Saturday, October 3, 2009

US:"Rounded Up"~New Book Crys Muslims are the Victims

Albany's Dr. Ahmad has authored a new book claiming that Muslims in America are the victims. Saying that if there was no 911, they would be treated differently.

Well, Dr. there was a 911, as well as a 7/7, a 3/11 and recently the Mumbai attacks. These are besides the 1000's of other attacks that Muslims have unleashed across the world since 911. This is besides Muslims persecuting non-Muslims across the world for over a 1000 years. Obviously none of these facts matter to the Islamic world, all that matters is when they are "offended". The one-way street continues.

New book claims Albany muslims caught in terror sting were framed
Oct 2, 2009 04:01 PM

ALBANY -- In his new book "Rounded Up", local mosque leader Dr. Shamshad Ahmad says the FBI sting against Yassin Aref and Mohammed Hossain was designed to advance the post 9-11 war on terror, a war he says affects the entire Muslim community.

"Muslims are treated very differently, sometimes outrightly rejected, condemned and blamed for what happened at 9-11," says Dr. Ahmad.

The case garnered national attention, with both Aref and Hossain accused of supporting terrorism.

Dr. Ahmad says his book gives the real story of what happened to Aref and Hossain, a story he says is much different than the government's.

Dr. Ahamd says the men were branded as terrorists, and his mosque a terrorist center. He ultimately believes both men were set up.

But he says what's even more damaging is a 15 year prison sentence, forcing the men's children to grow up fatherless.

"This is a tremendous pressure and a tremendous psychological blow on their life," says Dr. Ahmad.

Also important to the mosque leader is giving those who read his book a look at how Muslims fit into the United States, amidst what he sees as widespread biases that are difficult to wash away.

"The big picture here is that Muslims are very hard working people," says Dr. Ahmad. "They have no time for terrorism. They want a piece of America."

However Dr. Ahmad says daily life encounters in Albany aren't as confrontational as in other parts of the country.

"Had there been no 9-11, we would be treated very differently."

The proceeds from the sale of the book will go to a fund established by Dr. Ahmad to help pay for the education of Yassin Aref's four children.

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