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Happy New Year!!

I am going to be taking the day off and I just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! In early January this site will be supported by a weekly radio show. Thank you for your continued viewership.

Stay save!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Taking it to the Radio Tonight~Tues. Dec. 30Th

I have been invited to be a co-host of start up NY based conservative talk radio show. The show starts officially starts on January 7Th. Until then we will be doing some trial runs. My partner is Patrick Gibson, aka The Evil Conservative. The topics of tonight's show will be the following.

1.Has the bailout morally bankrupted America?
2.Is being politically correct the slow suicide of the West?

The show starts at 11 PM EST and can be listened to here.

The call in number is 1-347-215-6246

I hope to hear from you.

UK:Muslim Riot at Gaza Protest

As Israel continues to bomb the Hamas in the Gaza section of Palestine , Muslims in London have taken to the streets in protest. They are of course calling for Israel to stop killing their terrorist brothers. Since Israel is continuing with their military operations, the Muslim protesters have turned to rioting. Just like they have in the past in Denmark, Brussels, France and Denmark again . This behavior is apparently all part of what is known as the "Islamic assimilation process".

Palestinians to vent their fury in London all week
Rashid Razaq and Felix Allen

PALESTINIANS and their supporters are planning a week-long series of protests in London ending in a Trafalgar Square rally of up to 5,000 demonstrators, the Standard can reveal.

Riot police have been placed on standby after about 1,000 protesters besieged the Israeli Embassy in Kensington for the second day of angry and heated demonstrations.

Seven people were arrested for public order offences, including assault on a police officer, after violence flared when a group of men attempted to scale the embassy gates on Palace Green.

Fireworks, sticks and smoke bombs were hurled at officers guarding the building and one policeman's helmet was set alight to loud cheers from the crowd.

The largely peaceful demonstration flared when protesters kicked down safety barriers after the police tried to hold them back from storming the embassy.

Holding placards, waving Palestinian flags and chanting "Free, free Palestine", the rally attracted Palestinian, Arab, Muslim and anti-war groups as well as nine rabbis from the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network.

Nahla Fareed, 22, a masters finance student from Saudi Arabia who lives in Kensington, claimed she was assaulted by a police officer as he tried to disperse the crowd.

She said: "I asked for a policeman's help to get out because I didn't want to be in the crowd. It was out of control and I was scared. He started hitting me and pushing me when I said I didn't want to be there. I also saw four policemen hitting and kicking one man on the ground as they were arresting him. The protest was supposed to be about peace."

Kensington High Street was brought to a standstill for more than five hours, disrupting traffic and hitting businesses again after Sunday's demonstration, which drew more than 2,000 people and led to a dozen arrests.

Mounted police were brought in to force the crowd away last night with around 150 hard-core protesters penned into Earl's Court Road where they were eventually released at about 8pm.

Central London could become gridlocked on Saturday with thousands of protesters from across Britain set to descend on Trafalgar Square to call for an end to the Israeli military strikes in Gaza.

Sabah Jawad, of the Stop the War Coalition, said supporters would continue to picket the Israeli Embassy every day this week until Friday, when attention would shift to the Egyptian Embassy in Mayfair, in response to its government's "collusion" with Israel.

Mr Jawad said: "There is a sense of anger and injustice that is mobilising people to demonstrate. It is not just Arabs or Muslims, but large sections of the British public, who want to call upon Israel to stop the bombing.

"There is a lot of emotion, but most people have been very peaceful. The Israelis and the British government have to see how strongly people feel. People are also concerned about Egypt's support of the Israeli government. We will keep on protesting for as long it takes."

Ishmail Patel, chairman of Palestinian group Friends of Al-Aqsa, said the campaign's intention is to force the British government to intervene. He said: "Britain is a pivotal player with the ability to put pressure on the Israeli government to stop the killing of innocent civilians. Hopefully these protests should make an impact on the British government that not enough is being done to stop the bloodshed."

Among the crowds in Kensington were several Jewish groups voicing their anger at the Israeli government. Rabbi Eleazer Hochhauser, said: "We have come to show our solidarity with the Palestinian people. What the government of Israel is doing is completely wrong. This is not a religious conflict between Jews and Muslims. The biggest traitors against the Jews are the atheist Zionists who occupied a country which they had no right to do."

Retired railway inspector, Jim Currin, 60, from Pimlico, attended the demonstration in a "show of solidarity" with the Palestinians.

He said: "I believe in freedom for Palestine as I do for my country, Ireland. It is important that we come here and demonstrate peacefully and lawfully. We can affect policy in a democracy and I would like to see the EU impose sanctions against Israel."

Adam Shaw, 24, from Ladbroke Grove, a graduate trainee at City law firm Clifford Chance, said: "I've taken a week off work so I can be here. It's important to make our voice heard because the West is paying for Israel to massacre innocent people in Palestine and we want Gordon Brown to say it has to stop.

"This is going to go on all week. If the Israeli embassy thinks it can carry on business as usual they are wrong because we will be back tomorrow and the next day until the killing ends."

Jawad Samad, 25, a management consultant from west London, said: "I respect Israel's right to defend itself but their response has been disproportionate. Hundreds of people have died and there's no evidence it is reducing rocket attacks. Israel are trying to break the spirit of the people of Gaza, but it's only going to strengthen support for Hamas."

Link to Article

Monday, December 29, 2008

Petition to end Muslim Immigration

Most of us are aware that the threat of Islam being imposed on us and Islamic terrorist attacks is getting greater by the day. In response to this threat, I see more and more people calling for an end to Muslim immigration. As we know that more Muslims coming here will just make the problem even worse. I urge all the readers to please take the time to sign this petition.

As written by Citizen Warrior

The United States must change its immigration policies to exclude Muslims. Islam is both a religion and a political ideology, and its politics are supremacist. That is, the doctrines of mainstream Islam command the followers of this faith to work toward the dominance of their religion over all other religions and the dominance of their political system over all other religions. This is not some "extreme" or "radical" form of Islam. The supremacist doctrine is a fundamental part of the mainstream Islamic faith. Read more about it: Islam 101.

Furthermore, one of the basic tenets of the faith is that loyalty to Islam comes before loyalty to any government or country.

When Muslims move into any country, a certain percentage of them will start agitating for special considerations. They start to organize and influence the nation politically in a way that is good for Islam and bad for freedom and equality. They have already started in America. When the percentage of the Muslims in a nation's population becomes high enough, they gain so much political power that freedoms and rights begin to disappear. (Watch this video to learn more.)

There may be plenty of Muslims who reject these basic principles of Islamic doctrine, but we have no way to determine who does and who doesn't. We could ask them on their application, but another Islamic principle allows Muslims to deceive non-Muslims if it helps the spread or dominance of Islam, so we cannot trust their answers.

We should not take the chance, at least until we find some way to determine who genuinely rejects the political goals of Islam and who does not. In the meantime, we should stop all immigration into the United States by Muslims.

Does this seem extreme? It's not as bad as it might seem. We already choose who can immigrate and who cannot. We make the rules. This is our country, after all. We are not under any obligation to allow anyone to immigrate just because they want to. They do it with our blessing or they don't do it.

So this policy is simply adding to the already-existing filter.

The first likely criticism of this policy will probably be, "It is racist." But it is not racist. Islam is not a race, and there are Muslims of every race. It is nothing more than informed, reasonable self-preservation. If there is a group of any kind (religious or not) who has an established doctrine and intent to overthrow our government, it would be self-destructive to grant entry to their members.

Let us do the smart thing and allow no more Muslim immigration.

Sign the petition

Sunday, December 28, 2008

U.S. Muslims Importing Child Slaves

The concept of child workers or slaves is nothing new to Islamic countries such as Yemen, Egypt, and in parts of Africa. Some of these children have to work because of poor economic conditions, others are forced to work and many are beaten to work harder. They are basically treated no better than slaves.

