Sunday, October 11, 2009

Israel: Turkey Calls Off Joint air Force Drill

In today's "moderate" Islam is coming to the rescue segment, our great "ally" Turkey has shown their true Islamic colors and has decided to blacklist Israel. This is being done to show their support for the Palestinian terrorists.

As I have been saying all along, the Islamic world will unite against the non-Muslim world. In the meantime most non-Muslims cannot even bring themselves to admit that there is an enemy out there. This line of thinking had better change fast.

Israel: Turkey calls off joint air force drill

JERUSALEM – Turkey has canceled an annual joint air force drill that was to have taken place this week because it opposed Israeli participation, the Israeli military said, in the latest sign of deteriorating relations between the two countries.

Turkey, a secular country ruled by an Islamic-oriented party, had long been Israel's best friend in the Muslim world. But ties have cooled sharply over Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's sharp criticism of Israel's winter war in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli military said the Oct. 12-23 drill was delayed indefinitely "because of Turkey's decision to change the list of participating countries, thus excluding Israel."

The exercise was to have been the sixth annual maneuver of its kind. The military said it was to have included U.S., Italian and NATO forces.

Israeli defense officials said Ankara canceled the drill after the U.S. pulled out over the Turkish decision to blackball Israel.

They spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to discuss the matter with the media.

Israel and Turkey have wide-ranging military, economic and strategic ties, and last year Ankara hosted months of indirect talks between Israel and Syria after an eight-year breakdown.

But Erdogan's criticism of Israel's Gaza war thrust Turkey into the role of championing Gaza's Hamas rulers, a militant group shunned by Israel and the West.

Tensions peaked when the Turkish leader stormed out of a high-profile conference where he confronted Israel's president over steep Palestinian civilian casualties.

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