Saturday, October 31, 2009

Michigan: 100's Mourn Imam of Hate

In the past Michigan Muslims have come out in support of a pro-Iranian Mullah supporting Imam, the Islamic terrorirst organization Hezbollah, and now are supporting America hating Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah. Just like we see across the world, Islam destroys societies from within.

October 31. 2009
Hundreds mourn slain mosque leader
Santiago Esparza / The Detroit News

Detroit-- Hundreds of mourners gathered for the funeral Saturday of a local mosque leader killed earlier this week in an FBI shootout.

Services for Luqman Ameen Abdullah, 53, were held at the Muslim Center. Abdullah was killed Wednesday at a Dearborn warehouse as he was being arrested in connection with several charges, including conspiracy, receipt of stolen goods and firearm offenses.
Eleven men also face charges related to the FBI raid. The complaint said many of the men were ex-convicts who were introduced to Islam in prison.

The FBI says the last two men in that group linked to Abdullah were arrested Saturday in Ontario, Canada.

The FBI says Mohammad Philistine and Yassir Ali Khan were taken into custody in the Windsor area. Both have ties there.

At the funeral, Derrick Ali, resident imam of the Muslim Center who addressed the media, said those who knew Abdullah feel "great sorrow."

"Most of us are in a state of shock," Ali said.

Ali said Abdullah's service included a brief prayer after people paid their respects. Abdullah was to then be buried.

Outside the Muslim Center on Saturday, those heading to the funeral jammed area parking lots, fields and nearby streets. Several large buses were used to bring people.

Federal authorities claim Abdullah was the head of a mosque called Masjid Al-Haqq, which consisted primarily of African-American Muslims, and was the head of a radical jihadist movement intent on carving out an Islamic state within the United States through violent means.

Court documents filed Wednesday identified Abdullah -- also known as Christopher Thomas -- as "a highly placed leader of a nationwide radical fundamentalist Sunni group."

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