Friday, August 29, 2008

U.K. Ramadan Imposed on Non-Muslim Council Members

Once again the selfishness of Islam has struck non-Muslims. All members of the Tower Hamlets Council in East London have been asked to follow the strict Islamic rules of Ramadan. Muslims continue to show us that they have no respect for the beliefs of non-Muslims nor can they be trusted. They were given trust by being voted into these positions and now they are using the power given to them against non-Muslims. What happens when Muslims become the majority of this council? Will they just vote in a law that says the whole town has to obey the rules of Ramadan? I am sure they will try.....don't vote Muslim.

Muslim council chiefs ban ALL members from 'tea and sandwiches' in meetings which take place during Ramadan

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 1:59 AM on 29th August 2008

Councillors have been ordered not to eat during town hall meetings while Muslim colleagues fast during the holy month of Ramadan.

All elected members at Left-wing Tower Hamlets Council in East London have been sent an email asking them to follow strict Islamic fasting during September no matter what their faith.

As well as restricting food and drink until after sunset, the authority's leaders have decided to reduce the number of meetings throughout the month so they do not clash with the requirements of Ramadan.

The seven remaining meetings scheduled to take place will also include special prayer breaks to accommodate Muslim councillors.

But some members of the Labour-run council say the demands favour one religious group over the others.

Dr Stephanie Eaton, leader of the Liberal Democrat group, said she would ignore the restrictions.

She said: 'The Liberal Democrats have enormous respect for the contribution of all faith groups and cultures to the life of the community of Tower Hamlets.

'But we fervently believe that the rules of any one religion should not be imposed upon others.

'I was rather disconcerted to see that the arrangements put in place for Ramadan, which we support for Muslim colleagues, have been imposed upon all councillors.

'We object to the request that non-Muslim councillors observe the fasting rules for Ramadan. This sends out the wrong message to our community.

'Our community consists of a huge number of different religions, all of which should be valued, and no one religion should be accorded more status or influence than others.'

This is not the first time the council, which has a broad ethnic make-up, has courted controversy.

It has been criticised in the past for being 'overly politically correct' after calling its staff Christmas meal a 'festive meal'.

And it has also staged a Bonfire Night party which featured a Bengal tiger instead of Guy Fawkes.

During Ramadan, strict Muslims are obliged to fast between sunrise and sundown.

They must abstain from all food, drink, gum chewing, tobacco, and any kind of sexual contact.

The holy period falls on the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, and this year it begins at the start of September, which means there are more daylight fasting hours than if it fell in later months.

Most of the council's debates are scheduled to start at 6.30pm.

But with the sun not setting until an hour later, devout Muslims will be unable to break their fast - known as Iftar - until midway through the meeting, where they will be given a 45-minute break.

Food and refreshments, such as sandwiches and biscuits, are normally laid on at town hall meetings.

Controversy has arisen because all members have been told not to eat until after sunset, out of courtesy to their Muslim colleagues, and so there will be food left for them later in the evening.

In the memo to councillors, John Williams, the council's head of democratic services, said: 'It is requested that members do not partake of any refreshments until after the Iftar refreshments are served.'

Council bosses said the arrangements were in place 'where it is not reasonable to expect members observing Ramadan, and who are required to attend a formal committee or other meeting, to travel home in time for sundown in order to break fast and undertake prayers'.

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U.K. Historic Sports Club to Become Mosque

I am pretty much at a loss for words when it comes to the U.K. Out of all the non-Muslim majority countries in Europe, they are falling the fastest to Islam. They seem to have no desire or will to save themselves from an Islamic take over. Now the Brits have voted that one of their historic sports clubs can be turned into a Mosque, saying it will greatly benefit the "wider" community. Which means that they are catering to Muslims, as usual. I was under the impression that sports were one of the things that the U.K. cherished most. I have a lot of friends over there, but you guys had better wake up fast or your beer will be the next thing you lose.

Historic sports club to become mosque
Aug 29 2008 by Emma Davison, Huddersfield Daily Examiner

CONTROVERSIAL plans to turn an historic sports club site into a mosque have been given the green light by councillors.

Hundreds of people objected to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association’s plan to transform The Pavilion at Fartown into a mosque and community centre.

But yesterday, members of Huddersfield’s planning sub-committee granted permission, agreeing that the association’s plans would breathe new life into the site off Spaines Road and be of huge benefit to the community.

Munir Ahmed, president of the Huddersfield branch of the AMA, told the Examiner that he was thrilled with the decision.

He said: “We are delighted, particularly as it was a unanimous decision by the council and they understood exactly what we aim to achieve with the site.

“It will be a great asset, not only for our own members, but also for the wider community and we’re looking forward to creating something that will be so beneficial.

“Our plan is to restore The Pavilion to how it was and actively engage the community. Our aim is to also bring back the sports that were once enjoyed, including cricket.

“We will be starting work on it right away and we’ll be having a big celebration with the community when it’s up and running.”

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Italy Proposes Bill to end all Mosque Construction

Italy, the worlds leader in the fight against Islam attempts to take it up a notch and put a ban on Mosque construction. If this passes look for a call to end all Mosque construction to spread across Europe. As the Swiss have already looked to put an end to the Islamic calls to prayers being broadcast in their country. Muslims across the world use our freedoms against us in order to impose Islam on us. To fight back we are going to have to bend our constitutions and treat Islam unlike other religions, as it is a political movement as well as a religion. Either that or Muslims will eventually dominate us. Take your pick.

Italy's Northern League seeks to block new mosques
By Paul Bompard in Rome

Published: August 25 2008 03:00 | Last updated: August 25 2008 03:00

Italy's Northern League, the populist, xenophobic, sometimes separatist movement that is a key component of Silvio Berlusconi's governing coalition, has proposed new legislation which would in effect halt construction of new Islamic mosques.

The bill, which the League's chief of deputies Roberto Cota is expected to send to parliament next week, would require regional approval for the building of mosques. It would also require that a local referendum be held, that there be no minaret or loudspeakers calling the faithful to prayer, and sermons must be in Italian, not Arabic.

Chances of this being approved as it stands are slim, since it clashes with a number of constitutional rights and there was no immediate support from either Berlusconi's Forza Italia party or from the exfascist National Alliance.

But there has been cautious support from the small, ultra-Catholic UDC party, and the proposed anti-mosque legislation undoubtedly reflects widespread feeling among Italians that some defence against a rapidly rising Islamic presence is needed. At present, the Muslim population in Italy is estimated at 1m, with 258 registered mosques.

The Northern League, which theoretically favours the secession of northern Italy from the centre and south, won more than 8 per cent of the vote at the April general elections, and has always trumpeted defence of national values of the northern Italian "race" as the natural product of its homeland.

Without giving details, Roberto Maroni, the rightwing interior minister from the League, also said in April that "nomads" - as Italians call the Gypsies, although most do little roaming - who were not Italian citizens and did not meet conditions to stay would be deported to their "countries of origin".

The League has capitalised on a wave of xenophobia, of fear of crime committed by foreigners, and of preoccupation with illegal immigrants, which did much to help the Berlusconi alliance win the elections.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Egypt Police Prevent Copts From Repairing Church

Our Islamic "allies" continue to show their true face to us. The centuries long persecution of the Coptic Christians of Egypt continues, but Muslims do not say a word about it. They only want to silence those that do speak out against this persecution. As for our leaders.....Bush, Condi.....any comments? I thought not.

At the end of the article I have posted a video showing just how badly the Christians in Egypt have it.

CAIRO (AFP) — Egyptian police used violence earlier this month to prevent villagers from repairing the only church in their area, a rights group said on Monday, warning of a rise in sectarian tension as a result.

On August 17, "a policeman assigned to guard the Archangel Michael Church in Deshasha (Beni Soueif province south of Cairo) hit three women while they were taking sand into the church to fix the floor which was cracked as result of water collection underneath," the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) said in a statement.

After the incident rumours spread in the village that Copts had locked up the policeman inside the church, beat him up and tore his clothes, leading to the brief arrests of several Copts and to threats of retaliation from Muslim villagers, the group said.

"The worrying rise in sectarian tension that we have seen in Deshasha is a direct result of violations committed by the police," EIPR director Hossam Bahgat said.

