Saturday, October 17, 2009

British Blood Starting to Boil! Part II

Yesterday Sharia loving UK Muslim Anjem Choudary released a video statement stating that the non-Muslims of the UK should convert to Islam or accept Sharia Law.

Today I am posting some new comments that I came across on Right Side News, that show us that the true Brits still have a fighting chance.

To read "British Blood Starting to Boil!" part I go HERE.

written by True Englishman, October 16, 2009
If these examples of the exteremist side of the muslim religion really want to live under their sharia law, why on earth are they here in the first place, in this christian country? Oh! of course , they want to scrounge of the very system they say is evil. Why don't they all just go back to where they came from, or in the case of those that are born here, and preach this race hate! move to the very society they want. They will never ever dominate this land, they are all just biting the hand that feeds them, and the society that shows them true hospitality and tolerance. I will never understan how and why these days " those that object to these rants from extreme racists are treated like criminals, and the scum that preaches race hate is allowed to carry on" I wish the authorities would show some true grit and start to defend this country and its people against this insidious sobversive evil behaviour from real racists who oreten to represent Islam! God Bless this country, The Queen and all those prepared to stand up and be counted.

the joys of multi-cultism
written by ross, October 16, 2009
These Islamic f%#@wits are so blind they can't see their actions would start a civil war. But let's just hope for the Brits' sake that their government uses its army on the side of the British. Treason trials should start immediately thereafter for the bedwetting PC public servants who foisted this crap on the British in the first place.

written by JM Breen, October 16, 2009
Time to bring in the troops and open the pre-deportation internment camps!

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