Monday, September 21, 2009

60,000 Christians Pray at Times Square!

Muslims might have 50,000 of them coming out for their prayer day at Capital Hill on September 25Th, today though US Christians came out in show of unity. 60,000 strong!

The event was assisted by NYC Mayor Bloomberg.

This was sponsored by Prayer in the Square.

It’s Time to Pray!

Fifteen thousand people representing over 200 churches gathered with us for Prayer in the Square in 2008 to pray for the nation.

On September 20, 2009, we will be gathering again in Times Square to pray. We invite churches representing all denominations to gather with us for this event.

Prayer in the Square is an opportunity for all believers in Jesus Christ to gather together under one banner, for one hour, and pray for the future of our city and our nation.

A choir of over 180 voices will sing worship songs, and individuals will pray at intervals for approximately three minutes each. The entire event will be simulcast on the News Astrovision screen at One Times Square, on several radio stations. There will also be a live webcast at


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