Now American Muslims are once again bringing part of the Islamic culture here. As more and more cases of children being imported here to work are being reported. This is besides the uptick of Islamic "honor killings" that we have seen in America. Let me get right to the point, all cultures are not equal and some have no business being here at all.

Child maid trafficking spreads from Africa to US

IRVINE, Calif. – Late at night, the neighbors saw a little girl at the kitchen sink of the house next door.
They watched through their window as the child rinsed plates under the open faucet. She wasn't much taller than the counter and the soapy water swallowed her slender arms. To put the dishes away, she climbed on a chair.
But she was not the daughter of the couple next door doing chores. She was their maid.

Shyima was 10 when a wealthy Egyptian couple brought her from a poor village in northern Egypt to work in their California home. She awoke before dawn and often worked past midnight to iron their clothes, mop the marble floors and dust the family's crystal. She earned $45 a month working up to 20 hours a day. She had no breaks during the day and no days off.

The trafficking of children for domestic labor in the U.S. is an extension of an illegal but common practice in Africa. Families in remote villages send their daughters to work in cities for extra money and the opportunity to escape a dead-end life. Some girls work for free on the understanding that they will at least be better fed in the home of their employer.


She arrived at Los Angeles International Airport on Aug. 3, 2000, according to court documents. The family brought her back to their spacious five-bedroom, two-story home, decorated in the style of a Tuscan villa with a fountain of two angels spouting water through a conch. She was told to sleep in the garage.

It had no windows and was neither heated nor air-conditioned. Soon after she arrived, the garage's only light bulb went out. The Ibrahims didn't replace it. From then on, Shyima lived in the dark.

She was told to call them Madame Amal and Hajj Nasser, terms of respect. They called her "shaghala," or servant. Their five children called her "stupid."

While the family slept, she ironed the school outfits of the Ibrahims' 5-year-old twin sons. She woke them, combed their hair, dressed them and made them breakfast. Then she ironed clothes and fixed breakfast for the three girls, including Heba, who at 10 was the same age as the family's servant.

Neither Ibrahim nor his wife worked, and they slept late. When they awoke, they yelled for her to make tea.

While they ate breakfast watching TV, she cleaned the palatial house. She vacuumed each bedroom, made the beds, dusted the shelves, wiped the windows, washed the dishes and did the laundry.

Her employers were not satisfied, she said. "Nothing was ever clean enough for her. She would come in and say, 'This is dirty,' or 'You didn't do this right,' or 'You ruined the food,'" said Shyima.

She started wetting her bed. Her sheets stank. So did her oversized T-shirt and the other hand-me-downs she wore.

While doing the family's laundry, she slipped her own clothes into the load. Madame slapped her. "She told me my clothes were dirtier than theirs. That I wasn't allowed to clean mine there," she said.

She washed her clothes in a bucket in the garage. She hung them to dry outside, next to the trash cans.


In 2006, a U.S. district court in Michigan sentenced a Cameroonian man to 17 years in prison for bringing a 14-year-old girl from his country to work as his unpaid maid.

That same year, a Moroccan couple was sentenced to home confinement for forcing their 12-year-old Moroccan niece to work grueling hours caring for their baby.

In Germantown, Md., a Nigerian couple used their daughter's passport to bring in a 14-year-old Nigerian girl as their maid. She worked for them for five years before escaping in 2001. In Germany, France, the Netherlands and England, African immigrants have been arrested for forcing children from their home countries to work as their servants.


For months Shyima lied to investigators, saying what the Ibrahims had told her to say.
She went without sleep for days at a stretch. She was put on four different types of medication. She moved from foster home to foster home. Her mood swings alarmed her guardians. In school for the first time, she struggled to learn to read.

Investigators arranged for her to speak to her parents. She told them she felt like a "nobody" working for the Ibrahims and wanted to come home. Her father yelled at her.

"They kept telling me that they're good people," Shyima recounted in a recent interview. "That it's my fault. That because of what I did my mom was going to have a heart attack."

Three years ago, she broke off contact with her family. Since then she has refused to speak Arabic. She can no longer communicate in her mother tongue.

During the 2006 trial, the Ibrahims described Shyima as part of their family. They included proof of a trip she took with the family to Disneyland. Shyima's lawyer pointed out that the 10-year-old wasn't allowed on the rides — she was there to carry the bags.

The couple's lawyers collected photographs of the home where Shyima grew up, including close-ups of the feces-stained squat toilet and of Shyima's sisters washing clothes in a bucket.

In her final plea, Madame Amal told the judge it would be unfair to separate her from her children. Enraged, Shyima, then 17, told the court she hadn't seen her family in years.

"Where was their loving when it came to me? Wasn't I a human being too? I felt like I was nothing when I was with them," she sobbed.

The couple pleaded guilty to all charges, including forced labor and slavery. They were ordered to pay $76,000, the amount Shyima would have earned at the minimum wage. The sentence: Three years in federal prison for Ibrahim, 22 months for his wife, and then deportation for both. Their lawyers declined to comment for this story.

"I don't think that there is any other term you could use than modern-day slavery," said Bob Schoch, the special agent in charge for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Los Angeles, in describing Shyima's situation.

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Afghanistan:Children Slaughtered

Just two days ago, I had posted that the Taliban had closed 100's of schools in Afghanistan while killing dozens of students and teachers. Now they have struck again, as a homicide bomber targeted a crowd of children near a local school.

Video captures deaths of 14 Afghan students

KABUL, Afghanistan – A single-file line of school children walked past a military checkpoint Sunday as a bomb-loaded truck veered toward them and exploded, ending the lives of 14 young Afghans in a heartbreaking flash captured by a U.S. military security camera.

The video shows an SUV slowly weaving through sand bag barriers at a military checkpoint just as a line of school children, most wearing white caps, comes into view. They walk along a pathway between the street and a wall, several of them pausing for a few seconds in a group before moving forward again. The vehicle moves toward the security camera while the children walk in the opposite direction, nearly passing the SUV when the footage ends in a fiery blast.

Photos of the bombing's aftermath showed bloodied text books lying on the ground beside small pairs of shoes. Afghan officials said the kids were attending a final day of class for the year to find out whether they would move up to the next grade.
Dr. Abdul Rahman, a doctor at a hospital near the blast, said the children were aged 8 to 10.

The U.S. military said the attack in the eastern province of Khost killed 16 people, including 14 children, an Afghan soldier and another person — likely a private security guard that Afghan officials reported killed. The U.S. said 58 people were wounded.

In an angry condemnation of the attack, President Hamid Karzai said those that carried it out "cannot escape the revenge of Afghans and God's punishment."
The U.N. mission in Afghanistan and the NATO-led force also strongly condemned the attack.

The blast went off near the entrance to a police and army post, said Yacoub Khan, the deputy police chief of Khost. U.S. troops are also stationed inside the outpost, but no troops were wounded or killed in the attack.

U.S. Gen. David McKiernan, the top NATO commander in Afghanistan, said he believes the militant network run by warlord Siraj Haqqani was responsible for the attack.
"The brutality and disregard for human life by terrorists is sickening, as I continue to witness innocent men, women and children being killed and maimed in the pursuit of this pointless insurgency," McKiernan said in a statement.

To view a video of the attack

Friday, December 26, 2008

Taliban Threatens to Blow up Girls' Schools

In the past few years the Afghanistan Taliban have closed down hundreds of schools, burned down over 140 more and have killed over 40 teachers and students. The reason being that the schools had the the nerve to educate girls. This atrocious behavior is not enough though. Now the Taliban in Swat Pakistan has threatened to blow up all girls' schools and attack the students if they are not closed by January 15Th. The Taliban says that the schools go against Islam.

Hat tip to The Munz

Taliban says if girls' schools don't close, it will bomb them, attack students
By Zahid Hussain in Islamabad
The AustralianDecember 27, 2008

THE Taliban has ordered the closure of all girls' schools in the war-ravaged Swat district of Pakistan and warned parents and teachers of dire consequences if the ban is flouted.

