Thursday, October 8, 2009

Switzerland Bans Anti-minaret Posters

Just like in the Netherlands, and the UK, non-Muslims just cannot stop themselves from helping to advance Islam within their countries. Will Muslims be so kind when they finally takeover? Of course not.

Switzerland Bans Anti-minaret Posters

GENEVA -- Switzerland's Federal Commission against Racism banned on Wednesday, October 7, a racially prejudiced poster, part of a campaign by a far-right party against the building of minarets in the central European country.

"The commission believes that this could threaten social cohesion and public peace," it said in a statement cited by Agence France-Presse (AFP).

The Swiss People's Party (SVP) has unveiled a campaign poster depicting a woman wearing a burka against a background of a Swiss flag upon which several minarets resembling missiles were erected.

"Stop! Yes for the ban on minarets," read the French and German posters, referring to a referendum on minarets construction in November.

The government commission asserted that the posters "feed prejudices, are over-simplistic and presents Islam overall in an unfavorable manner."

The cities of Basel and Lausanne earlier described the poster as racist and banned it in publicly-owned spaces.

One of Switzerland's major media groups, Ringier, has said it will not publish the poster.

The Tages-Anzeiger and the free 20 Minuten dailies will also not carry it.

The SVP has collected more than 100,000 signatures to force a referendum on the issue of minaret after the Senate overwhelmingly rejected a ban proposal.

Its anti-minaret campaign has caused an outcry, with the government denouncing it as unconstitutional and discriminatory.

The centre-right Free Democratic Party (FDP) has also attacked the idea, saying it would only compound "unfounded" fears against the country's Muslims.

Switzerland’s Roman Catholic bishops have urged voters to reject the proposed ban on minaret construction.

Amnesty International has blasted the proposed ban, warning the drive aims to exploit fears of Muslims and encourage xenophobia for political gains.

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