Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Genocide: How Islamic Colonisation Destroys Your Heritage (UK)

Yesterday I was online arguing with three British leftists who were coming up with every excuse in the book for Islam advancing so rapidly in the UK. They were attacking me for pointing out what is happening over there, and were in complete denial about the situation.

This article clearly shows us how wrong they were and how the UK is tearing itself apart from within to cater to Islam. The question is, why is the left so protective of Islam and not of their own culture?

Hat tip to Mark.

Genocide: How Islamic Colonisation Destroys Your Heritage

The bloodless genocide and ethnic cleansing of the British people and culture continues apace with the latest example being the ripping up of a century old Christian cemetery to make way for a mosque in Manchester.

The grave desecrations, being carried out with a large Komatsu earthmover in the graveyard of the St John the Apostle and Evangelist church at the corner of Holmfirth Street and St John’s Road, is part of the re-opening of this nineteenth century church as the Dar-ul-Ulum Qadria Jilania “Islamic Centre.”

A sign on the door says clearly that the “Islamic Centre” is already “open for prayer” — showing that by Islamic centre the colonisers actually mean mosque.

(Click on picture to enlarge.)

The conversion of this church (founded in 1845 on a site donated by Sir J. W. H. Anson) into a mosque has been made possible by the displacement of the local indigenous British population by waves of Third World immigration into Manchester.

As this policy gathered pace under successive Tory and Labour governments, the numbers of Third World colonisers grew to the point where they have now totally displaced the indigenous population.

As there were no more white British people in the local area, the Grade II listed status church closed down — only now to be re-opened as a mosque.

This church — formerly the largest Church of England parish in Longsight, was the only one in the area with a graveyard.

These Christian British graves — the only remnant of the now ethnically cleansed British people in the area — are obviously offensive to the Muslim colonisers, who have brought in the earthmoving machine to smash up the gravestones which are being literally crushed to rubble.

(Click on picture to enlarge.)

St John the Apostle and Evangelist church is a real time history lesson of what will happen to Britain unless the insane multicultural Lib/Lab/Con genocidal policies of mass Third World immigration are not only brought to an end, but reversed.

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Anonymous said...

Desecration of infidel graves is standard procedure. Look at what the Jordanians did to the Mount of Olives. http://www.palestinefacts.org/pf_1948to1967_holysites.php

infadel said...

Standard procedure my ass, this is not jordan or the mount of olives, this is ENGLAND and dont forget that.
Tolerance in the UK is growing very thin....

Anonymous said...

Well it seems that you are the Indians (native americans) of this age, the apache, the aztecs, the mayan and the incas all dissapeared to give way to the european lead civilazation, it seems that europe and america now has to give way to a newer civilazation so thirsty of blood, in this unfortunate case looks like the islamic lead by Iran, will be the new civilization of europe and america. I am not sure how this will happen, with all the military might of the West and all the Nukes they have, looks like the Iranians and Pakis will dominate the world with their few nukes, they won't put it in a museum like the west do. It seems ilogical that the West finally is under its knees.

Christopher Logan said...

I don't count the Brits or the rest of Europe out. The backlash will come.

Anonymous said...

Where in this Nation is the Christian Church. Our Nation was built upon Barnodo's Homes, Cheshire homes for the Disabled, proper nursing thru Florence Nightigale, slavery abolished by William Wilberforce, Community and Family values by Lord Tonypandy (late Commons House Speaker) and so on and so on...Our national Heritage is Christian with all its values and integrity..we say no to Shia law and the advance of minorty faiths..I am not ashamed to be a Christian and British at that!

Mike Tea said...

Muslims make up 3% of the population of England and Wales and 0.8% in Scotland (not that I think you would understand the distinctions between these divisions of the UK since you are American and think of the rest of the world in geo-political blocks that you choose to bomb and invade as it suits your imperialistic purposes: Europe, UK, Asia, etc.)

I am sick to death of xenophobic, ignorant and reactionary Americams standing in judgement over us, insisting that Islam is "taking over" my nation and looking accusingly at my people for "allowing it to happen."

Why do you always have to think the worst of everyone who isn't like you? Why do you believe you are the only ones able to discern a problem and the only ones capable of solving it? America is like a spoilt teenager who thinks that every time he sees a thing he is the first and must run around pestering everyone with his newfound wisdom. Grow up!

Why do you think the rest of the world despises you? Do you feel no humility before the rest of the world? Do you respect no one? We will take no lessons in Christian values from a nation that gave us Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, a megalomaniacal retard in the Whitehouse for eight years, illegal war in Iraq, racism, the worst kind of social Darwinism and semi-public executions.

Anonymous said...

I guess the guy above this comment is either from the labor party, socialist or Islamic.

If we don't wake up we will be wipe out as the Indians!!!!!!

It is time that the Europe we knew awake before it is to late, time to Join the German Cruzaders, let's listen to the Enigma song for some inspiration. time to take back our Civilazation from the Barbarians.


Were not submissive, were not aggressive
But they think we cant defend

Stand up, join us, modern crusaders alive
We have the power to face the future
Cause we are the fighters
Just fighting for our rights

Theyre accusing, like always without knowing
What is just fiction or what is the truth
They have no mission, they have no passion
But they dare to tell us whats bad and whats good!

Drive on
And weighted down,
Always enslaved. (islamics)

Stand up, join us, modern crusaders alive!

Mike Tea said...

Judging from the way he wrote "socialist" as though spitting something unsavoury out of his mouth the guy above is American, just right of Gengis Khan in his politics and an avid follower of Dr Strangelove.

When are Americans (excuse me but there's something in my teeth) going to learn to dump their weak-go-to-the-wall Social Darwinism and adopt some good Christian/ Socialist standards? When are they going to stop sloganeering and actually engage in the debate like grown ups? When are they going to come humbly before the rest of the world and confess that, actually, there is something we can teach them and BTW sorry for putting a retard in the Whitehouse for eight years and making the world infinitely less safe.

BTW before you blame Muslims for building on abandoned land ask yourself who abandoned it? In my city Muslims bought and are now developing a former Congregational Church that they obtained when the moderator of that church told local Evangelicals that he would rather the Muslims got it than Evangelicals who wanted it.

Not everything falls into that category so beloved of Americans - "us and them". Often it isn't them but us. Maybe it would be wise to stop judging Muslims and get more concerned about how we might give an account of ourselves on that day.