In an announcement made in mosques and broadcast on radio, the militant group set a deadline of January 15 for its order to be obeyed or it would blow up school buildings and attack schoolgirls. It also told women not to set foot outside their homes without being fully covered.

"Female education is against Islamic teachings and spreads vulgarity in society," Shah Dauran, leader of a group that has established control over a large part of Swat district in the North West Frontier Province, declared this week.

Teachers said that they had little choice but to comply. The Taliban have destroyed more than 125 girls' schools in the area in the past year, The Weekend Australian reports.

Swat, once a relatively liberal area and a popular tourist destination, has in the past few years become a heartland for Pakistan's Islamic militancy, which fashions itself on the conservative Taliban movement in Afghanistan.

Islamic militants led by the radical cleric Maulana Fazlullah have been fighting government forces since Pakistan launched a massive operation in the district late last year.

More than 200 government soldiers have been killed but the militants are still well entrenched in the area.

Mullah Fazlullah - also known as Mullah Radio for his sermons broadcast through his illegal FM radio stations - has long been exhorting people to stop sending their daughters to schools, which "inculcate Western values". Hundreds of girls and women teachers have quit schools as a result.

The militants have also prohibited immunisation for children against polio - claiming that the UN-sponsored vaccination drive is aimed at causing sexual impotence - causing a sharp rise in cases of the disease.

Since the start of the government offensive, girls' schools have been targeted increasingly by Islamic fundamentalists. The district has 842 boys' and 490 girls' state schools for 300,000 children aged three to nine; only 163,645 boys and 67,606 girls are actually enrolled at state and private establishments, according to official figures.

According to the local authorities, 50 per cent of girls have stopped attending school because of the militants' threats. Hazir Gul, a teacher, said the inability of the authorities to provide protection against attacks had emboldened the Islamists, who burned schools "whenever they want".

Attacks on girls' schools are not confined to the Swat district. In the past two years a further 100 schools have been burnt down in Waziristan and other tribal areas, leaving tens of thousands of children between the ages of five and 15 without education.

In many areas, hardliners have established sharia, or Islamic law, and introduced public executions for those who break it.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Netherlands:Being pc in Regards to Islam is a Mistake

After years of threats to Hirsi Ali, the death of Theo Van Gogh, and Muslims not assimilating by creating their own Islamic communities within the Netherlands, the government has finally seen the mistakes that they have made in regards to Muslim immigration. They were an open and overly tolerant society, but now they are going to be setting some guidelines for the Muslims immigrating there.

They have admitted that their biggest mistake was being politically correct when it comes to Islam. They have gone as far as saying "to become Dutch, you must in principle give up your old nationality." Also telling Muslims to stop playing the victim card. There is still hope for Europe.

Labour: Tolerance has Hampered Integration

AMSTERDAM, 24/12/08 - Labour (PvdA) appears to want to take a different direction regarding the integration of immigrants. In a new memorandum on the subject, the party urges confronting intolerance. "The mistake that we should never again make is swallowing criticism of cultures or religions because of tolerance."

The memorandum was drawn up by PvdA chairwoman Lilianne Ploumen, indicating it is a document from the entire party leadership including PvdA leader Wouter Bos. The memorandum, entitled "Divided past, shared future,' will be presented to the PvdA members at a congress next March and then, if adopted, become the new PvdA policy.

According to the party chairwoman, the government should no longer try to encourage integration by information campaigns. The government should only provide the conditions in which integration can take place by itself. On the one hand, the law must be maintained and on the other, opportunities must be offered to everyone via education, youth guidance and activating labour market policy.

Toleration has not done integration of migrants in the Netherlands any good, the memorandum concludes. The PvdA considers that in future, newcomers must opt for the Dutch society. "We all speak Dutch, know the basic forms of behaviour and the democratic constitutional state."

Nonetheless, the PvdA wants to continue to tolerate headscarves in classrooms and mosques with an Arabic architecture. It will become somewhat stricter on wearing of burqas or refusing to shake hands with someone of the opposite sex; immigrants that do that should be told that it is abnormal in the Netherlands. Finally, there is a third category, setting explicit boundaries, under which the PvdA is thinking of female circumcision and violence to save damaged family honour.

Ploumen terms this three-prong policy norm-setting, confrontation or tolerance. In the past years, tolerance has been over-emphasised, including tolerance of behaviour that was actually not acceptable, the chairman says. In the memorandum, she also calls on Muslims not to take on a victim's role any more.

Ploumen gave an interview yesterday in De Volkskrant, traditionally a PvdA-minded medium. According to the paper, the PvdA sets out "a friendly but strong vision." "An iron fist in a velvet glove, beyond tolerance and cultural relativism."

"The mistake we must never again make," says Ploumen in the interview, "is choking back criticism of cultures or religions for the sake of tolerance." For a long time, it was thought that "it would all eventually turn out well by itself." In practice, that meant looking away from problems. "Feelings of loss and worry were suppressed. And (..) these feelings were not recognised by government and politicians."

The theme has been dividing the PvdA, Ploumen acknowledges. "Earlier reports identified the problems, but offered no solutions. There was no party view to guide local politicians. This there now is. (...) I assume that this resolution will get through at the congress in March."

To De Volkskrant's question about whether the problems caused by children of Turkish or Moroccan parents are not actually already empathised too much, Ploumen answered: "No. It is sometimes painful, but it is necessary. We do have to make progress now. After the confrontation, the ultimate goal is acceptance. That everyone can respect one another."

Among migrants, 80 percent have dual nationality. Ploumen says the "grip of countries of origin" on immigrants "must disappear." She considers that "to become Dutch, you must in principle give up your old nationality." But at the same time "loyalty (to the Netherlands) for me has nothing to do with nationality."

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Merry Christmas Everyone!!

I just wanted to wish a Merry Christmas to the readers and their families.
Things might be tough now for many of us, but hopefully things will get better next year.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

American Muslim Pleads Guilty to Aiding Terrorist Organization

Our government has scored a hat trick this month in regards to locking up Islamic terrorists and their supporters. Approximately 2 weeks ago there was the Egyptian convicted of making a YouTube video showing wanna be terrorists how to make a bomb.

Just 2 days ago there were the Fort Dix Convictions. Now today we have an American Muslim who has pleaded guilty to aiding Hezbollah by selling subscriptions to satellite customers of the Hezbollah channel Al Manar.

Dec 23, 2008
NY man admits he helped air Hizbullah TV

The Pakistan-born owner of a satellite TV company has pleaded guilty to providing material aid to a terrorist organization by letting customers receive broadcasts from Hizbullah's television station.

Javed Iqbal entered the plea in federal court in Manhattan on Tuesday. He declined comment afterward. As part of the plea, Iqbal agreed to serve a prison term of up to six and a half years. Sentencing was set for March 24.

Prosecutors said Iqbal used satellite dishes on his Staten Island home to distribute broadcasts of Al Manar, the television station of the Lebanon-based organization that has been fighting Israel since the early 1980s.

Israel and the US consider Hizbullah a terrorist organization and accuse it of being behind deadly attacks in Lebanon and abroad.

Iqbal, 45, was born in Pakistan but has lived in the United States for more than 20 years. He is a permanent resident with five children. A former New York Police Department officer was among those who signed his $250,000 bail package.

Although Americans are granted freedom of speech under the First Amendment to the Constitution, the government contended in this case that Iqbal was not entitled to arrange the satellite broadcast of an organization designated as a terrorist group, regardless of the message.

Lebanon's information minister, Ghazi Aridi, had criticized Iqbal's arrest, calling it an "attack against freedoms (that) robs a large section of people from watching a specific channel."

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christians are you Offended? Help is Here!!

