Thursday, September 24, 2009

Islamic Civil War~What's Coming our way

This is an article written by Dr. Terry Jones, the Senior Pastor at Dove World Outreach Center. He speaks to us about Islam in Europe, and America. We've been warned.


This is Dr. Terry Jones.

I would like to share a prophetic vision that I saw concerning our present world situation.

We have the rise of a very evil, religious and political force, called Islam. We particularly see that rise in Europe where Islam is slowly taking over. This is even recognized by most European governments. What I saw took place in the United Kingdom, where right now, the rise of radical Islam seems to be worsening everyday.

What I saw there was a civil war between the English people, and between the radical factions of Islam. This turned out to be a very, very bloody battle, of course caused by compromise in the political system, and caused by compromise in the church. We have gotten into a very deceptive realm in the church, I believe worldwide, where all we do mainly is call for prayer.

We do not call for accountability. I believe this was a vision and a warning. It is perhaps too late for Great Britain because of the apathy, because of the rise of Islam in that country, but it is not too late for us here in the United States.

We must unite! If we do not unite as Christians, then we will sooner or later be facing another very bloody civil war ourselves. So I call for us to unite, and not only call sessions of prayer. What we must do, we must march, and we must be active.

Thank you.


Dr. Terry Jones – Senior Pastor

Dove World Outreach Center

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