Tuesday, October 6, 2009

General McChrystal: Afghans Tell us When we win

Clueless as they come McChrystal, had recently stated that he will put our great troops in even more of harms way, in order to gain the approval of the people of Afghanistan. Now the General has completely dropped to his knees, begging for the Afghans to like us.

Last week in London the General made the following statements.

“We don’t win by destroying the Taliban,” he said. “We don’t win by body count. We don’t win by the number of successful military raids or attacks, we win when the people decide we win.”

Apparently this so called leader does not care if the Taliban kills more of our guys than our troops do of them. Does the General have a cap on this death toll? How long should this failed policy go on for? Does he actually think that the Afghans care about our troops?

“Why isn’t the situation better after eight years?” he said. “Afghans’ expectations have not been met. ...

What a shame, the backwards people of Afghanistan have not had their desires fulfilled. How about a mass conversion of US troops to Islam General, do you think that would do it?

McChrystal said a clear change in “mindset” was needed because many current tactics are counterproductive and producing hostility and skepticism among Afghan civilians who must be convinced the coalition forces will improve their safety and quality of life.

Loosely translated: more US troops need to die for this Islamic hellhole.

None of this should be a surprise though. The General is flat out ignorant on Islam, its violent nature and its affect on the culture of Afghanistan.

From General McChrystal's recent Afganistan assesment:

A more forceful and offensive StratCom approach must be devised whereby INS [insurgents] are exposed continually for their cultural and religious violations, anti-Islamic and indiscriminate use of violence and terror, and by concentrating on their vulnerabilities. These include their causing ofthe majority of civilian casualties, attacks on education, development projects, and government institutions, and flagrant contravention of the principles of the Koran. These vulnerabilities must be expressed in a manner that exploits the cultural and ideological separation of the INS from the vast majority of the Afghan population.

Judging by the statement above, McChrystal has done absolutely no research what so ever on Islam. Here General, let me start you off on your much needed education on Islam.

"Islam 101: The Religion of War"

It is clear that Obama does not want to win this war, and he has found his useful idiot to lead the way.

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