Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Feel Good Email From Israel

Hi guys, instead of the usual hate mail, I recently received this very touching letter along with pictures from a very loving family in Israel. This made my day.
May God bless this family and Israel!

(Of course I will not publish the pictures)


I thank GOD for the love he put in your heart for Israel.

May he use us for his glory and will make us more and more like
Him and his SON JESUS

May he will reveille his love to us and bless us.

I hope that we can together make god smile and happy in JESUS name
I would like you to consider us as your friends and as your family
In Israel.

We would love to pray for your needs if you share them with us, and
If the LORD will open a door for you to come to Israel please
Contact us

It will be our pleasure to have you in our house and maybe you
Can come to worship with us in our congregation



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Anonymous said...

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