The other day I posted an article about Iraqi war veteran Kevin Murray who is suing the US Government for bailing out AIG. He is suing because AIG carries sharia financing programs, which is a religious based banking system. Mr. Murray contends that our government is breaking the 1st Amendment by endorsing a religion.

Since then I have done some research on the group handling his case and they are just what we are looking for. We constantly see how organizations such as CAIR and the ACLU come running to tear down Christianity within our country.

Thankfully there is a counter organization called the The Thomas More Law Center which defends Christians and Christian values. The group is clearly willing to go on the front lines to help defend us from the Islamic threat. We constantly see Muslims complaining about what offends them, now we can do the same. They work pro bono and I encourage anyone who can support them with a donation to do so.

Thomas More

The Thomas More Law Center has been involved in several cases dealing with the insidious threat of radical Islam. Law Center attorney Robert Muise, who is handling this case involving AIG, is also one of the Law Center's attorneys defending LtCol Jeffrey Chessani, USMC, the senior officer charged in the so-called "Haditha Massacre" case. Those charges were dismissed by a military judge, and the government has appealed that ruling. Muise is also representing former Marine Jesse Nieto, whose anti-Islamic terrorism message was recently banned by military authorities at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune because of some unknown complaints.

The Thomas More Law Center defends and promotes America's Christian heritage and moral values, including the religious freedom of Christians, time-honored family values, and the sanctity of human life. It supports a strong national defense and an independent and sovereign United States of America. The Law Center accomplishes its mission through litigation, education, and related activities. It does not charge for its services. The Law Center is supported by contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations, and is recognized by the IRS as a section 501(c)(3) organization. You may reach the Thomas More Law Center at (734) 827-2001 or visit our website at Thomas More

Link To Article

NJ Press Group Calls Islam "Internal" Threat

The NJ chapter of CAIR. is up in arms over a editorial by the president of the NJ Associated Press, Art Hall. Mr Hall has stated that Islam is a the greatest internal threat that we have ever seen and that we need to develop the will to fight back. The NJ chapter of CAIR is the same chapter that has claimed that many Muslims will see the Fort Dix convictions as a case of entrapment.

CAIR-NJ seeks 'clarification' of apparent call for exclusion of Muslims

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N.J., Dec. 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire
The New Jersey chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-NJ) today called for a "clarification" from the president of the New Jersey Press Association, who wrote in an editorial that he believes Islam is an "internal" threat to the United States and seemed to support the exclusion of Muslims from American society.

In his editorial, headlined "Keep the Muslims Out?" and published in the Cape May County Herald, Art Hall wrote: "The internal-external threat is like no other we have ever faced. It is from Islam. While Christianity preaches peace, the Quran preaches conquest by force of arms... We were and are both a democratic and Christian nation in our fundamental structure. If we desire for America to remain thus, we must first recognize the current threats, and then develop the will to stand against those who are undermining them, those who detest what we cherish."

Hall, who is publisher of the Cape May County Herald, also seemed to support the views of one of Europe's leading anti-Muslim ideologues, Dutch politician Geert Wilders. Wilders has called for banning the Quran, Islam's revealed text, in the Netherlands. Wilders has been quoted as saying: "I've had enough of Islam in the Netherlands; let not one more Muslim immigrate... I've had enough of the Quran in the Netherlands: Forbid that fascist book."

Here is the original editorial

Contact info for Mr. Hall

"In his editorial, Mr. Hall labels Islam and American Muslims as an 'internal' threat, seems to indicate that America is an exclusively 'Christian' nation and promotes the intolerant views of one of Europe's leading Islamophobes," said CAIR-NJ Public Relations Director Afsheen Shamsi. "As someone who holds responsible positions as both a newspaper publisher and head of the New Jersey Press Association, Mr. Hall should offer a clarification of these disturbing remarks and a right of reply for the American Muslim community."

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Jews Told to Convert, Leave or die

This is a follow up to the section on Yemen in this story. Everyday the "religion" of peace shows us just how violent and threatening it is. I would like to know where is the massive outreach program by "moderate" Muslims to try and change this line of thinking?

Dec 23, 2008
'I warned Jews to convert to Islam or leave'

The suspected murderer of Yemeni Jew Moshe Yaish Nahari told a court on Monday that he had warned Jews to convert to Islam or leave the country and that if they didn't, he would kill them.

The court ordered the suspect, Abdel Aziz Yehia Hamoud al-Abdi, to go for a psychiatric examination to determine if he is competent to stand trial.

The lawyers for the accused had appealed that he was mentally unfit and that he had no understanding of what he had done. They claimed that he had recently also killed his wife.

Judge Abdel Bari Oqba adjourned the trial until a report about al-Abdi's mental health is made.

Al-Abdi allegedly gunned down Nahari, a teacher at the yeshiva in Raydah, on Dec. 11.

Nahari was one of the roughly 400 remaining Jews still living in Yemen, mostly in Raydah, a small town north of the capital San'a.

Yemen was once home to about 50,000 Jews in the early 1950s, but most emigrated to Israel.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Hanukkah!!

I just wanted to wish a happy Hanukkah to all those who are celebrating and may God bless Israel. Thanks for continuing to read here.

Fort Dix Convictions: Islamic Leaders Play Victim Card

Shortly after the convictions of five NJ Muslim men plotting to kill US soldiers, several Islamic leaders have come out against the verdict. The list includes James Yee, the former Muslim chaplain at Guantanamo Bay. He has claimed that they never would of killed anyone and that they were incited by a government informant. In the past Yee was charged with spying for the enemy and treason. Those charges were later dropped.

CAIR spokesperson Jim Sues has said that many Muslims would see this as entrapment and American Muslim Union of Jersey has stated that the defendants do not look like people who would plot an attack like this. According to many Muslims those in their community could never do anything wrong.

Many Muslims skeptical of Fort Dix verdicts
December 22, 2008

Yes, they talked tough, fired guns and watched jihadist videos.

But the five young Muslims convicted Monday of plotting to kill soldiers at Fort Dix may not have been guilty of anything more than youthful braggadocio and poor judgment.

That was the verdict rendered by Muslim leaders immediately after the guilty verdicts were read in U.S. District Court in Camden.

"It seemed to me as if the case was pretty flimsy," said James Yee, the former Muslim chaplain at the Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba who was arrested in 2003 and charged with mishandling classified material and other crimes in a suspected espionage ring. Criminal charges were later dropped against him.

"It seems like these guys under normal circumstances weren't going to do anything until a government informant initiates contact with them and incites them," said Yee.

"All of this doesn't help build trust with the American Muslim community, and that is vital if our law enforcement is going to fight terrorism," he said. "If anyone can improve security, it's our community, but we need to be seen as trusted partners, not potential suspects."

Mohamed Younes, president of the Paterson, N.J.-based American Muslin Union, voiced similar sentiments.

"I don't think they actually mean to do anything," he said. "I think they were acting stupid, like they thought the whole thing was a joke. They don't look like the type of people to do something like this."

Jim Sues, executive director of the New Jersey chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, attended five days of testimony during the trial.

"Many people in the Muslim community will see this as a case of entrapment," he said. "From what I saw, there was a significant role played by the government informant."

During the eight-week trial, the government relied heavily on information gathered by the informants, who infiltrated the group and secretly recorded hundreds of conversations.

Convicted were: Jordanian-born cab driver Mohamad Shnewer; Turkish-born convenience store clerk Serdar Tatar; and brothers Dritan, Eljvir and Shain Duka, ethnic Albanians from the former Yugoslavia, who had a roofing business.

A sixth man arrested and charged only with gun offenses pleaded guilty earlier.

Fuat "Mike" Mamo of Cresskill said the Albanian community in New Jersey is ashamed of the three Albanian brothers who were convicted.

"I don't know what they were thinking," Mamo said of the Duka brothers. "They were just out of their mind and they should be put away for life. The Albanian community is nothing like this.

