Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Email to Pastor Brian McLaren~who is Celebrating Ramadan

This morning I posted an article about Pastor Brian McLaren, who has disgraced Christianity by celebrating Islam and fasting for the month of Ramadan. A couple of weeks ago, I had read about this and I wrote him this email.

Mr. McLaren,

I was reading your article, and Eboo Patel's article, about the two of you being fasting partners. If you would bother to read the comments in Patel's articles you would know that he is known liar and an Islamic propagandist.

All you are doing is hurting your fellow Christians be spreading false hope, as facts show us that the problems with Islam are getting worse across the world. Why don't you please point out the "moderate" Islamic movement that is speaking out against the persecution of Christians across the Islamic world ? If Christians do not unite and take a stand against Islam, Christianity will eventually be destroyed.

Did your "friend" Patel supply you with this information?

"What Islam Really Says About Jesus and his Return".

I ask you to please be honest with yourself and admit that interfaith talks with Muslims have not changed a thing. This can be seen across the world.

Take care,

Of course he took the easy way out and did not respond.

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