Tuesday, October 6, 2009

UK:Leftists and Muslims to Link Arms Against Those That Want to Save UK!

While the English Defense League wants to protect Britishness, the left has vowed to "link arms with the Muslims". Muslims are following their religion in their attempt to takeover the UK. What is the excuse of the left for wanting to destroy their own homeland? Pathetic.

UAF Supporters to Mock Dead Soldiers
Submitted by Editor on Tuesday, 6 October 2009

On Saturday the English Defence League (EDL) will meet in Manchester to demonstrate against the Islamification of the UK and extremist clerics. Although this is a stance shared across several political parties and groups, the EDL has no links with the BNP.

Pro-Islamisation UAF supporters are planning to confront the group in Piccadilly Square. They say that they ‘need to stand up and link arms with the Muslims against the EDL’. The same tactics which brought violence to the streets of London last month.

In an outburst which is a new sickening low even for this degenerate violent gang of communists the UAF supporters are planning to blow whistles during a 2 minute silence held by the EDL for the British soldiers killed in recent conflicts.

“(The) Neo-Nazis will be having a 2 minutes silence time to blow whistles and horns“, said Tommy, regular contributor to the UAF blog aptly known as ‘Scumcaster Unity’.

Anyone who doubts that UAF supporters hope to replicate the scenes of violence in Harrow should read their comments: “Just like in Harrow they must be forced to retreat, we had a very strong antifascist fighting force of about 1000“, said Jamie the ‘Anti-Fascist’.

Note the language used: ‘Fighting force’ & ‘retreat’. Very militant for a group that claims that it does not engage in forming fascist street armies. We can only hope that the police will detain these hate-mongers.

This isn’t the first time that UAF supporters have revealed where their loyalties lie. Several supporters are on record stating that British soldiers ‘got what they deserved’ when they return from a tour of duty in a flag draped coffin.

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