"This incident must be investigated and those responsible held accountable."

In Sunni Muslim-dominated Egypt, the law allows the repair of churches without a prior permit but church officials must give written notice to the provincial authorities, the EIPR said.

But according to officials from the Archangel Michael Church, the state security intelligence has prevented repair from being carried out at the church for the past 11 years.

Clerics said the church is the oldest in the region, was built in 1895. It was last renovated in 1930 and serves 100 Christian families in the Deshasha village.

"The Archangel Michael Church in Deshasha is but one example of the futility of any efforts to reform and unify construction and renovation laws for places of worship so long as security agents continue to violate existing laws in a discriminatory manner and with complete impunity," EIPR said.

Egypt's Copts -- the largest Christian community in the Middle East -- account for an estimated six to 10 percent of the country's 76 million inhabitants and complain of systematic discrimination and harassment.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

No Bible Zone U.K.~ Not so Fast, Christians Fight Back

Readers might recall that approximately 2 months ago, a couple of Christian preachers in a Muslim area of Alum Rock, Birmingham UK were stopped from handing out flyer's promoting Christianity . They were stopped and threatened by Muslim community police who apparently think that they can make up their own set of rules. The preachers were told that trying to convert Muslims to Christianity is a "hate crime".
I happen to disagree and believe that forcing people to stay in Islam is a "hate crime", but hey that's just me. Either way, the Christian preachers are preparing a lawsuit calling for their rights to freedom of religion and the freedom of expression. Good for them!!

Court action over ‘hate crime’ row
Aug 22 2008 By Edward Chadwick

A HIGH Court law suit will be filed against West Midlands Police within weeks to set out claims that it breached the human rights of two Christian street preachers who were told to halt their religious mission in a Birmingham street.

Solicitors are drawing up papers which will see the force answer allegations that Arthur Cunningham and Joseph Abraham were threatened with arrest if they continued to hand out extracts from the Bible in Alum Rock.

After being told they were committing a “hate crime” the pair were warned that they would be beaten up if they returned to the predominately Muslim area.

The preachers, who both come from America but are based in Birmingham, were interrupted by a police community support officer as they passed leaflets to Asian youths.

February’s incident sparked anger among Christian campaigners and 65-year-old Mr Abraham said he feared parts of the country were becoming no-go zones for anybody who wanted to preach the gospel.

Solicitor Tom Ellis, from Manchester-based firm Aughton Ainsworth, said the papers would outline claims that two sections of the Human Rights Act – the freedom of religion and the freedom of expression – had been breached by the officer.

Unless police chiefs made a dramatic U-turn and issued an apology, the papers would be filed by next month.

“We will be issuing court proceedings in September unless there is an acknowledgement by the police that there was a breach of human rights,” said Mr Ellis.

“That would be enough to stop us filing the papers which are being prepared but we have not had a substantive reply to a letter we sent to the force in May.

“This is not about money, but the principle and I am confident that we will win on behalf of Mr Cunningham and Mr Abraham.”

Mr Ellis said it would be up to the court to resolve factual disputes about differing versions of the incident.

The legal proceedings are being funded by the Christian Institute, a charity which claims to be the guardian of human rights for all Christians.

Mr Abraham said he would not comment because legal action was pending and Mr Cunningham, aged 48, is currently out of the country.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: “The professional standards department of West Midlands Police is continuing a thorough investigation into this complaint and as such it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.”

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

12,000 Iraqis to hit US by the end of September!!

President Bush continues to shove Islam down our throats. He has gone full steam head with his promise to move Iraqi refugees here. Over 9000 have arrived, about a quarter of them over the last month alone. Many have had help from the Diocese of Camden N.J. You would think that Christian leaders would one day realize that Islam is out to destroy or dominate all other religions but no, so many Christians have to continue on with their turn the other cheek mentality. A mentality that Muslims constantly exploit. I am not religious and I voted for Bush, but I have two questions for him. How is it that he never says a word about how Christians are persecuted across the Islamic world? How is it that he never looks at the mistakes of other countries and learns from them? The Diocese has said they will try and get the refugees jobs. Meaning most of them will get free housing and go on welfare. This is exactly what the U.K. has done and most of us know how bad the Islamic problem is over there. The result of this will be that they form their own little Islamic communities and spread out from there. Spreading Islam as they live off of the sweat of us infidels. Bush you have failed us miserably in regards to Islam and the borders, you are a liberal who posed as a conservative. If your intent was tearing up this country, you have done a great job. Thanks for all the up coming troubles that this will bring the country.

Iraqi refugees start arriving in NJ
By: SAMANTHA HENRY, Associated Press Writer08/18/2008

NEWARK - Iraqi refugees have begun arriving in New Jersey as part of a nationwide resettlement program to bring 12,000 Iraqis to the United States by the end of next month.

A refugee resettlement program run by the Diocese of Camden has received five Iraqi families in recent months - a total of 19 people - and more are expected, according to executive director Kevin Hickey.

"It's picking up," he said.

Mai Lieu, the director of migration and refugee services for Catholic Family and Community Services in Paterson, says her agency has received one Iraqi family in recent weeks and been notified that they should start preparing to help resettle others.

"We'll have Muslim and Christian refugees too, so we hope the community will welcome everyone," she said.

Nearly 9,000 Iraqi refugees have arrived in the United States so far, about a quarter of them over the past month, according to a spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, or UNHCR.

They are among the 12,000 Iraqi refugees that the U.S. government has agreed to accept by the end of its fiscal year on Sept. 30. An additional 5,000 are being sent here under a special visa program for Iraqis who have worked with the U.S. military, according to a spokesman for the U.S. Department of State.

Larry Yungk, a senior resettlement officer in the United Nations' refugee organization's Washington office, said most of the Iraqi refugees are coming to the U.S. from secondary countries including Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey.

Those nations have absorbed the majority of the estimated 2 million Iraqis who have fled their homeland since the conflict began. The organization estimates more than 2 million people are also displaced within Iraq.

Most Iraqi refugees don't want to resettle as far away as the U.S., according to Yungk. He said those that come to New Jersey and elsewhere are among the most vulnerable and the least likely to return to Iraq after the war ends.

"Most anybody, when they leave their country, their first choice would be to go back home if they could," Yungk said. "If you look at these groups coming here, they're among the most unlikely to go back, and those having the most trouble."

Yungk said most of the Iraqi refugees that are sent to the U.S. either have family ties here, have been victims of violence, are in women-headed households in families where the men have been killed or kidnapped, are among those that fear reprisal for assisting U.S. forces, or are afraid to return to Iraq because of religious or political persecution.

New Jersey - and the New York metropolitan area - are not usually major destinations for refugee resettlement.

Officials say the high cost of living and social service systems that are already overburdened in large urban areas are among the reasons why most refugees are often sent to smaller towns and cities across the U.S.

An official from the State Department's Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration says New Jersey has received 65 Iraqi refugees since Oct. 1, 2007. He did not know how many Iraqis would be sent to here in the coming weeks.

Lieu said her agency helped resettle about 30 Iraqis in North Jersey in 1991 following the Gulf War, and expects to help several families again this time around.

"Because we have the Arabic-speaking community, and New Jersey has a lot of diversity, we do get them here," she said.

The most recent Iraqis to arrive in New Jersey are a woman and her two teenage sons, were sent to the Paterson area because they have a relative living nearby, Lieu said.

Lieu - herself a refugee from Vietnam who was resettled in the U.S. by the kind of program she now runs - does everything from picking up the new arrivals at Newark Airport to helping them find apartments, furniture, jobs and English classes. She enlists volunteers to help welcome the newcomers, ease their adjustment to life in New Jersey, and deal with culture shock.

"In New Jersey, the rent is very high and the jobs pay minimum wage," Lieu said. "Mostly, we try to get them a job because we don't want to put them on public assistance."

To be eligible for resettlement in the U.S., Iraqis - like all refugees - must first be granted refugee status by UNHCR. Those designated for resettlement in the U.S. are then screened, interviewed and approved by the Department of State. The State Department then refers each case individually to different resettlement agencies across the country. They come here as legal immigrants eligible to work and receive government benefits.

Catholic Charities is just one of the agencies in New Jersey that handles refugee resettlement. Other religious-based groups of various denominations have refugee programs, as do some private social service agencies and non-governmental organizations.

