade Over Rifqa Bary

Today as I was searching the Internet for articles about Islam I came across one about Rifqa Bary, the 17 year-old girl from Ohio who has stated that her own father wants to kill her for leaving Islam. The article was also about how Muslim activists were basically silent on this and other issues similar to it.

Then as I scrolled down to leave a comment, I noticed one from a poster using the name "moinansari". He want on rant in which he showed absolutely no concern for the poor girl and only bashed the Christians who helped her and the article's author. Using the usual Muslim talking points of "bigotry" and racism". The funny part of it is, that at the bottom of his comment he stated that he is the President of the American Joint Multifaith Association. While his title states that he is the president of the association, his site is just an all out attack on the critics of Islam. His comments here show us his true colors.

Posted by moinansari on 09/05/09
A "Church" kidnapping a minor Muslim girl and then brainwashing her into a Christian cult is Unamerican and has to be condemned. Trying to justify this new crusade is a deplorable act.

I will not take up space on mentioning quotes from the Bible, Torah and Gita which discuss other religions. This nonsense against Muslims is a way to spread bigotry and racism in our great land.

The author's unmitigated bigoted drivel is biased, it has serious errors in it and is typical of the anti-Muslim tripe so pervasive in some racist quarters these days.

It is very disappointing to see this esteemed publication chose to reproduce such a rambling crypto-racist screed.

The author's Teutonic bloviations are an admixture of discredited Neocon assertions, unsubstantiated, or outright Indian distortion, and pure unadulterated balderdash. His nauseating fixation upon and paranoid conspiratorial delusions about Islam are a transparent attempt to justify the murderous rampage, carnage and barbarism faced by West Asia. The twaddle fails to illuminate the confusing deluge of eerily inept and counter-intuitive claptrap masquerading as fact in the clumsily stage-managed "global war on terror" environment.

Stop this bigotry. Build bridges of harmony.

God Bless America. Long Live the USA. This too shall pass. We shall overcome.

President American Joint Multifaith Assiciation

As you noticed he just attacks and never addresses the issue of apostasy and Islam. After reading this nasty rant are we really supposed to believe this statement from his site's about page?

The President of AJMA is Mr. Moin Ansari a patriotic American citizen. A Muslim-American of Pakistani origins, Mr. Moin Ansari has been working for more than a decade building bridges of harmony among various faiths.

I have continually said that interfaith talks with Muslims have not accomplished anything as the problem has now spread across the West, including America. That Muslims use the talks to provide a smokescreen for Islam.

Thank you for proving my point Mr. Ansari, I appreciate the help.

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Anonymous said...

The only bigotry and drivel is coming from the poster of that rant. And how can one be bigoted and spouting drivel when Islam's own texts, and sharia laws, state exactly what that young woman says would have happened to her?!?!

The intolerance and hatred is coming out of Islam and its adherents, not the reverse. And their behaviors around this globe are proving it, along with such a nasty post as his.

Here is a 'quote for the road':

"As long as liberals (and muslims) are going to keep demanding that Americans keep referring to Islam as a religion of peace, it would be a big help if Muslims would stop killing people." ...and I will add stop enslaving them, and subjugating them in order to humiliate/persecute them daily.