Saturday, September 5, 2009

NY Based Bashes Death of US Soldier

In the past the Islamic hate preachers who run have called for Muslims to confront troops during Fleet Week in NYC. This time they are calling a US soldier who recently died stupid and a coward. I wonder if the crew would have the guts to go to Afghanistan and challenge our great troops? Nah....of course not.

Here is what is posted on their site.

Death of Coward Lance Cpl. Joshua M. Bernard

(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Semper Bye Coward!

In this photo taken Friday, Aug. 14, 2009, coward Lance Cpl. Joshua Bernard is tended to by fellow coward U.S. Marines after being hit by a rocket propelled grenade during a firefight against the Taliban in the U.S.occupied village of Dahaneh in the U.S. occupied Helmand Province of Afghanistan. Bernard was transported by helicopter to Camp Leatherneck where he later died of his wounds & stupidty.

May Lance Cpl. Joshua Bernard RIP, as for they will burn in hell one day.

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