Hickey said the Camden Diocese runs the largest Catholic Charities refugee resettlement program in the state. He said the program has been helping the recent Iraqi arrivals settle throughout Atlantic County.

"It's a wonderful program," Hickey said. "

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New Pakistan: Banned Groups Reopening Offices

Just the other night on TV I saw our do nothing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice trying to spin that everything was just fine with former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf stepping down. Now just days later some Islamic groups that were banned by him and his regime, have been allowed to reopen their offices. Rice was stating that the new government will be democratically elected. So if they vote in Bin Laden to be the next President, are we supposed to say, "that's cool they did it through the democratic system"? Well Condi the only thing Muslims have done with democracy is smack us in the face with it. We need to see the Islamic world for what it is, the enemy of our freedoms. Nuclear armed Pakistan is nightmare waiting to happen no matter how Condi tries to spin it.

Banned outfits rear their heads in Karachi post-resignation

* Organisations include Lashkar-e-Taiba, Sippah-e-Sahaba, Jamaat-ud-Dawa and Jaish-e-Mohammad

By Fareed Farooqui

KARACHI: Some religious parties that were banned during the tenure of former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf have become active against by reopening their offices in Karachi, Daily Times has learnt.

According to sources, the banned jihadi organization, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LT), which was renamed Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JD), had an office at Salman Terrace, Gulshan-e-Iqbal near the National Stadium but it was closed after the government banned the LT. However, the LT has opened a temporary office at the Jamia Darasat al-Islamia, opposite Safari Park in Gulshan-e-Iqbal and after Musharraf’s resignation, the office at Salman Terrace has also been reopened.

The banned jihadi organization, Jaish-e-Muhammad (JM), also reopened its office in Manghopir on Wednesday. Before it was banned, the JM had its office in Nazimabad and that office remains closed.

The Sippah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), now known as Ahle Sunnat-wa al-Jamaat Pakistan (ASWJP), had its Karachi headquarters at Masjid Siddique-e-Akbar near Nagan Chowrangi, North Karachi and after the ban it stayed active from the same area. Although, the office had remained closed, ASWJP leaders have been conducting meetings from this office for the past two days.

The central leader of the SSP, Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Nadeem, told Daily Times on Wednesday that the ban on all religious parties, including the SSP, was a part of the “American” agenda. “The ban created hatred and anger amongst our supporters, as the SSP is patriotic and its leaders were chosen by the people to be members of parliament,” said Nadeem.

He said that the ban on the SSP had been challenged in court and the case was in progress. “The government should learn from Musharraf’s mistakes and his policies should be discontinued at once and the ban on political and religious parties should be lifted,” he said.

Replying to a question, Nadeem said that Musharraf should not be provided a safe exit, as he was responsible for the killings of thousands of innocent Muslims. “He is a national offender and only the nation can forgive him. If the government lets him go without facing trial, it will be considered as an accomplice of the former president,” he said.

The SSP also organized a program, ‘Youm-e-Dua Basilsila Istehkam-e-Pakistan’, on Independence Day, Aug 14 at Masjid Siddique-e-Akbar near Nagan Chowrangi after Zuhr prayers to pay homage to the martyrs of the ‘Pakistan Movement’. Ghafoor demanded that the government should announce Shariat law in the country on ‘Independence Day’, as that was the prime objective of the creation of Pakistan.

Earlier, in June an estimated 8,000 men, mostly young ones, gathered at Qayumabad for a ‘Jansaran-e-Muhammad Conference’ organized by the SSP at B-Area Korangi Road in Qayumabad.

A rally started from Qayumabad and ended at the main Korangi road before the participants sat down. The arrangements for the conference were made on the main road and all the link roads and main streets were blocked off with tents. There was frisking at the three main entrances and SSP activists were seen on the rooftops. SSP workers with weapons were also seen at different spots. The stage was built with three trucks at the centre of the road and two police mobiles were seen to the side.

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Indonesia: Muslim mob Storms Sunday Service

Is this the usual tolerance that Muslims keep telling us about? I urge all Christians to look at the actions of Muslims like this, that are repeated across the world, and weigh them against the words of Muslims. Words that tell us that Islam is a peaceful tolerant religion. Words that are obviously a lie.

Indonesia: Muslim mob storms Sunday service and hangs banners declaring ban on churches, while police make no effort to intervene

JAKARTA, August 19 (Compass Direct News) – On Sunday (August 17) a Muslim mob stormed a church service in Cipayung, East Jakarta, forcing Christians to flee and then erecting banners in the street declaring a ban on “churches and religious services.”

As about 20 church members were celebrating the nation’s Independence Day at the service, the angry assailants arrived at the Pentecostal Church of Indonesia in Pondok Rangon village, Cipayung, at 9:30 a.m. shouting “Allahu Akbar!” or “God is greater!” Some in the mob were neighbors, but the majority were not local residents, according to pastor Chris Ambessa.

Church members tried to close the gate leading into the church compound, but the mob forced its way in, storming into the welcoming room of the church and overturning furniture.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

U.N. Bans Criticism of Islam

Piece by piece Muslims are slowly chipping away at our freedoms, instead of assimilating they want to bring the Middle East to us. Just the other day Michigan Muslims protested a Christian radio program and now Muslims have gotten the United Nations to ban the criticism of Islam in regards to human rights events. The effort to install this censorship was spearheaded by delegates from Egypt, Pakistan and Iran. Is it me, or should these countries even have a say on the Human Rights Commission? Countries where non-Muslims and even Muslims have little rights. Isn't freedom of speech a "human right"? I guess not under Islam....

Exclusive: Incredulous UN Bans Criticism of Islam
Leslie Sacks

The Human Rights Council at the United Nations has now banned any criticism regarding Sharia Law and human rights in the Islamic World. According to President Doru Romulus Costea - and following the efforts of delegates from Egypt, Pakistan and Iran - the Council will no longer tolerate criticism of either Sharia or specific fatwas in the name of human rights.

In many parts of the Islamic world, it is becomingly increasing clear not only that the Koran (the written record of the original oral transmissions of Mohammad’s life teachings) and the Hadith (the later delineations of those teachings) are considered sacrosanct in their perfection, but also the various implementations of these teachings, known as Sharia Law. No evolution or refinements are required. No matter that nearly every multitudinous Muslim sect or group has a differing interpretation of this God-given Sharia Law. Nor that the stoning to death of women, beheading of men, and all the 6th century niceties of feudal Arabia are still part and parcel of the immovable Islamic tradition. Never mind that Sunni will decimate Shia - and vice versa - over differences of interpretations far more modest than those between (modern) Catholics and Protestants, between Hindus and Buddhists. Islamic sect can war on Islamic sect, Arab can criticize Arab.

Because Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and all other religions are imperfect, they are fair game for any and all attacks. Since Israel, Zionism, America and the Western World were created and developed outside the Islamic World and its divine perfection, they are likewise subject to criticism.

Now, not only has the Islamic God forbidden outside criticism of the Sharia Law, but the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) is its enjoined messenger on earth.

Of course, observers of the HRC should not be surprised. The ostensibly prestigious body has become a revolving door for countries with an ambivalent (or even well nigh invisible) relationship with freedom and democracy. In the two years following its replacement of the equally dictatorship-friendly Human Rights Commission, Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, China, Cuba, Egypt, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia have all been elected to the Council. As a majority of the Council’s resolutions are concerned with Israel, it would effectively cease functioning were it not for its compulsive focus on the Jewish state.

Due to this resolution the Council - and thus, perversely, the UN - is endorsing a worldview in which human interpretation and understanding has been placed beyond the pale of critical thinking and investigation as long as it’s part of Sharia Law or the Islamic tradition. Perhaps we should rename the United Nations and call it the “Nations of Islam - United in Unique and Ineffable Perfection.” Sounds appropriate.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Non-Muslims Under Attack............USA

Just as one jihadist pleads guilty for attacking non-Muslims here in America another attack occurs. The attack took place in Minneapolis, which just happens to be the same place where the Somalian cab drivers would not take passengers into their cabs who had alcohol on them. As the Muslim population grows, we will see more and more of these attacks taking place on non-Muslims. I urge everyone to contact their local representatives and demand an end to all Muslim immigration.