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NJ:5 Muslims Guilty in Fort Dix Plot

Some people continually say that American Muslims are different from Muslims everywhere else, but their actions show us that is just not true. Here is just one more example, as five Muslims were found guilty of planning to kill US soldiers at a US military base in New Jersey.

Five guilty in plot to attack US army base

WASHINGTON (AFP) — Five suspected Islamic radicals were found guilty Monday of plotting to kill soldiers at a US army base at Fort Dix, New Jersey, charges that could bring life imprisonment, court officials said.

The men, who were arrested in 2007, were found guilty of conspiracy to kill military personnel. However, they were found not guilty of attempting to kill US soldiers and employees of the United States, a court official told AFP.

Six suspects were arrested initially, four of whom were from the former Yugoslavia, one from Jordan and the other from Turkey. One of the men pleaded guilty to a reduced weapons charge while the rest were convicted in the Camden, New Jersey court on Monday.

The suspects, including a pizza delivery man who allegedly used his job to case the army base, were arrested on May 7, 2007 as they tried to buy automatic rifles.
During a 16-month sting operation, two undercover FBI informers infiltrated the group and recorded their conversations about launching an attack on Fort Dix army base, federal prosecutors said.

The plot was foiled after a shop clerk alerted police to a "disturbing" video that the suspects had made of themselves and asked to be burned to a DVD.

Prosecutors said the footage showed the accused firing guns in militia-style, calling for holy war and shouting "Allahu Akbar," Arabic for "God is greatest."

One of the suspects, Mohamad Shnewer, a Philadelphia taxi driver, allegedly told an informant that six or seven "jihadists" planned the operation on Fort Dix to kill "at least one hundred soldiers" by using rocket-propelled grenades or other weapons, the New Jersey US attorney's office said.

"My intent is to hit a heavy concentration of soldiers," Shnewer was quoted as saying in the charge sheet. "You hit four, five or six humvees and light the whole place (up) and retreat completely without any losses."

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Islamic Propaganda Machine to Invade Facebook

As I have been saying for years, Muslims constantly use our freedoms and way of life against us to help advance their goal of an Islamic world. They are already all over YouTube and now they plan to invade Facebook to spread their propaganda.

What is so dangerous about this is that there are so many young impressionable people on Facebook who might be uneducated to the harsh realities of Islam. Muslims key on them with their "Islam is a religion of peace" lie. This is an attempt to turn our youths against our country in regards to the war on terror. Each and every forum or site is a all part of the very important information war. I everyone to please educate your children on the issue.

Hat tip to Dr. Dave

`Umar’s “Raiding Facebook: Theory and Practice”:

We have already had great success in raiding Youtube.
American politicians have used Facebook to get votes, like the house slave Obama.
Anyone can join and you can reach millions of people. The April 6 youth are a good example of this.

I am writing this because supporters of jihad don’t know how to use Facebook to reach Americans or Muslims.
Don’t worry about security as long as you don’t disclose your personal info and you use new email addresses to subscribe.

A large number of people in the Arab world are using Facebook.
We can use Facebook to fight the media attack on Jihadi media and the forums. We can post media on Facebook that shows the Crusader losses.

Since Facebook is so widespread, we need to use it.
By using Facebook, we can move from the forums and engage common people and Americans themselves to show them the reality of their losses, which are being concealed by their media.
One of the goals of invading Facebook is to “move away from elite society (the forums and the Jihadi websites) to Muslims in general and participate and interact with them.” [parenthetical comments are `Umar's]

The brothers should immediately start to build their expertise in using Facebook.
I’ve called this campaign “Ghazwat al-Nusra2″ (Aid Invasion2) because we are aiding our brothers on the forums: Hesbah, Firdaws, Boraq, and Ekhlaas.
`Umar then provides a series of detailed instructions on how to sign up for Facebook.

Yesterday’s announcement of the structure of the campaign follows:

There are seven brigades, each headed by a commander.

Sharia Brigade: spreads Salafi-Jiahdi doctrine and responding to doubts planted by erring people to misguide Muslim youth. It will distribute articles and audio messages from Salafi-Jihadi scholars.

Media and Planning Brigade: distributes Jihadi media files and incitement plans
Statements Brigade: posts Jihadi statements

Preparation Brigade: distributes military training material
Security Brigade: distributes security info required for Jihadi media and also security courses

English Media Brigade: posts Jihadi media and statements in English

Martyrs and Prisoners Brigade: distributes bios, writings, and videos of martyrs. Also material on prisoners.
Each brigade will establish a special group that is secret and not known to the other brigades. There is no contact between any of the brigades. Each brigade will have eight members, who will each participate in at least two groups.

Each commander of a brigade is on the Shura Council, in addition to `Umar `Abd al-Hakim [total of 8 people]. Every week, members of a brigade will write their commander and tell him of their activities. He will pass the reports along to the Shura council, which will then issue a weekly report of the campaign’s activities.

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US Postal Service Goes Islamic

While our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are risking their lives on a daily basis to try and bring some form of a "moderate" Islam into power, our government run postal service has bowed down to Islam. The rules do not mention any other religion except Islam. It is obvious that our government truly does not understand what we are up against.

Hat tip to The Religion of Peace

E2. Any matter containing religious materials contrary to Islamic faith or depicting nude or semi-nude persons, pornographic or sexual items, or non-authorized political materials is prohibited.

R. All alcoholic beverages, including those mailable under DMM C021, are prohibited.

R1. Materials used in the production of alcoholic beverages (i.e., distilling material, hops, malts, yeast, etc.) are prohibited.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Minn:Muslims Offended by Fast Food toy

A Muslim family eating in a Long John Silver's restaurant in the Mall of America is upset because their child's meal came with a toy that had "Build with Jesus" written on it. As usual CAIR has gotten involved. They want the restaurant to give the family a written apology, make sure that this never happens again and have representatives of the chain participate in CAIR's sensitivity and diversity training. By diversity do they mean this?

"Those who stay in America should be open to society without melting, keeping Mosques open so anyone can come and learn about Islam. If you choose to live here, you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam ... Islam isn't in America to be equal to
any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book
of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the
only accepted religion on Earth."

Omar Ahmad
Co-Founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations

This is the same mall that just a week ago opened an Islamic prayer room Islamic prayer room. It is like I have been saying. No one should cater to them at all, because their demands are never ending. If anyone wants to help out here is the contact info for the restaurant's headquarters.

CAIR-MN Calls for Probe of Religious Material in Children's Meal

ST. PAUL, Minn., Dec. 19 2008
The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) today called on Kentucky-based Yum! Brands, the parent company of the Long John Silver's restaurant chain, to investigate a complaint reported to the Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization involving distribution of religious literature in a children's meal.

In November, a Muslim family visited a Long John Silver's restaurant at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., and ordered a children's meal for their three-year-old son. They noticed that the toy that came with the meal was a small notepad with the phrase "Build with Jesus" written at the top along with a quote from the Bible.

Although Muslims respect the Bible and believe in Jesus as a prophet of Islam, the family preferred a non-religious toy in the children's meal. After requesting an alternative toy for their child, the family was shown variations of the notepad, each containing a different verse from the Bible.

"While the restaurant has the right to distribute whatever materials it wishes, we believe it is inappropriate to include such texts in children's meals without first making parents aware of the religious content," said CAIR-MN Civil Rights Director Taneeza Islam. "It would be more appropriate if the restaurant offered toys that included wisdom from different faiths and offered a non-religious alternative."

Ms. Islam noted that the Mall of America attracts visitors from around the world.

On its website ( Yum! Brands notes that diversity is "their way of life" and that the company strives for "inclusion and engagement."

CAIR-MN is asking Yum! Brands to:

1. Investigate the incident.

2. Offer the Muslim family a formal written apology.

3. Review the toy distribution policy for all restaurants and ensure that such incidents are not repeated.

4. Participate in CAIR's sensitivity and diversity training.

The restaurant chain has not responded to a November 17 letter from the Islamic civil rights and advocacy group.

