Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Exclusive Interview with Senior Pastor of anti-Islam Church

Most of my regular readers will obviously remember the articles posted here about the Dove World Outreach Center, which had posted anti-Islamic signs in the Church's front yard. Most recently some members of the Church were even sent home from school for wearing "Islam is of the Devil" tee shirts.

Here is an exclusive interview with Dove's Dr. Terry Jones - Senior Pastor.

Christopher Logan: Good morning Pastor Jones. Pastor, recently your Church has made headlines by placing Islam is of the Devil signs on the front lawn of the Church.

What was your reasoning for this, what threat do you feel that Islam is to America?

Pastor Jones:
The reason for our sign and our actions is that as we have looked at Christianity in America, we have noticed that Christianity has become very lukewarm. We do not deal with the issues and the subjects, we do not speak up on subjects like abortion, subjects like same-sex marriage. On these issues you find very few churches that really take a stand, and now especially on the issue of Islam. Islam is becoming in the whole world a tremendous threat. We see that in Europe. We see the advances that they have made there. They have even been able to institute some of their very violent laws to the British society. And as we saw that, we felt it was definitely time for us to stand up. And with standing up, we have the hope and intention that other churches will be standing up at the same time. We feel that Islam poses a great threat to America because it is masquerading itself as a religion of harmony and peace. When you look at its history, then you will see that it only does that. That it is a deception. It only does shows itself as a religion of harmony and peace as long as it is in the minority. Once it is in the majority, then they change instituting their laws and ways of dealing with situations that is usually very, very brutal. Just like one of their major leaders was quoted saying, and this is an instruction to the followers, “Act like you are a friend and then kill them, just like in the book.” That is their intention. Their intention is to take over America. It is a very dangerous deception.

CL: After the signs went up the pro-Sharia, pro-Islamic terrorist organization the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) sent a representative over asking you to remove them. It is obvious that you have not and have even added new signs quoting the Koran. They are known for being very pushy. Will you ever back down to them?

Yes, we did have a meeting with the man from CAIR. And no, we have no intention of taking down our sign at any time. In fact, our intention is to expand. We would like to see our intentions and organization grow, we would like to get a base of support, as well as a base of prayer support and financial support so that we might expand our intentions, that we might go on radio and television, that we might make this message known. That we might reveal the truth of Islam and the true nature of Islam which everyone should see as we look into the world. Any Muslim dominated country is a country of oppression. It is a country of violence. It is something that is in the exact opposite of our constitution, of western standards, and of western morality. It is something that is not desired in the United States of America.

CL: The next controversy is that some students that belong your congregation showed up at at school with Islam is of the Devil slogans on their shirts. What was the purpose behind these actions?

Yes it is true. Some of our students in the church here wore t-shirts to school with the slogan on the back of it “Islam is of the devil”. We did that just like our sign out front. Number one to reveal, to shake people, to make people think, to make even Muslims think and to question their religion. Why would people say “Islam is of the devil”? To make them look into the Koran, that promotes violence, that rewards people for violence; to see that indeed this is a religion that is not from God. It is not a religion that is welcomed in our society. The front part of the t-shirt was a quote from the Bible where Jesus says ‘He is the only way’. And that is what we wanted to communicate to the students. We want to communicate to them, new life, salvation, forgiveness, that Jesus Christ is the way. Our message here at Dove World Outreach Center is not a political message. This is a spiritual message. This is a message and this is a warning about a religion that is leading people astray in many ways such as in the way of salvation, in the way of human rights, in the way of just normal interaction with one another, with families. It is a very intolerant religion. It is very necessary, not only for Christians, but actually for all of our society to stand up and say, “No, we do not want this religion to dominate our society!” If they desire to practice their religion under the laws that we have here in the United States that protects freedom of religion, then that is fine. They are welcome to do that like every other religion. But if it is their intention, which it is, to dominate, to control, to take over our society, to change our society, then that we say no to.

CL: You mention that you have plans to use your message to start an organized movement against Islam. Do you have any planned for the near future?

We plan to establish a support base of prayer and finances that
would enable us to expand to radio and in the near future television, to
broadcast our message of truth continuously.

In this video Pastor Jones talks about this Fridays 911 remembrance, taking place at the Oaks Mall of Gainsville Florida at 5PM.

CL: Dr. Jones, it has been a pleasure interviewing you. I wish you and your movement great success.

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