Two HCMC Workers Attacked on Their Way to Work

Last Edited: Tuesday, 12 Aug 2008, 9:37 PM CDT
Created: Tuesday, 12 Aug 2008, 8:37 PM CDT

HCMC Workers Attacked

MINNEAPOLIS—A Hennepin County Medical Center volunteer and nurse were separately attacked by the same three suspects.

Reiner Schonolling was attacked Tuesday morning by three Somali teenagers on bikes.

The suspect who hit him said he does not like white Americans.

Just one hour before the attack, the suspects punched Robin Cooper who is a nurse at HCMC.

The attacks happened at Elliot Park in downtown Minneapolis along 8th Street.

“I believe they picked on someone they thought they can get away with,” says Cooper.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Michigan Muslims Attack Freedom of Speech

A group of Imams from the Islamic state of Dearborn Michigan got together to protest a radio show that featured fiery Egyptian Coptic priest Zakaria Botros as the Imams were getting numerous complaints from fellow Muslims about the show.
The reason for the protest was the usual, they did not like what Botros had to say about Mohammad the terrorist. Once again there are special rules for Muslims. They constantly attack the freedom of speech of non-Muslims, but use our country's freedom of speech to have pro-Hezbollah rallies. I wonder if those that complained happened to be among the 15,000 American Muslims who attended the last rally? These are 15,000 people that do not belong here.

Priest irks community with bizarre, offensive comments about Islam
By Khalil AlHajal - The Arab American News
Friday, 08.15.2008, 02:00pm

Local religious leaders believe they've successfully convinced a local AM radio station to force a regular guest on one of its programs to tone down his intense, often strange commentaries critical of the Islamic faith.

Egyptian Coptic priest Zakaria Botros, known around the world for his controversial theological rants about Islam, had been featured regularly for weeks on a Chaldean Christian programming broadcast by WNZK (690 AM), enraging many with frequent assertions that Islam's Prophet Mohammed, was, among other things, a homosexual.

Muslim leaders feared the weekly programs could cause tension between local Christian and Muslim communities, and sought out talks between interfaith leaders and the station owner about pressuring producers and the host of the show to keep the more radical commentaries off the air, said Ghalib Begg, Chair of the Council Of Islamic Organizations Of Michigan.

"It seems the hate speech has stopped," Begg said.

After hearing furious complaints about the program for weeks, a group of Sunni and Shia Imams gathered in an emergency meeting in Dearborn on July 28 to discuss the issue, deciding to pursue a resolution through interfaith representatives, Begg said.

"As much as this show was not a good thing, it brought the Imams together," he said.

The group continues to look to create positive outcomes from an ugly situation.

Begg said they are planning a meeting with station executives on Aug. 20 to work out a way to buy airtime for interfaith programming.

"Our objective now is to do something positive," he said.

Owner of the Southfield-based radio station, Sima Birach, confirmed that he is "working on this case," but did not comment further as of press time Thursday.

Email messages sent to two area Coptic priests were not returned.

Another local Arab Christian leader, Fr. George Shalhoub of St. Mary Antiochian Orthodox Church in Livonia, said that Botros' outbursts may come from a bitterness felt by many Egyptian Christians, who he said have struggled to practice their faith in that country for years.

"Historically, Christians in Egypt have been persecuted," he said.

Religious life for Copts in Egypt, said Shalhoub, whose congregation is made up primarily of Palestinian, Syrian, Jordanian and Lebanese Americans, is much harder than in other Arab countries with large Christian populations, where, he said, there is mutual respect and tolerance between Muslim and Christian groups.

"Father Zakaria is fueled by desperation, but no one should be condemned by other people's faith," he said. "Just leave him alone and he'll go away… There are fanatics among Christians. There are fanatics among Muslims. There are fanatics among Jews. If we pay attention to fanatics, we become fanatic… Don't forget we have freedom of speech here. No one can silence another by force."

Shalhoub said that radical religious rhetoric is only fueled by the outrage it causes and that problems arise between Christians and Muslims locally only when members of the two communities try to prove each other wrong about their faith.

"We have wonderful relationships with our Muslim brothers and sisters here," he said. "They don't need us to legitimize their faith, and we don't need them to legitimize our faith… They know who we are. If somebody's on the radio, turn it off," he said.

Begg said that ignoring Botros was considered as an option in the first meeting among local Imams in July.

"They know this is not the first time someone has done this," he said. "It's not so much about some guy making noise. Their concern was the average guy on the street. It's not good for relationships… We need to stop these kind of divisions that are being created. It's not healthy for the community."

Begg, a co-founder of the dialogue organization Interfaith Partners, said local religious leaders have worked hard for years to build relationships with each other.

"This guy is doing the opposite," he said about Botros.

A second option the Imams first considered, he said, was to "bombard all the advertisers" supporting the program, putting real pressure on the producers with the threat of financial consequences.

In the end the group decided to assemble a committee of interfaith representatives to express their concerns to the station in a way that would create relationships rather than burn bridges.

Begg said a diverse group of people that included Chaldeans participated in communicating their indignation Botros' most divisive commentaries, which at times included strangely detailed theories about the Prophet Mohammed's sexuality.

Imam Baqir Berry, of the Islamic Institute of Knowledge, one of the leaders who coordinated the discussions among religious leaders and with the station, said that because of a real fear of tension between communities during times of heightened fear and animosity toward Islam in the US, Botros could not be ignored.

"This is really dangerous," he said. "When he's defaming all those people in this community, they want to speak out. We cannot just close our eyes to it."

Berry said he was impressed with the receptiveness of station owner Birach.

"He promised to make them stop defaming the Prophet," he said.

Berry and Begg said the Christian programs on the station, while still featuring theological discussions that might include criticisms of Islam, seem to have cut out the offensive, inflammatory elements, taking on a more respectful tone.

They said they would continue to monitor the shows, one of which airs every Wednesday from 3-5 p.m.

"And we would do the same thing if someone comes out demonizing Jesus or (denying) the Holocaust," said Begg.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Smuggler Shot by Agents gets 9½ Years in Prison

Finally some justice, now our two border agents need to be released.

Smuggler shot by agents gets 9½ years in prison
Mexican national sentenced for part in later incidents
By ALICIA A. CALDWELL Associated Press
Aug. 6, 2008, 11:55PM

Complete coverage of immigration issues EL PASO — An admitted drug smuggler shot by a pair of former U.S. Border Patrol agents was sentenced to nearly a decade in federal prison Wednesday.

Osvaldo Aldrete Davila, who was shot in the buttocks while fleeing from an abandoned marijuana load in 2005, was sentenced to 9½ years in prison for his role in other smuggling efforts months after he was shot.

The sentence was issued a little more than a week after a federal appeals court upheld lengthy sentences for the former agents convicted in the shooting. Their case has drawn national attention, prompting several members of Congress to call on President Bush to commute their sentences or pardon them outright.

Aldrete, of Juarez, Mexico, pleaded guilty in April to two counts of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, and one count each of conspiracy to import a controlled substance and conspiracy to possess a controlled substance.

Before being sentenced, Aldrete insisted that he was not a career smuggler and asked the court for leniency.

"I don't do this for a living," Aldrete, who spoke in Spanish, told U.S. District Judge Kathleen Cardone. "I did it again because I had to cover the debt" from the first failed smuggling attempt.

Aldrete said his family was threatened, forcing him to again smuggle large loads of marijuana in 2005, while cooperating with the U.S. government in the case against agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean.

He was shot in February of that year.

Cardone rejected his apologies, telling Aldrete that he squandered an opportunity to stay clean after being given immunity for the original smuggling effort in exchange for his testimony against Ramos and Compean.

"I just don't believe you were a minor ... player," Cardone said. "You had ample opportunity ... and you still decided to engage in (drug smuggling.)"

Aldrete testified against the agents in their 2006 trial, telling a jury that he was unarmed when he was shot as he ran toward Mexico after a brief scuffle with Compean.

Ramos and Compean, who were convicted of shooting Aldrete and then trying to cover up the incident, argued that they believed Aldrete had a weapon.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans upheld most of the agents' convictions while tossing out charges that the men tampered with an official proceeding.

