Saturday, October 10, 2009

Muslim Threatens to Blow up DC Metro Station~Video

Is it just me, or are Muslims causing more and more problems in our country? Didn't we recently see numerous other Islamic terror plots stopped here in America? Because according to the Islamic apologist crowd, this would never happen here.

Oh yea....lets cue the Muslim victim card.

Hat tip to The Religion of Peace.

DC Security Scare Becomes Federal Case
Documents: Man threatened to blow up NW DC Metro

Police say the man's name is Ahamed Ali, based on a driver license from Bangladesh. Witnesses and police say Ali had been hanging around Chevy Chase Pavilion for a couple of days, taking notes, making threats, and acting strangely.

Now, according to a police report obtained by FOX 5, more is known about what had concerned passersby and police.

Investigators say Ali was overheard calling out: "I'm not scared to die! I will kill you! I will blow people up and the Metro!"

"He made some statements, threatening individuals," said Sgt. Guy Poirier of the Joint Terrorist Task Force. "At that point we had to take him at his word, what he meant."

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