Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ignorant Temple University Students Boo Wilders Offstage

Well, as usual ignorant leftists who run on feellllllliinnnnnnnnggggsssss and not facts have done what they do best. Attempt to silence anyone that does not agree with them. You know, because dealing in reality would be too much for them.

I will be a nice guy here and provide them with video proof, that backs up Great Geert's position.

Geert Wilders booed offstage in Philadelphia

Dutch politician and movie maker Geert Wilders raised a storm of disapproval and angry reactions with his movie Fitna. At a recent appearance at Temple University he was jeered offstage.

The movie Fitna, which at it's most basic is an anti-Islamic film, was shown before Dutch politician Geert Wilders took the stage to give an address to students at Temple University near Philladelphia Pennsylvania.

The address which lasted roughly 30 minutes was met with both applause and jeers was a restating of the basis of his 15-minute movie Fitna. The movie notes the ascension of Islam in European and Western cultures and the abrogation of Western culture to that of Islamic cultural norms, including sharia law.

Mr. Wilders gave what has become a staple for his speeches, attacking all who defend the right of Islam to quietly conquer Europe through immigration and producing large families.

Mr Wilders also attacked the American President Barack Hussein Obama for his approach of "appeasement" toward the Islamic nations of the world.

As the AP reports, Wilders said if the spread of Islam continues unabated in the Western world, "you might at the end of the day lose your Constitution. Wake up, defend your freedom."

After the movie was shown, and the address was given, Wilders offered a question and answer period but was jeered rudely enough that he was taken away quickly by his security team when the mood of portions of the crowd turned ugly.

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