Friday, October 23, 2009

Illinois: Massive FBI Raid on Islamic Slaughterhouse

Once again we see the uptick of raids and arrests of American Muslims. You know, the Muslims that are supposed to be different from Muslims anywhere else in the world. At least that is what those on the left tell me.

Hat tip to The Religion of Peace.

Massive FBI Raid on Islamic Slaughterhouse Mystifies Tiny Illinois Town

At 8 a.m. Sunday the population of Kinsman, Ill., stood at 109. An hour later it nearly doubled, as upwards of 100 federal agents and police swooped in on the tiny, rural community. And no one seems to know why.

The law enforcement officers, including FBI agents, immigration officials and state police, surrounded an Islamic meat plant in Kinsman, cordoning off the area and briefly detaining the plant's handful of employees.

The FBI isn't saying much, and the county sheriff is mum too, leaving Kinsman's residents mystified. The bust, in a town that has no local police force, involved dozens of vehicles, a pair of snipers and a helicopter flying overhead, witnesses said — but it ended without even a single arrest.

"We're all baffled," Mayor Mark Harlow said. "You know, stuff like this doesn't happen in a small community."

The unusual show of force has residents spooked and has left the mayor searching for answers.

"The public reaction is ... are they safe? We don't know," Harlow said. "What are they doing? We don't know. Are they making bombs? We don't know."

Harlow said residents of the town rarely see the five or six employees of the First World Management butcher shop, which provides ritually slaughtered and processed lamb and goat meat for Muslims living in Chicago, 50 miles to the northeast.

Some of the workers were handcuffed during the raid, but they were eventually released, Harlow said. He said the workers are foreign-born and live in a trailer on the property behind the plant's meat locker, and they have never harmed anyone in town.

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