The ruling left intact the mandatory minimum sentences of 10 years for the each agent's convictions on the charge of discharge of a weapon in the commission of a crime of violence.

Relatives of both agents were in the courtroom for Wednesday's sentencing.

Monica Ramos, Ignacio Ramos' wife, said the sentence brought some relief, but was hardly justice for her family.

"I'm not going to say this is a victory," Monica Ramos said. "I think for the first time our justice system worked."

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UK's First 'Sharia-Compliant' MasterCard Launched for Muslims

The U.K. continues to lead non-Islamic countries in their march toward an Islamic takeover. Or should I say surrender? I have plenty of British friends, but their leaders and businesses are failing them miserably. The credit card company involved actually has Sharia advisers. Ummm..... excuse me but, there should not be Sharia advisers in a non-Islamic country for any reason, what so ever. Oh, and Mr. Moy you sir are the dhimmi of the week.

Monday 11th August 2008 - 2:11pm

MasterCard launches UK's first 'sharia-compliant' credit card for Muslims
The UK's first sharia-compliant prepaid MasterCard was launched today in London - dubbed the "Islamic financial centre of Europe".

The Cordoba Gold MasterCard does not charge or receive interest as this is in direct conflict with sharia Law.

The company also donates at least 10% of its profits to registered charities in the UK and abroad.

Speaking at the launch, Ahmed Suleiman, CEO of Cordoba Financial Group, said: "Setting up a sharia financial company has been a great pleasure for us, although we have taken a David and Goliath approach.

"The trust we have garnered from our sharia advisers is something that money can't buy, as is the trust we are going to engender with our customers."

Nicholas Moy, chairman of the Cordoba Financial Group, added: "This is another product offered by London, which as you all know is the Islamic financial centre of Europe."

He said that inshallah, or God willing, the company would be expanding into France and Germany "in due course."

Also at the launch was Chris McCafferty MP, founder of Friends of Islam.

She said: "The issue of borrowing and credit cards poses a financial problem, especially for young people who want to set up a home.

"This is an excellent way to pay with a credit card without breaking the rules.

"For non-Muslims, we take credit cards for granted. I often wonder where I would be if I could not get that little bit of plastic out.

"This card will solve a huge difficulty."

The UK's Muslim population is about two million and fully sharia-compliant banks have more than 30,000 customers across the UK.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

U.K. Muslim Feminists try to Rewrite Sharia Law

Muslim feminists in the United Kingdom have written a new legal contract aimed at protecting women and children in Islamic marriages. The contract goes against traditional Sharia law. But out of this questions arise. Will Muslim men accept this, will any Muslim women be brave enough to ask for this type of marriage and what is to stop them from completely ignoring this and getting married on their own under true Sharia law in a neighbourhood Mosque? I have always said that if the women of Islam would rise up, Islam would implode and I believe that Muslim men know this. Personally I do not think this contract will have much effect, but it will be interesting to see the future reaction of the Islamic community.

Is this the beginning of a new European Islam?
Friday, August 8, 2008, 10:52 AM GMT [General]

Today’s news that Muslim women in Britain will be guaranteed equal rights in Islamic marriages has wide ranging consequences, not just for women but for a new model of European Islam.

For the first time, a woman undergoing a Muslim wedding will have written proof of the marriage. The bride will no longer need a ‘marriage guardian’ (wali) and she will have an automatic right to initiate divorce (talaq-i-tafweed) retaining all her financial rights as agreed in the marriage contract. Furthermore, the contract requires "two adult witnesses of good character" as opposed to the traditional insistence on two Muslim men.

The contract itself is very specific . The husband has to agree not to:

• abuse his wife/child(ren) verbally, emotionally, physically, or sexually

• be absent from the marital home for more than 60 days unless by agreement

• withhold money towards his wife/family

• transmit disease

• interfere with the wife’s property

In return, the wife agrees to abide by all of that as well - except for the provision not to withhold money from the household.

There are also some special conditions - for example, the rule that the husband’s duty is to procure independent accommodation separate from his family home, and that the husband delegates his power of divorce to his wife.

Within sharia law, these changes are an enormous step. Just ask any Islamic feminist who continually challenge traditional interpretations of the Quran.

For example Surah 2 Verse 228 of the Quran can be translated as: "And woman shall have rights similar to rights them, according to what is equitable. But men have a degree of advantage over them."

Islamic feminists like Riffat Hasan have constantly said that such verses should be studied in the historical context in which they were revealed and we need to update the translations.

The fact it took 4 years to agree this text gives some idea of the lengthy consultations that had to take place with women’s groups and religious leaders.

Anne-Marie Hutchinson, a family lawyer, welcomed the new contract: "Most importantly it will provide civil law protection to many women and children through the obligation on the parties to enter into a binding civil marriage. All too often spouses have found themselves marginalised and cut off from the legal and financial protection afforded by the Matrimonial Causes Act, 1973" she said.

Obviously, we’ll be able to gauge opinion after the contract has been in effect for a while and it will be interesting to monitor this.

The most important thing is that we have a modification to sharia law which reflects the reality of a modern and European population. Contrary to what militant secularists say, it is actually possible to modify ancient religious rulings to adapt to a modern setting. As Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, Director of the Muslim Institute and one of the authors of the contract, said: "This contract is revolutionary and will lead the way in addressing problems that exist under sharia law. Although it is only the tip of the iceberg, it is a revolutionary step, nothing like this has happened in 100 years. The adoption of this model will change everything and force people to talk about the issues."

The controversial academic Tariq Ramadan has made calls for European Muslims to evolve nothing less than its own form of Islam "We need to separate Islamic principles from their cultures of origin and anchor them in the cultural reality of Western Europe." With 15 million Muslims on the Continent, Ramadan believes it’s time to abandon the dichotomy in Muslim thought that has defined Islam in opposition to the West. "I can incorporate everything that’s not opposed to my religion into my identity," he says, "and that’s a revolution."

Perhaps this development is a move towards an independent European Islam.

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Tyson Caves to Pressure: Reinstates Labor Day

This just goes to show you that if we raise our voices loud enough, we can make a difference. Just like with the Islamic ports deal a couple years ago.
Good work everyone!!

Springdale, Arkansas - August 8, 2008 - Tyson Foods, Inc. announced
today it has reached a new agreement with the Retail, Wholesale and
Department Store Union (RWDSU), an American union, reinstating Labor Day as
one of the designated paid holidays under the contract for covered employees
in the Shelbyville, Tennessee, plant.

Tyson made this request on behalf of its Shelbyville plant employees, some
of whom had expressed concern about the new contract provisions relative
to paid holidays. In an effort to be responsive, Tyson asked the union to
reopen the contract to address the holiday issue, and the union agreed to
do so. The union membership voted overwhelmingly Thursday to reinstate Labor
Day as one of the plant's paid holidays, while keeping Eid al-Fitr as an additional
paid holiday for this year only. This means that in 2008 only, Shelbyville employees
will have nine paid holidays.

For the remainder of the five-year contract period, the eight paid holidays will include:
New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day,
Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and a Personal Holiday, which could either be the employee's
birthday, Eid al-Fitr or another day requested and approved by their supervisor.

This issue concerns only the plant at Shelbyville, Tennessee. Labor Day has always been
celebrated, and continues to be, at the other 118 Tyson plants across the country.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The State Department's Karen Hughes and I

I will never forget seeing Karen Hughes on the news a few years ago. She was the newly appointed Undersecretary of the State Department. Hughes a long time buddy of President Bush was given a job she had no business taking. She was being interviewed about a new State Department outreach program which was aimed at Muslim countries. The idea of the program was to spread democracy and American values. The interviewer asked her why she thought the program would work. Her answer with a smirk and shrug of her shoulders was "well my Muslim friends told me it would work". I said to myself, "unbelievable, just unbelievable".

She is in a very important position, makes all that money and the only research she bothered to do is to ask her Muslim "friends". The next morning I gave her a call and got her voice mail. I left her a very friendly message with my name and number. Asking if her Muslim friends had told her things such as, Islam allows lying.(1) Or that Islam calls for jizya, the paying of a special high tax from non-Muslims to Muslims.(2 Sura 9 29) She never returned the call. Over the next couple of years, I left her two or three more messages, in regards to the same subject. I never received a call back from her or even one of her staff members. Usually when I leave a message for U.S. officials, I get a call back. Apparently she thought she knew it all. Now it comes out that she has given money to Islamic groups whose leaders have been indicted or convicted of terrorism related charges.(3) I would personally like to thank Mrs. Hughes for wasting our hard earned tax payer money and for helping the enemy. Karen, do you still think you are above returning a phone call now?

