Friday, September 11, 2009

Two More Churches Take on Islam

Not too long ago, I was very disappointed by the silence of the Church in regards to Islam. Now as time goes on and the threat becomes clearer and clearer to America, some Church leaders have decided to step up to the plate. I fully support their efforts in this war with Islam and hopefully more will follow.

Former Muslim says Islam a threat
Conference starts today in Estero

Reza Safa said he is bringing the conference Reversing Jihad to Estero today and Saturday, to educate the public about Islam, its history and future in the United States.

Safa is pastor of Fishermen's House Church in Tulsa, Okla., and president of Nejat TV, the first Christian satellite network in the Middle East in the Farsi language.

He grew up as a devout Shiite follower in Iran.

"At that time, I considered America to be an evil force," said Safa, now 49.

But in his 20s, he said he was overwhelmed by the gospel and converted to Christianity.

Safa said he later felt that he was called by God to come to America and warn others about the spread of Islam.

Todd Weston, pastor of River of Life Assembly of God where the conference is taking place, thinks it's a necessary message.

"We're hosting it because we think it's a very timely subject for our country, our community," Weston said.

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