Monday, March 9, 2009

Pakistan:Taliban Warns Gov't Over National I-cards

As I had stated last week the Taliban will just not be satisfied with getting permission to make sharia the law in the valley of Swat Pakistan, they will just push for more. Since then attacks have been on the rise and now the Taliban is threatening the Pakistani government over a proposal for national identity cards for women. Who is running things over there?

Taliban warns Pak authorities issuing 'un-Islamic' I-cards

Press Trust Of India
Islamabad, March 08, 2009

The Pakistani Taliban in the troubled Khyber tribal region have warned authorities not to issue national identity cards to women, saying the practice is un-Islamic.
Omar Farooq, the commander of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan in Khyber Agency, warned the National Database and Registration Authority that its offices would be attacked if it issued identity cards to women.

Farooq told reporters on phone from an unknown location that making identity cards for women went against Islamic rules. The Taliban will not allow women to obtain these cards, he said.

He also warned women that they would have to face the consequences if they went to NADRA offices to get themselves registered for the identity cards.

The Taliban in Swat valley of the North Western Frontier Province and parts of the restive tribal have banned girls education and barred women from visiting markets unless they are accompanied by male relatives.

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ChristianNanna said...

I suppose the idea of not allowing women to have ID cards or papers is...1/ that they belong to the men & 2/ so they can't flee the country to freedom.bychette