Source 1

Source 2

Source 3

Muslims "Not Welcome" at Interfaith Prayer Centre in Genoa

The Mosque bulldozing, Muslim deporting, and Mosque closing country Italy continues to lead the way in the fight versus Islam.

August 6, 2008

Muslims "not welcome" at interfaith prayer centre in Genoa

Right-wing politicians want to ban Muslims from a proposed multi-faith prayer centre based in a palace founded by Crusaders Richard Owen in Rome.
A proposal to turn a medieval palace in Genoa founded by Crusader knights into a multi faith prayer centre for Muslims, Jews and Christians has run into opposition from local politicians who say Muslims are "not welcome".

Members of the anti immigrant Northern League - which is part of the centre Right government led by Silvio Berlusconi - said the Genoa council's plan to use the Commenda di Pre for multi faith prayer was unacceptable.

Francesco Bruzzone, a regional councillor for the Northern League, said Muslims had "no business coming" to the hospital and hostel where crusaders and pilgrims had gathered and said mass before leaving for the Holy Land."This shows a lack of respect for history" Mr Bruzzone said. He said he had been due to go on holiday but instead had decided to stay in Genoa to protest.

Marta Vincenzi, the centre Left mayor of Genoa, said the council wanted to open an inter-religious centre "where members of the three monotheistic religions - Christians, Jews and Muslims - can all go to pray". Catholics would use the prayer centre on Sunday, Jews on Saturday and Muslims on Friday. Salah Hussein, the imam in Genoa, welcomed the idea, which he said would reinforce "civil co-existence".

However Corriere della Sera said there was already a Catholic chapel dedicated to St John adjoining the palazzo, while Jews had a synagogue in the centre of Genoa. The "real sticking point" was the Islamic community, which had asked to be allowed to build a mosque in Genoa but had encountered local resistance.

Ms Vincenzi said that as a compromise she had proposed that Muslims in Genoa be allowed to build a mosque near the port, where there was a mosque in medieval times, "but without a minaret". However the imam said that "for us a minaret is indispensable. It's like asking Christians to build a church without a bell tower. A minaret has a very important function precisely because it is visible. It would show Muslims who come to Genoa but do not know the city where they can go to pray".

There was no question however of a muezzin call to prayer, the imam said, since Genoa was "not a Muslim city". Ms Vincenzi said a petition for a referendum being circulated by the centre Right in Genoa was "illegitimate - you cannot have a referendum on a constitutional right such as freedom of worship".

The Commenda di Pre, with three storeys of open galleries, was built in the eleventh century, and is still decorated with frescoes depicting the knights' battle insignia and coats of arms.

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Saudis to Christians: Get out!

Less then one month after Saudi Arabia's so called religious "tolerance" conference in Madrid, they once again show the world their true colors.

Saudis to Christians: Get out!
Those accused of worshipping in homes ordered deported.

Posted: August 04, 2008
10:13 pm Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily

More than a dozen Christians in Saudi Arabia who were accused by government officials of worshipping in their homes have been ordered deported.

According to a report from International Christian Concern, the Christians will be expelled tomorrow for their part in a home worship service in Taif in April.

The deportation conflicts with the message stated just weeks earlier by Saudi King Abdullah, who called for interfaith dialogue and held a summit in Spain with a representatives from several major religions.

"Deporting Christians for worshipping in their private homes shows that King Abdullah's speech is mere rhetoric and his country is deceiving the international community about their desire for change and reconciliation," said Jeff King, the president of ICC.

The report from the Washington-based human rights group said 15 Christians will be deported. Sixteen had been arrested April 25 when a dozen Saudi Arabian police officers raided a home during a prayer meeting.

"The first officer to enter the house after breaking down the main gate pointed a pistol at the Christians and ordered them to hand over their resident permits and mobile phones," the report said. "The other 11 police followed quickly and started searching the entire house. The confiscated an electronic drum set, an offering box with 500 Saudi Riyal in it ($130), 20 Bibles, and a few Christian books."

The worshippers initially faced accusations of preaching and singing. "They later changed the charge to holding a 'dance party' and collecting money to support terrorism," the ICC said.

"During the raid, the police mocked, questioned and harassed the Christians for four hours," ICC said.. "Then they took them to a police station where the head of the station interrogated them. The head of the police then wrote down their 'statements' in Arabic and forced the Christians, who are immigrants and not able to read or write Arabic, to sign the statements."

They were released three days later, and one Christian immediately left the country. The others returned to their work but soon got letters ordered their departures tomorrow, ICC said.

"Three weeks ago, Saudi Arabia hosted an interfaith conference in Madrid, Spain. During the conference that took place from July 16-19, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia called for reconciliation among various religions," ICC said.

According to an International Herald Tribune report, King Abdullah's meeting drew about 200 representatives of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Taoism and other religions.

The reporter noted that the meetings had to be held outside of Saudi Arabia, because "the mere fact that rabbis would be openly invited to the kingdom, a country where in principle Jews are not permitted to visit, would have constituted a turning point."

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Monday, August 4, 2008

580 Christian Students Displaced by Muslim Mob Violence

The persecution of Christians in Indonesia continues, despite that Muslims continually tell us that Islam is a tolerant religion. Could they be lying?

Demonstrations turn violent at theological school; at least 17 injured.

Attacked Student Marthen Lalo
JAKARTA, July 31 (Compass Direct News) – For a second consecutive night some 580 students from the Arastamar Evangelical School of Theology (SETIA) in East Jakarta slept in the lobby of Indonesia’s parliament yesterday following demonstrations against the school that left at least 17 students injured.

Urged on by announcements from a mosque loudspeaker to “drive out the unwanted neighbor,” hundreds of protestors shouting “Allahu-Akbar [God is greater]” and brandishing machetes, sharpened bamboo and acid continued to attack 1,400 students and school staff members even as they were evacuated over the weekend (July 26-27).

Besides the students in the parliamentary building, hundreds of others were evacuated to area denominational and medical facilities. The violence took place in spite of the efforts of 400 police officers summoned after tensions erupted on Friday (July 25).

Students and school staff taking refuge in the parliament building lobby asked government officials to return them to the college and guarantee their safety there. They talked with members of parliament, particularly from the Prosperous Peace Party (PDS), a Christian party led by Karol Daniel Kadang.

The parliamentary members promised the students, staff members and their lawyers that they would contact the head of the National Police Department to file a complaint about officers who failed to protect them during the July 25-27 violence that caused 85 million rupiahs (US$9,325) in damages.

Lawyers for the students and staff members also demanded capture of those responsible for the violence, as well as the firing of the mayor of East Jakarta, known as Murdani, for blaming the Christian students whom he referred to as a minority group that “should behave.”

A seemingly harmless incident touched off the protests. Local sources said that at 10:30 p.m. on Friday (July 25), two SETIA students, Julius Koli and Jonny Gontoh, returned to their dormitory to find a large rat, and one of them threw his sandal at it. The sandal fell onto a neighbor’s property, and when the two went there to retrieve the sandal, area residents shouted “Thieves!”

By midnight mobs had formed and were attacking two male dormitories. At 2:30 a.m., mobs had reached the third floor of one of the dormitories and were trying to burn it down. Local sources said that when they set the building on fire, gasoline spilled onto the leg of one of the attackers, and they ran away.

Another mob attacked the main building of SETIA with stones. Male students threw the stones back at them, and by 5:30 a.m. Saturday morning (July 26) local policemen arrived.

That night, area residents and Muslim extremist groups made their way past police checkpoints and some of them armed with metal clubs and machetes broke into a women’s dormitory, where male students had been transferred after female students were relocated. While the attackers ransacked the dormitory, those outside threw tear gas and home-made “Molotov cocktail” bombs at the structure.

