Thursday, October 15, 2009

British Blood Starting to Boil!

Last week we saw the growing English Defence League movement hit the streets of the UK. Today I came across some comments on Right Side News, from non-Muslim Brits in regards to the Sharia threat taking place in the UK. These quotes show us that the Brits are waking up and not dead yet.

written by marco christou, October 15, 2009
islam is the false religion of satan.
my father fought against the turkish muslim scum in cyprus in 1963 & 1974 & i am proud that he not only fought for our greek orthodox christian island but also for our church & god against the forces of evil, i.e. islam.
i have cousins who went to help defend our serbian orthodox christian brothers against the bosnian & albanian scum muslims in the 1990's & i am just as proud of them too.
i was to young for both these just wars againstevil islam but i will be in the next one when we declare a just war against islam in defence of freedom, christianity & humanity.

written by purse, October 15, 2009
Surley you must be off your head's if you think the British public would allow this to happen. You call for British women to wear Burkhas? people to be stoned and killed in streets? Madness . British Anglican women dont wear burkhas, and yes i would rather be stoned every day in the street with my union Jack rapped my arse then see any Sharia law hit this land.

GB lover and builder
written by Hellraiser, October 15, 2009
Does your Islamic little club really think that us 'TRUE ENGLISHMEN' will ever allow you or anyone else to have 100% rule in this country nomatter what the issue is? If you (Islamics) feel this is such a bad country, then why do you all stay here?.............If you feel that vexed about whats going on with the troops, why not go there and support your religous cause?.........or would you rather stay here in your comfort zone and be content to be a coward, after all you and your ilk are very good at killing innocent people in this country, arent you? YOU are aggrovating a civil war here in England, and the sooner the better.
REMEMBER THIS! as a island we are good at stopping total invasion, we win wars! what has your countries won?...............................NOTHING! but your religion is very good at bullying women and children..........So c'mon, bring it on over here...........if you ever dare to..............COWARDS THE WHOLE LOT OF YOU............................................and you know you are!

for crying out loud!
written by dd, October 15, 2009
How stupid can people get?! They are free to practice their religion but why put their rules on us? It would completely change our country. I truly hope that this lunacy is not approved.

What the hell
written by SlackX, October 15, 2009
They are all absolute idiots, how can they expect a country thats bailed them out of everything we have to then change our laws to the exact same as theres? if we did that they may had well stayed where they were and suffered as they should, i agree if they want the law they should be sent back to the countries that uphold it and should stop trying to push their 'ideal world' ways upon us. They are nothing but surreal actavists that not only create the racial tension they are trying oh so hard to stop but are now beginning to turn non-racist people into ticking time bombs (no pun intended) of hate. I personally think that this radical plan of action they are uptaking is nothing but pity for themselves, as they cannot now live how their gods intended. If this march does go ahead, nothing will come of it, so A) its a waste of time and B) Its more government spending on police officers to monitor the scene. Also we all know if they dont get there own way they will start violence and disruptive behaviour. I for one will NOT be siding with these idiots and i believe as a nation we should rise together, if they want a protest lets protest that all the people taking part are shipped off to what ever god-forsaken country they came from.

Right Side News

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