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Islamic Threats in Church: Bible Burned, Appeal to Conversion

Muslims constantly tell us that Islam is a tolerant religion. But actions like
these, these, and these show us the truth about Islam.

Islamic threats in church: bible burned, appeal to conversion
by Qaiser Felix
The sacrilege took place two days ago, in a small village of the diocese of Faisalabad. Many families of Muslims, who are in the majority, are supporting the Christians. The priest asks the faithful to remain "calm and peaceful," in imitation of Jesus.

Faisalabad (AsiaNews) - Desecration at the church of St. Paul in the village ‘Chak 77-RB’, ‘Lohekay’, about 30 kilometers from Faisalabad: on December 17, suspects burned a bible and other sacred texts, leaving a letter threatening Christians that they will "burn in the fire of hell" if they do not convert to Islam.

Pervez Masih tells AsiaNews that on that day, he and others were whitewashing and decorating the little church for Christmas. They stopped at noon for lunch, leaving the church open. When they returned, they found the bible and other sacred texts reduced to ashes, and a handwritten letter telling them to convert to Islam if they wanted to "live in peace" and avoid hell. In Pakistan, there is significant controversy over the law on blasphemy, condemning even to death those who offend the sacred book of Islam, the Qur'an. But nothing is done against blasphemous acts toward the books of other religions.

Fr. Yagoob Yousaf arrived in the village that same evening, having been told about the sacrilege. He celebrated Mass in the church (in the photo), and in the homily, he condemned the sacrilege and the threats, and told the faithful to remain calm and peaceful and not to be afraid, because the police have promised the highest vigilance. He said that Christ preached love and peace, and the government would see to guaranteeing security for the Christians for the Holy Nativity. In recent years, at Christmas, there have been attacks against Catholic and Protestant churches. Often the Christmas celebrations have taken place under police protection.

He observes that "this is a high holy season for all Christians and they are preparing themselves for Christmas but such type of incidents are creating fear and is a move to disturb Christians in the season of Advent."

Most of the people in the village are Muslim, and there are between 50 and 70 Christian families. The church is used by Catholics and Protestants, without conflict. When they became aware of the sacrilege, many Muslims went to the church together with the Christians. Now the police are investigating the "suspects" for the crime of blasphemy.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Egyptian Student Gets 15 Years in Fla. Terror Case

When two Muslim students were arrested late last year in South Carolina CAIR called it racial and religious profiling. Well the judge has called it terrorism and has sentenced one of them to 15 years in jail.

Egyptian student gets 15 years in Fla. terror case
By MITCH STACY – 7 hours ago

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — An Egyptian student attending a Florida university was sentenced to 15 years in prison Thursday for making a YouTube video showing would-be terrorists how to turn a remote-control toy into a bomb detonator.

U.S. District Judge Steven D. Merryday said the public needed to be protected from 27-year-old Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed, who made the video "to empower others through his teaching to deliver death, destruction and, at the very least, panic."

Merryday handed the maximum sentence to the former University of South Florida graduate student, brushing aside his attorneys' pleas for leniency and the minimum eight-year sentence.

"This is an intelligent man who made a very bad mistake," one his attorneys, Linda Moreno, said afterward. "This is a sad day."

A. Brian Albritton, U.S. attorney for Florida's middle district, said prosecutors were satisfied that Mohamed got the maximum sentence.

As part of a plea agreement, Mohamed pleaded guilty in June to providing material support to terrorism.

The video was found on a laptop computer in the car he was driving when pulled over near Charleston, S.C., in August 2007. Prosecutor Robert Monk said the 12-minute clip got nearly 800 hits before it was removed from the video-sharing site, but there was no evidence that anyone used it to do harm.

In the video, Mohamed demonstrates how to convert a remote-controlled car from Wal-Mart into a bomb detonator. He speaks in Arabic, saying he wants to teach "martyrdoms" and "suiciders" how to save themselves so they can continue to fight invaders, including U.S. soldiers.

"Instead of the brethren going to, to carry out martyrdom operations, no, may God bless him, he can use the explosion tools from a distance and preserve his life ... for the real battles," he says, according to a translation in the plea agreement.

During the nearly six-hour hearing, Monk painted Mohamed as a radical Muslim who hates America and "embraces a violent and extreme ideology." His attorneys acknowledged that he was a young student with unpopular political views who made a stupid mistake, but noted that he never hurt anyone.

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The UK Takes the Show on the Road

We constantly see the government of the UK catering to Islam and doing nothing to protect the non-Muslim citizens at home against Islamic takeover. Now the British PM Gordon Brown has taken his Islamic catering on the road and is going after Israel over Jewish settlements being built in the West Bank. He has even went as far as putting special labels on products made in the West Bank, obviously hoping that no one will buy them. I was wondering Mr. Brown, do you support Hamas as well? For the record I have spoken to 100's of Brits and none of them support their current government.(I came across this video of Mr. Brown shaking in fear over a confrontation during a government session. I just had to post it here).

Britain steps up fight against West Bank settlements

By Barak Ravid

The British government is stepping up measures against settlements in the West Bank in an effort to stop their further expansion.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently instructed the Foreign Office to issue a warning to British citizens against the purchase of houses and real estate in the settlements.

Other measures recently imposed by London on West Bank settlements include tying the upgrade of relations between the European Union and Israel to the cessation of construction in the settlements in the West Bank and putting special labels on products denoting that they were made in West Bank settlements.

On December 9th, Brown sent a personal letter to the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, Salam Fayad. Haaretz has obtained a copy of the letter in which Brown states his government is examining a number of methods aimed at preventing the further expansion of settlements.

"We have long expressed our opposition to settlement activity," Brown wrote. "But that activity has continued and has accelerated since the Annapolis process was launched. I share your frustration at this. The UK is now looking at what effective action we can take to discourage settlement expansion."

Britain is effectively encouraging divestment from companies based or working in cooperation with business in the Jewish West Bank settlements. In his letter to Fayad, the British premier wrote that companies owned by his government have no financial ties to the settlements.

Brown discussed Britain's latest step against the settlements in his letter to Fayad.

"I have already asked officials to update our official travel advice to include a specific warning that potential purchasers of property in a settlement should consider that a future peace agreement could have consequences for that property," Brown wrote.

Jerusalem is said to be furious over Downing Street's decision to label products made in West Bank settlements. Britain has responded by saying that some companies based in the West Bank have been using false addresses within Israel proper in order to avoid its products from being labeled.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert confronted Brown over the issue during their meeting on Tuesday, saying that Britain was violating an agreement signed with the European Union when he was minister of infrastructure in 2005.

"I signed that agreement despite the criticism and political price in Israel," he said. "There is no justification for what you are now doing. During my time as prime minister no new settlements have been built and you know it."

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

EU Bans Screening of Fitna

The British finally take a step to wake up their country by showing the Islam truth movie Fitna and the EU turns around and helps the enemy out by banning the screening. The reason that they gave for banning the film was that there were protests in Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia and Afghanistan after a Dutch screening. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon calls the film "offensively anti-Islamic". Well Mr. Moon that is the idea, and sometimes the truth is not so pleasant. Will someone please let me know when the EU has the guts to ban the Islamic preachers of hate?

Here is the film in two parts. WARNING GRAPIC IMAGES

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Muslim Woman Arrested in US Courtroom

Hat tip on the pic and update to TexCat.

As a Muslim woman from Georgia named Lisa Valentine, also known by her Islamic name, Miedah, tried to enter a courtroom, a bailiff told her that she would have to remove her hijab if she wanted to come in. Instead of complying she cursed the bailiff. As a result she was sentenced to 10 days in jail for contempt of court. Apparently it is OK when they tell us how to live, but no one can ask anything of them. Now CAIR has gotten in the middle of it all and has asked the Department of Justice to get involved and investigate the judge, as the judge has barred other Islamic women from his courtroom in the past for the same reason.