Evacuations of students began that night. On Sunday evening (July 27), as police were further evacuating students and staff members, the attackers slashed some male students with swords. At least 17 students received treatment for injuries at the Christian University Indonesia Hospital Cawang, East Jakarta.

Among them were Gabriel Dessa, 21, and 22-year-old Yopiter M. Bessa, who both suffered stomach and hand wounds. Local sources said police officers did not arrest the assailants even though the assaults took place in front of them.

Motives for Attack

Key among motives for the attack, according to a member of the village assembly, was that area Muslims felt “disturbed” by the presence of the Christian college. They want it to be moved to another area.

SETIA officials explained to parliamentarians that the school, founded 21 years ago, has full legal permission and registration to operate. While now sitting in the middle of a populated area, when originally established the college was surrounded only by cornfields and banana plantations.

School public relations official Bayu Kusuma told the parliamentarians that the college has permission from the Religious Department, a special construction permit for a school/seminary building and registration with the official gazette (Berita Negara), along with documentation from the Republic of Indonesia.

Last year, the Muslim extremist Islamic Defenders’ Front demonstrated in front of the college, accusing it of having misapplied its permit.

Since 2007, protestors have held six demonstrations. On March 7, 2007, more than 200 Muslims set fire to construction workers’ quarters in an effort to keep SETIA from adding a fifth dormitory.

Three days later, some 300 people gathered to protest the construction, demanding that the school close. They claimed it was disturbing area residents when students sang during their classes and that students were evangelizing people in the area.

Government officials have brokered talks between the conflicting parties, without success.

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Attackers in Western China Kill 16 Border Officers

I am not sure what the response will be while the Olympics are there, but I would have to say that when the games are over, the Chinese authorities will be playing their own games..........war games, with in the Muslim community of Xinjiang.

By CHARLES HUTZLER, Associated Press Writer
Mon Aug 4, 9:43 AM ET

BEIJING - Two men rammed a truck into a group of jogging policemen and tossed explosives, killing 16 officers Monday in an attack in a restive province of western China just days before the Beijing Olympics, the state-run Xinhua News Agency reported.

Though it happened on the far side of the country — near the Afghan-Pakistan border — the attack came as security forces were on alert for the Games, which open Friday. It was among the deadliest and most brazen attacks in years in Xinjiang province, site of a sporadically violent rebellion by local Muslims against Chinese rule.

About 20 people upset at having been evicted from their homes staged a brief demonstration near Tiananmen Square, Beijing's heavily guarded political center. Uniformed police quickly surrounded the group until members of a neighborhood committee came and pulled the protesters away, scuffling with some.

In the Xinjiang attack, the two men drove a dump truck into the group of border patrol police officers as they passed the Yiquan Hotel during a routine 8 a.m. jog in the city of Kashgar, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

After the truck hit an electrical pole, the pair jumped out, ignited homemade explosives and "also hacked the policemen with knives," Xinhua said.

Fourteen died on the spot and two others en route to a hospital, and at least 16 officers were wounded, Xinhua said.

Police arrested the two attackers, one of whom was injured in the leg, the report said.

Authorities closed off streets, sealed the Nationalities Hospital down the street from the explosion, and ordered people to stay inside, said a man answering phones at the hospital duty office.

Local government officials declined comment Monday. An officer in the district police department said an investigation was launched.

Kashgar, or Kashi in Chinese, is a tourist city that was once an oasis trading center on the Silk Road caravan routes and lies 80 miles from the border with Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan. Its mountainous, remote environs have allegedly provided cover for terrorist training camps, one of which Chinese police raided early last year.

Chinese security forces have been on edge for months, citing a number of foiled plots by Muslim separatists and a series of bombings around China in the run-up to the Olympics. Last week, a senior military commander said radical Muslims who are fighting for what they call an independent East Turkistan in Xinjiang posed the single greatest threat to the games.

A spokesman for Beijing's Olympic organizing committee said he did not have enough information to comment on the bombings. But he said security arrangements were being increased around the Olympic venues.

"We've made preparations for all possible threats," the spokesman, Sun Weide, told reporters. "We believe, with the support of the government, with the help of the international community, we have the confidence and the ability to host a safe and secure Olympic Games."

A Chinese counterterrorism expert, Li Wei of the China Institute for Contemporary International Relations in Beijing, said the attack was likely the work of local sympathizers, rather than trained terrorists who sneaked across the border into China.

Xinhua said that Xinjiang's police department earlier received intelligence reports about possible terrorist attacks between Aug. 1 and 8 by the East Turkistan Islamic Movement. The movement is the name of a group that China and the U.S. say is a terrorist organization, but Chinese authorities often use the label for a broad number of violent separatist groups.

In Xinjiang, a local Turkic Muslim people, the Uighurs (WEE'-gurs), have chafed under Chinese rule, fully imposed after the communists took power nearly 60 years ago. Occasionally violent attacks in the 1990s brought an intense response from Beijing, which has stationed crack paramilitary units in the area and clamped down on unregistered mosques and religious schools that officials said were inciting militant action.

Uighurs have complained that the suppression has aggravated tensions in Xinjiang, making Uighurs feel even more threatened by an influx of Chinese and driving some to flee to Pakistan and other areas where they then have readier access to extremist ideologies.

One militant group, the Turkistan Islamic Party, pledged in a video that surfaced on the Internet last month to "target the most critical points related to the Olympics." The group is believed to be based across the border in Pakistan, with some of its core members having received training from al-Qaida and the Pakistani Taliban, according to terrorism experts.

Terrorism analysts and Chinese authorities, however, have said that with more than 100,000 soldiers and police guarding Beijing and other Olympic co-host cities, terrorists were more likely to attack less-protected areas.

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Turkey: Islamic Party to Stay in Power

I am sorry to say that there is more bad news coming from the Islamic world today. Turkey had their vote on whether they should ban the Islamic based ruling party the AKP. The Party won and is staying in power. The only good that can come out of this is that, they will get so strict that they will never be accepted in the EU. We do not need 70 million Muslims running around Europe, with those open borders. The party has recently started arresting women for the way they dress, and has been constantly raising taxes on alcohol, to discourage drinking. This is the 3rd strike of the day. First, the Mosque spokesperson I exposed that wants us to pay extortion, Tyson Chicken dropping Labour Day in favor of a Muslim holiday and now this. I am out.....if this keeps up we will all be out.

Turkish court refuses to ban ruling party

ISTANBUL (AP) -- Turkey's top court on Wednesday narrowly decided against banning the ruling party over accusations that it was steering the country toward Islamic rule, preserving a government locked in a power struggle with the secular elite.

The Constitutional Court, however, delivered a strong -- though unspecified -- warning to the ruling Justice and Development Party and said it would be deprived of half of its funding from the state treasury.

“The decision that came out was a warning to this party. It is a serious warning,” said the court chairman Hasim Kilic. “I hope that this outcome will be assessed and that the necessary measures will be taken.”

He said six of the 11 judges wanted to ban the party of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. However, a total of seven votes were needed to ban it under court regulations.

The decision represented a reprieve for Erdogan and his allies in an overwhelmingly Muslim country with a secular system that seeks to join the European Union. A decision to ban the party would have triggered a sharp escalation in political turmoil in the NATO member, where a bomb attack on Sunday killed 17 people in a mostly residential area of Istanbul.

A ban would have severely damaged Turkey's image as a democracy because the ruling party won a strong majority in elections last year; EU leaders have said the ruling party's viability should be decided in elections, not courtrooms.

The court case was the latest battleground between the pious Muslims who run the government but embrace aspects of Western political and economic systems, and the secular establishment that draws support from the military and judiciary. The rift has evolved over the last century since national founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk jettisoned Islam as a guiding force in society and politics, instead imposing a strictly secular system amid the ruins of the Ottoman Empire.

In March, Turkey's chief prosecutor asked the Constitutional Court to disband Erdogan's party and bar him and 70 other party members from joining a political party for five years.

President Abdullah Gul was also on the prosecutor's list.

Prominent party leaders have backgrounds in political Islam, and the party itself is a successor to parties that were banned in the past. But those leaders now say they are not following an Islamic agenda, citing EU-backed reforms as proof.

“This party is definitely advocating a more moderate streak of thought than its predecessors,” said Ilter Turan, a political science professor at Istanbul's Bilgi University. Earlier, Turan said: “No matter what the decision is, this case shows that Turkey needs a restructuring of its laws and a constitutional reform.”

