Friday, March 20, 2009

Exclusive Q&A With the President of a Michigan Sharia Bank Part IV

This is part IV of the Exclusive Q&A With the President of a Michigan Sharia Bank series.

Here is where we left off in part III.

Pictured:Stephen L. Ranzini, seated, president of University Bank in Ann Arbor, Mich., with Amjad Quadri, a bank vice president.

Mr. Ranzini,
No it is a lawsuit trying to stop the ideology we are fighting against from coming here. Christians are not looking to impose a set of barbaric laws on the land, so please stop with the invalid comparisons. One only needs to look towards the UK to see that the UK has implemented sharia banking, sharia pensions and completely bent over backwards to please them and it is not enough. Their behavior is always somebody else's fault and it is just a coincidence that it is happening across the world. Is that what you are telling me? Now Islamic leaders of the UK are calling for sharia law for all. Do you know about the no go zone for non-Muslims in the UK, or how non-Muslims are moving out because of Muslim immigration? Look at this video showing how Muslims do not care for the law of the UK.


Please think past the day that you are in. One only needs to look across Europe to see that Muslims are looking to impose Islam on the world. Our gov't is blind as to how stealth jihad works and the State Department has given money to Islamic terrorist organizations in the past. Them being here does not mean it is for the best of the country. We had thousands of American Muslims who turned up at pro-Hezbollah and Hamas rallies, showing that their citizenship does not mean loyalty. This is not the cold war and we did not win it by winning their hearts and minds. We won it because we out spent them on military equipment and we did not back down or appease them. We are obviously not winning the hearts and minds of the Islamic world as they are voting terrorist groups into office such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Hezbollah. The call for sharia in the West is on the rise and you are helping the enemy gain a foothold here. Tolerating the intolerance of Islam is just plain foolish as Islam is always a one-way street. But you obviously have no problem with sharia law coming here. Sad.

You have an open invite next week on this.

Mr.Ranzini could not refute anything that I had stated, so he took the easy way out and did not respond. Approximately one month after this I saw this article about Mr.Ranzini in the NY Times. I then sent a short email to him about it. In his upcoming response we will see how him the Catholic tries to compare Christianity to Islam and even tries to defend Mohammad the terrorist. Stay tuned for part V.

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