It is fascinating to me that CAIR even has the nerve to show their faces in front of the Justice Department after they have recently been hit with racketeering charges. Back in 2006 CAIR pursued a similar case in Tacoma and got the court to reverse its decision about Muslim women wearing headscarves in the state's courtrooms. Presiding Judge Jack Emery now allows all religious headgear into the Tacoma courts. Obviously in the past Jews had no problem following this rule. This is just another attempt by Muslims to impose Islam on our country.

UK:Anti-Christmas Muslim Promoted to School Inspector

The politically correct of the UK have out done themselves today. They have taken an anti-Christmas Muslim teacher and promoted him to a government school inspector. In the past as a group of non-Muslims and Muslim children were signing Christmas songs, Israr Khan's Ofsted stood up and screamed at the crying children "Who is your God? Why are you saying Jesus and Jesus Christ? God is not your God - it is Allah." He now has the power to pass or fail entire schools. Will he fail them if they do not give Koran classes?

For another UK cleric against Christmas

Hat tip to The Religion of Peace

Muslim teacher in carol concert tirade is made Ofsted inspector
Last updated at 22:00 30 September 2006

Israr Khan

A hardline Muslim teacher who caused a furore by denouncing pupils for celebrating Christmas has been made a Government schools inspector.

Israr Khan's Ofsted appointment was described by a former colleague as 'absolutely astonishing'.

Mr Khan, now headmaster of an Islamic school, launched into his tirade during a concert rehearsal at Washwood Heath Secondary School in Birmingham in 1996 after the choir including around 40 Muslim youngsters, had sung a number of popular Christmas songs, including carols.

He leapt from his seat, yelling: "Who is your God? Why are you saying Jesus and Jesus Christ? God is not your God - it is Allah."

As children in the audience began booing and clapping, a number of choir members - both white and Asian - walked out, some in tears.

Mr Khan, a maths teacher, was asked to work from home pending an investigation but there was no disciplinary action.

It has been claimed that Washwood Heath school was then a 'hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism'. Rashid Rauf - the airline terror bomb suspect whose extradition is currently being sought from Pakistan - was a pupil there at that time.

Mr Khan left Washwood Heath a year later to found the independent Islamic Hamd House Preparatory School in Small Heath, Birmingham, where he is headmaster.

Earlier this year, he was appointed as a governor of Anderton Park Primary School, in Sparkbrook, Birmingham.

A former Washwood Heath colleague laughed openly when told of Mr Khan's role as an Ofsted inspector where he has the responsibility for passing or failing schools.

He said: "Given the man's history, it's absolutely astonishing. It's just the cheek of the man that he's been able to reach that position. He always was an extremely clever man.

"He gave me many insights into the Islamic cause and their hatred of the US and the Western World. He had a big support base among some of the Muslim parents.

"But there were some very influential, radical elements at Washwood Heath at that time and Israr Khan was very close to all that."

Earlier this year, Anderton Park, where 99.5 per cent of the pupils are Asian, received a dismal Ofsted report which branded its teaching and its achievements as inadequate.

One Muslim father, who asked to be known only as Mohammed, said: "As a governor, Mr Khan will be able to exert a great deal of influence over the school and its policies.

"By his previous actions, he seems to represent what I would call a hardcore attitude to Islam."

Mr Khan declined to comment about his appointment, waving questions away at his large home in Moseley, Birmingham.

An Ofsted spokesman said: "Israr Khan was appointed as an additional inspector via a highly competitive recruitment and selection process. He has undergone all the relevant security checks."

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UK:Stop Using Christmas Charity Rattles

Todays politically correct move in the UK is telling the Christmas charity workers not to shake their rattles out of fear of offending other religions. How long will it be until the politically correct there call for a complete ban of Christmas? Because it seems that is the direction that they are heading in.

After 130 years of fundraising, Sally Army told to stop rattling collecting tins because it might 'offend other religions'
15th December 2008

For 130 years they have been part of Christmas, filling the air in towns across the land with music and carols.

But one thing is missing from the repertoire of Salvation Army bands this year - the percussion of rattling tins.

Members have been forbidden to shake their charity tins - even if it's done in time to the music - in case it harasses or intimidates people. One said she had been told it might also offend other religions.

Tin man: Salvation Army collectors have been told not to rattle their tins as it could be construed as religious harassment

Guidelines for branches organising public collections say tinholders should simply keep the tin still.

It means that when the brass bands start up they can rock and roll all they want - but if they shake and rattle, it could put them in conflict with the law.

Councils and police can enforce the no-rattle rule and have powers to prosecute or ban offenders. The restriction was branded 'bonkers' yesterday both by donors and long-serving Salvation Army volunteers.

One collector told the Daily Mail: 'I've been doing this for more than 40 years and I fail to see how rattling a tin could cause offence. If I was shaking a tambourine I could do it all day - if I shake my tin, I could end up in court.'

The 'Silent Night' rattle ban manifested itself at the weekend in Uxbridge, West London, when musicians from two local branches performed outside a shopping mall.

(They were outside because traders complained last year they were too loud to play inside).

Tony Keywood, shopping with his wife Sheila, was among a crowd enjoying the carols and stepped forward to make a donation.

'I jokingly told them off for not shaking their tins,' said Mr Keywood, 78, a retired telecoms executive. 'They said they weren't allowed to do that in case it caused offence to other religions. They said they'd been told rattling a tin was considered to be intimidating.

'I don't know who makes up these rules but I suspect it will have something to do with human rights. I do feel Britain has lost its way on things like this.'

Laws on public collections are long-established, but until the recent proliferation of so-called 'charity muggers' were not widely utilised.

Fundraisers have to be licensed, usually by the local authority, police or landowner. Councils and police can decide whom to license and how the rules are enforced.

The Salvation Army relies heavily on public generosity and believes street collections help to foster good relations.

Guidance now, however, is that members should not shake their tins. A Salvation Army source said: 'We don't have a formal policy of "You Shall Not Rattle" but we always act within the law.

'Some authorities specifically ask us not to shake our tins. It is seen as harassment, or making people feel uncomfortable. I don't think it's to do with other religions. But it can make people feel we're putting them under pressure to give.'

A spokesman added: 'We want people to donate from the best of motives, so we advise collectors to avoid rattling their tins or asking people directly for money when stood on the high street.'

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Monday, December 15, 2008

UK Prison:Islamic Foot Baths YES, Jesus NO

Christian leaders in the UK continue to bow down to Islam as if they have no concern for their own religion. This time a new multi-faith prayer room in a UK prison is set to open with Islamic foot washing baths installed, but a Christian crucifix with Jesus nailed to it will not be used out fear of offending the Muslim prisoners. This all came about after a conversation between the prison's chaplain and Imam.

Prison chapel not to have a crucifix
A new prison chapel has been stopped from having a crucifix in case it offends Muslims.

By Tom Whitehead, Home Affairs Editor
Dec 2008
The multi-faith room at HMP Lewes will have footbaths installed so Muslim inmates can wash their feet before prayers.

For Christians, however, there will now only be a plain wooden cross and a portable altar which can be removed if other faiths are using the room.

The new £200,000 development at the East Sussex jail has been designed as a multi-faith room with the space split into two.

One side is dedicated to Christian worship and the other is for other faiths in the 485 inmate category B jail.

But a spokeswoman from the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) revealed the traditional Christian crucifix depicting Jesus nailed to the cross will not be used.
After discussions between the prison chaplain and Muslim imam it was agreed a toned-down wooden cross would be used instead of a crucifix.

Zsa Roggendorff, chair of the nearby Ford HMP IMB, could not understand why the crucifix has been taken out of the chapel.

She said: "At Ford we have a multi-faith chapel and all are prisoners are allowed to use it.