The judges began hearing the case Monday, a day after two bomb explosions at a packed Istanbul square. It was the deadliest attack in Turkey in almost five years. Turkish officials blamed Kurdish rebels, who denied responsibility.

The timing of the attack on the eve of the Constitutional Court's deliberations raised speculation over a link. Prosecutors are also preparing a case against alleged coup-plotters, including retired army officers, who stand accused of trying to bring down the Islamic-oriented government by fomenting chaos in Turkey.

The conflict between the government and secular opponents escalated last year during Gul's candidacy for the presidency, and the military issued a warning to the government that recalled past coups by the armed forces. But the Justice and Development Party triumphed by winning 47 percent of the votes in general elections, and 341 seats in the 550-seat Parliament.

This year, the party attempted to lift a decades-old ban on the wearing of head scarves at universities, but the top court overturned that bill, saying it was anti-secularist. Chief prosecutor Abdurrahman Yalcinkaya cited the head scarf bill as proof the government is trying to scrap secularist principles enshrined in the Constitution.

The court has banned two dozen political parties since it was established in 1963. But none had such strong electoral support as the current ruling party.

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Plant Drops Labor Day For Muslim Holiday

We are slowly losing our country to the demands of Muslims. This is exactly how it started in the U.K. and of course Muslims once again show that the have no concern for anyone else but themselves. They have just forced one of their holy days on hundreds of non-Muslims.
Hat tip to americanophile over at for this one.

POSTED: 12:18 pm CDT August 1, 2008

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. -- Some workers at a local plant will no longer to be able to take their Labor Day holiday because of religious reasons.

Workers at the Tyson Foods poultry processing plant in Shelbyville will no longer have a paid day off on Labor Day but will instead be granted the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr.

According to a news release from the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, a new five-year contract at the plant included the change to accommodate Muslim workers at the plant.

Tyson's director of media relations Gary Mickelson said the contract includes eight paid holidays -- the same number as the old contract.

Eid al-Fitr -- which falls on Oct. 1 this year -- marks the end of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fasting.

Union leaders said implementing the holiday was important for the nearly 700 Muslims, many of them Somalis, who work at the plant that employs a total of 1,200 people.

Nineteen-year plant veteran William Pentecost doesn’t agree with the decision.

"I don’t think it's right. I really don't think it's right," he said.

Tyson company spokeswoman Libby Lawson said by phone that, "This isn't a religious accommodation, this is a contractual agreement. The majority asked for it."

The change didn’t bother some workers.

"I think it's fine. I don’t have any problem with it. There's a whole bunch of them here, so they've got to do something for them," said worker John Smith.

"It shouldn't happen. I mean, I think, we're in America, you're in America, I think that they should go with our holidays," Pentecost said.

Channel 4's Cynthia Williams could not reach any of the plant’s Muslim workers, because Channel 4 News' crew was not permitted on the property.

Former employee and Shelbyville resident Anthony Proctor said he thinks what's happening is wrong.

He said he helped build a special Muslim prayer room that's located inside the plant and that no other Tyson facility has been that accommodating for any other religion.

"If we want to go pray, we don’t have one for Christians," he said.

Tyson is headquartered in Arkansas.

Lawson said they consider religious accommodations on a case-by-case basis. She said that so far, no one has asked for any other type of religious prayer room.

No one at the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union’s regional office answered phone calls placed by Williams on Friday.

A representative in New York said that no one there knew specifics about the new contract with the workers, but a person in research told Williams that holidays aren't usually replaced and are more likely to be added on.

The decision will only apply to workers at the plant who are union members. All other employees at the plant will still have their normal Labor Day holiday.

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Tell their Media Relations chief what you think:
Gary Mickelson, Media Relations
(479) 290-6111 (206) 220-6871

Exclusive:Islam in Action Exposes New N.C. Mosque!!

I was just reading an article on line at, a publication from North Carolina. The article was speaking about a new Mosque that has opened called the The Islamic Learning Center, located at 2117 Wrightsville Ave N.C., (910) 343-1919. The spokesperson for the Mosque, a Ms. Susan Ellenberg said in the article that in the Middle East there are Mosques on every corner. I then preceded to call her and speak to her about this matter. I asked her if that was her intention, to get a Mosque on every corner and asked if she was a convert, she answered "no" to the Mosque part and "yes" to being a convert. I responded with "so you are ok being part of a religion that calls for my extortion and the extortion of all non-Muslims as stated in Surah 9 29"? Otherwise called jizya. She paused and said "yes". I thought to myself, let me make sure I got this straight and asked "so you think Muslims are superior and non-Muslims should pay you". She again said "yes". I told her "thanks for exposing who you are and to move the Middle East, where you belong", then I hung up. This is what we are dealing with guys, our enemy is in our backyard, all because our government does not have the guts to deal with it.

Here are three translations of Sura 9 29. The meaning is very clear.

YUSUFALI: Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.
PICKTHAL: Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture as believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, and forbid not that which Allah hath forbidden by His messenger, and follow not the Religion of Truth, until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low.
SHAKIR: Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Messenger have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.

The original aritcle.

New mosque offers convenient location as center for faith

By Amanda Greene
Staff Writer

Published: Friday, August 1, 2008 at 9:30 a.m.

On a recent Friday, a man sang a call to prayers in Arabic over an intercom system in a two-story white house off Wrightsville Avenue. In an upstairs room, a group of five women stood facing Mecca, their heads wrapped in chiffon scarves.

About 15 men prayed in a room downstairs near the elder brother, a Muslim male who led the service.

It was the Friday lunchtime holy service of the new mosque in town, The Islamic Learning Center, located at 2117 Wrightsville Ave. The mosque is nestled in a small business district that includes a doggy day care, a gallery and automotive shops. Wilmington has two other mosques, Tauheed Islamic Center on Castle Street and The Islamic Center of Wilmington in Myrtle Grove.

"Foot-to-foot; shoulder-to-shoulder. Fill in the gaps," one woman coached.

The mosque formed about six months ago and now has about 75 members. Though prayers are in both Arabic and English, the sermons are in English. The mosque is still searching for an imam or spiritual leader.

"We wanted to have a more central location because it was hard for the men who work to get all the way to Myrtle Grove on Fridays to come to prayers on their lunch breaks," said Susan Ellenberg, a spokeswoman for the mosque who moved here from Michigan.

With a growing library of materials on Islam, she said the mosque's main purpose is to educate the public and fellow Muslims about Islam.

"When you go to the Middle East, there's a mosque on every corner. Our mosques in America need to be more of a civic center where Muslims can practice and incorporate their family life here," Ellenberg added. "We want people to call and ask us to come speak at their organization about Islam."

In September, the Islamic Learning Center will add to its educational focus with a new Islamic school. The school will teach the Koran, Arabic and basic Islamic studies like prayer, Islamic history, manners, and arts and crafts several days a week.

"We have a large teen population, and they need leadership and guidance, making it religious, fun, and so they can bond with other Muslims," she added. "Because there are not a lot of Muslims in the school system, they feel like the minority, so we wanted them to have a place where they could be together."

During the sermon, the women sat against the wall on the carpeted floor. Some stayed downstairs during part of the sermon, making lunch for the mosque members. Lunch is served each Friday after services.

The service leader, Khalil Moya, spoke about the importance of seeking knowledge in Islam.

"Islam is a blessing and a mercy from Allah. We are chosen to be Muslims," Moya said. "We can't be bare minimum Muslims. ... For those who believe, Allah will never make your good deeds go lost."

Then at the end of the service, Moya announced a very special event for that Friday - a man had decided to convert to Islam.

Upstairs, the women covered their mouths, tears coming to their eyes.

"Praise, Allah. Oh, praise him," said Ismalia Abdul Ghani, a sister and one of the center's founders. "The ladies are really excited about this because we're all converts."

They listened intently to the speaker as he asked the man questions of his devotion to Allah. He whispered yes to all. Then the men surrounded him, asking him to pray for them, "because he's really close to God right now," Ellenberg said.

"He's starting a whole new life like a newborn child because he's worshipping one God," she added. "People don't realize that Islam is not a closed religion. It's a way of life."

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