Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama Criticizes Some Gitmo Release Decisions

Naive Obama who cannot even figure out that talking to the Mullah's of Iran or the Taliban will change nothing, is now pointing fingers at other U.S. officials for releasing prisoners from Gitmo who have returned to being Islamic terrorists.

Obama criticizes some Guantanamo release decisions

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama says the U.S. hasn't done a good job sorting out who should be released from the Guantanamo Bay detention center.

Obama says in a broadcast interview that some of the people released from the facility in Cuba have rejoined terrorist groups. He also says U.S. officials have not always been effective in determining which prisoners will be a danger once they are let go.

But he says the Bush administration's policy of holding detainees for years on end with no trials is "unsustainable,' and has only fueled anti-American sentiments.

In a taped interview with CBS' "60 Minutes," he also disputes former Vice President Dick Cheney's claim that plans to close Guantanamo will make America less safe.

CBS released excerpts Saturday from the interview. The show will air Sunday evening.

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Anonymous said...

The Obama camp critisizes past releases but is willing to take a chance on release them now. Eric Holder (US Attorney General) has indicated that some may be released into American cities. The fact of the matter is that it was due to pressure from Democrat allies (ACLU, Human Rights Int'l, Red Cross, Liberal activist Judiciary, etc) and even anti-war Democrats the like of Murtha, Kennedy, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry who have called for it's closure and to give these thugs housed there "habius corpus" rights normally reserved for American Citizens only. They have also called for extra-oridinary Geneva Convention rights for their treatment. This ticking timebomb will of course backfire when one of these murderous zealots return to their craft and kill more Americans. What excuse will the Democrats have then? Hopefully, they will be long out of power in all political circles as well as America conscience.

Christopher Logan said...

They are more concerned with keeping the enemy happy than defeating the enemy.

The Munz said...

What an arrorgant idiot. He promised to release them without knowing any details just to get votes. Now he is actually releasing them and understanding what a threat he is making by doing so.
Once again, blame the past administration for current mistakes is the plan.
When he criticizes Cheney it is because he is trying to take the eye off the problem. Cheney is 100% right, they are actually going to release prisoners into the American mainstream. How in the world is that going to make us safer?
Does Obama think that by making them immigrant citizens that their loyalty is going to change?

Obama is giving them the very cover that they need to continue their terrorism closer to home.

Anonymous said...

Well said Munz!