"We still have our cross and we have the altar. All the other faiths have got their own special rooms in huts to use which are part of the main prison."

A portable alter will also be used at HMP Lewes so it can be removed when it is not needed while footbaths have been installed so Muslim inmates can wash their feet before prayers.

Amanda Hamblin, chair of the Lewes IMB, said: "We see this as a vastly improved facility and very much welcome the fact that the prison has an imam
"It is key that everyone will have access to a decent place of worship whether they are Muslims, Christians or any other faith.

"I think the significant thing about this is that the facilities were very poor before.

"Now they have been set up with a lot of consultation and thought given to how to make it fit for purpose, fit for access and fit for the religious needs of our prisoners, whatever they may be."

The multi-faith room was dedicated on December 5 but has not yet been opened for use.

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Iraqi war vet Sues Govt for Bailout of AIG, Supporting Islam

Iraqi war veteran Kevin Murray is suing the US government for bailing out AIG . The reason being that AIG supports sharia financing which in turn promotes Islam. Mr. Murray is claiming that our government is breaking the First Amendment by endorsing a religion. I applaud this man and this will be very interesting to watch.

December 15, 2008
Michigan man files suit to stop AIG bailout


A Michigan man is challenging the government's bailout of American International Group Inc., claiming the move is illegal because the insurer has financial products that promote Islam and are anti-Christian.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in federal court in Detroit by the Thomas More Law Center of Ann Arbor, which pursues cases on behalf of Christian causes.

It says the government is violating the First Amendment with billions of dollars of aid for AIG. The clause prevents the U.S. government from endorsing a religion.

The lawsuit says AIG offers financial services that comply with Sharia principles, specifically Takaful insurance. Islamic or Sharia-compliant finance bans investments that pay interest or sponsor alcohol, tobacco, pork, gambling or weapons.

"The Takaful insurance business of AIG is pervasively sectarian," the lawsuit alleges. "Its secular purposes and its Sharia-based Islamic religious mission are inextricably intertwined."

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Kevin Murray of Washtenaw County, a Roman Catholic and Iraq War veteran.

Treasury Department spokeswoman Jennifer Zuccarelli had no comment.

A University of Louisville law professor predicts the lawsuit will be quickly dismissed.

"The notion that this bailout of AIG will advance religion is preposterous," said Sam Marcosson, who has written about the Constitution's Establishment Clause.

"The bailout was trying to prevent disastrous events for the economy. Any religious effects that might be alleged in this lawsuit were not on anyone's mind," he said.

The More center is named for a 16th century English statesman who was made a saint by the Roman Catholic church in 1935. It was started in 1999 by Domino's Pizza Inc. founder Tom Monaghan and Richard Thompson, a former Oakland County prosecutor who serves as president and chief counsel.

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UK:Blind man Barred from Muslim Staffed Restaurant

In the past we have heard of Muslim cab drivers who would not allow a passenger into their car who was being accompanied by a seeing eye dog . Now we have a blind man in the UK who was trying to take his girlfriend out for her birthday being barred from a restaurant because of his dog. The reason was that the Muslim staff said it was against their religion to be near dogs. The blind man was also with his five year-old daughter. How nice.

Blind man's guide dog barred from restaurant for offending Muslims
A blind man has been turned away from a fashionable Indian restaurant because his guide dog offended Muslim staff.

By John Bingham
Last Updated: 3:30PM GMT 15 Dec 2008

Alun Elder-Brown was barred from bringing his guide dog, Finn, into Kirthon Restaurant
Alun Elder-Brown, a recruitment executive, said he was left feeling "like a piece of dirt" after being barred from bringing the animal into Kirthon Restaurant in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, on religious grounds.

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association said the decision was illegal under the Disability Discrimination Act and Mr Elder-Brown, 51, is now considering suing the establishment in The Pantiles.

It follows a series of successful prosecutions of Muslim taxi drivers who refused to carry guide dogs in their cars because they considered them unclean on religious grounds.

Mr Elder-Brown was taking his girlfriend out to celebrate her birthday with her five year-old daughter last week when he was told he would have to leave his dog, Finn, tied up outside.

He showed a card issued by the Institute of Environmental Health Officers certifying he and his dog were allowed into any premises but an argument ensued and the owners threatened to call the police if he did not leave.

"It was humiliating and degrading, especially as there were a lot of people around me," he said.

"I was made to feel like a piece of dirt. They told me I couldn't come in because it was against their religious beliefs to have a dog in the restaurant.

"They then said I could leave Finn tied up outside. I stayed calm but when they threatened to call police I left."

He added: "It was horrible. It put a dampener on the whole celebration."
Under the Disability Discrimination Act it is illegal to refuse to serve a disabled person of give them a diminished level of service because of their disability.
Chris Dyson of Guide Dogs for the Blind said: "We are extremely concerned and disappointed that Alun was refused access to this restaurant.

"We very much hope that this restaurant will reconsider its decision and get in touch with the charity so that we can give them a better understanding of their requirements under the law and explain the important role that the guide dog plays for Alun."

The restaurant's owner, Amenur Abdussamad, was not immediately available for comment.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

NY:Islamic Crescent Added to Holiday Display

After a Muslim complained that Islam was not being represented the town of North Castle has added the Islamic symbol of the crescent to the town's holiday display. The man who complained has admitted that the month of December does not always have an Islamic holiday in it. But obviously he does not care as him and many other Muslims continually look to shove Islam down our throats.

12/14/08 06:32 AM
Islam’s crescent added to town’s holiday display
By Jim Fitzgerald

ARMONK — When they light the town Christmas tree in Armonk today, there will be a Jewish menorah right alongside, as usual. There will also be something new this year — an Islamic crescent and star.

And if there are any local Buddhists or Hindus in town who want to see their symbols as well, the town is welcoming applications.

The holiday display, sponsored by the town of North Castle, which includes the village of Armonk, is among a growing number around the country that include the common symbol for Islam.

“We’ve decided to go in the direction of being all-inclusive,” said Reese Berman, supervisor of the town of 11,000, about 30 miles north of New York City and home to IBM headquarters. “We now have a specific guideline to follow.”

Craig Mason, 63, a retired town resident who was walking past the display on a rainy morning last week, said he had no strong religious feelings but felt the display “says nice things about the people here, about how we welcome everyone.”

Bill Donahue, president of the Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights, said displaying a menorah and star-and-crescent — which he considers religious symbols — “shows tremendous sympathy for Jews and Muslims at the expense of the majority Christians” because a Christmas tree, he said, is not religious. He would favor adding a Nativity scene.

But Judy Wesley, director of the Armonk Chamber of Commerce, said she was raised Catholic and “in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with having a spirit of inclusion. Jesus Christ himself would have gathered everyone around him.”

North Castle added its menorah about 15 years ago at the behest of a local temple, which felt Hanukkah should be recognized along with Christmas. Then last year, the town board was approached by Asad Jilani, who thought Muslim residents should also be represented.

“I said, ‘Oh, there’s a menorah and a Christmas tree and where is my crescent?’ ” said Jilani, who has been active in community affairs. He said that although there is not always an Islamic holiday in December, he felt it would be an appropriate time to celebrate all cultures.

What he didn’t want, he said, is what the town did — move the menorah from the town park onto the grounds of the temple. Berman says the town felt it did not have time to address Jilani’s request and moving the menorah “would mean the star and crescent was not singled out.”

“I was embarrassed,” Jilani said. “The last thing I was suggesting was to move the menorah. I wanted this to be for openness, for representing everyone.”

Berman said she decided to revisit the decision this year because “no one was happy.” She appointed a committee that studied what other municipalities had done and what the courts had decided.

The board approved the star and crescent and came up with guidelines for future requests: There has to be a formal application; the symbol will be displayed only during the Christmas season; it has to be privately funded (Jilani paid for the star and crescent); and the board will not try to distinguish between religious and secular symbols.

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