Saturday, September 12, 2009

UK Govt Troubled by Violent Anti-Islam Protests

Muslims in the UK are calling for war from their Sharia Courts, and clearly bullying the police. Yet the UK government was silent about these actions. Now they have now spoken up in concern about the anti-Islam protests though. Obviously the current leaders of the UK just do not have the guts to fight for life as they know it.

UK gov't troubled by violent anti-Islam protests

LONDON — A British minister is sounding the alarm over a spate of anti-Islam demonstrations that have descended into violence in the past month.

Communities minister John Denham says recent clashes between white protesters and Muslim counter-demonstrators in Birmingham and London have parallels to the violence provoked by 1930s-era fascists.

Denham told The Guardian newspaper in an interview published Saturday that the clashes reminded him of 1936's Battle of Cable Street, in which black-clad supporters of British fascist leader Oswald Mosley marched through Jewish areas, leading to clashes.

As British police chiefs prepare to meet to discuss the threat, Denham says the government will take action to defuse community tensions.

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Anonymous said...

Hey shithead,

Go to Lenin's Tomb (, I'm sure you'll find some more information.

Christopher Logan said...

Oh look, a brave anonymous commenter. Lol!

When the right leaders come into power, you wouldn't be laughing.

Tonto said...

Hey Anonymous, There's nothing more fun than to stomp a mudhole through a muzleem ass right in front of his own mosque. Think about that.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the Brits have finally had enough.

infadel said...

Yes the Brits have had enough.. & anyone who knows the Brits should know what to expect. Our govornment has lied to us cos they know the truth, now they just play for time. The fact is this 'Islam has NEVER co-existed in peace along side any other culture on the planet' why should we be any different? There is a storm brewing in Britain, God help anyone who sits on the fence. Know your enemy, stand with your own.