Thursday, October 22, 2009

Islam4UK: Our Religious Police Will Save UK

On October 31st, Islam4UK will be holding their first annual March4 Sharia Day. Part of their plan after Sharia is implemented there, is to close down all the brothels and nightclubs. Personally I am not for the brothels myself, and would never visit one. But I do not believe that public lashings are the appropriate response either. As for the nightclubs it is absolutely insane to want to close them down. If people want to go out and unwind that is their business and after working a full week, I do not blame them. Anyone who thinks that the religious police will stop here, is only kidding themselves. The sooner that the UK authorities start kicking down doors and closing every last Sharia Court there, the better.

Brothels & Nightclubs

With the introduction of Shari'ah law in Britain, an Islamic police network will immediately be assigned to deal with any disorderly or unwarranted behaviour. It is this very network that we envisage will deal with the exploitation of women in the Adult Industry. Appropriately equipped, the Islamic police will categorically arrest all individuals associated with the maintenance or procurement of this lewd industry; Islamic policewomen would furthermore assess the reality of all female ‘employees' and take into consideration any who may have been duped into the illegal service or forced for whatever reason.

Once all brothels and nightclubs are vacated, the entire area immediately surrounding the building will be cordoned off and treated as a crime scene. Evidence will be extracted and all members involved questioned extensively by investigators. If found guilty, punishments could extend from fines to public lashing, any individual in custody who is found not guilty will immediately be freed and duly compensated for his incarceration.

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