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Exclusive Q&A With the President of a Michigan Sharia Bank Part III

This is part III of the Exclusive Q&A With the President of a Michigan Sharia Bank series. In this email exchange I point how Muslims are using the free market to help advance Islam within Western society and how American Muslims have no problem spewing hatred towards Jews but have major problems taking to the streets against Islamic terrorist organizations like Hamas or Hezbollah.

Here is where we left off in part II.

Mr. Ranzini,

Thanks for responding again. I do work for a radio show based out of NY and I also run a site which documents the problems that Islamism brings to the world. I also see how Muslims are using the free market to slowly bring sharia into the West. They are even opening sharia hotels.

I believe that you are a Catholic but then why are you promoting a religion that calls for the dominance of all non-Muslims and treats Christians like second class citizens across the Islamic world. (Coptics are a perfect example of this) You seem to be contradicting yourself, first you say I am illogical to not want sharia here, and then when I point out how one sided it is, you are against it. Yet you promote it.

Actually there is already one Sharia court in Texas which is used for divorcees. It was approved by our govt. Little by little Islamists are changing our country to suit their needs. The plan of the Muslim Brootherhood is to take over within the law, using our freedoms against us. The US gov't is also being sued for promoting a religion via sharia banking.

I am sure you do not want your family's future generations living under Islamic rules.
I am on Wed. nights at 7PM Est. on this station.


We will be talking about this, if you want to come on just call in.
Here are some interesting videos of American Muslims. Yet I see no American Muslims condemning these acts.

LA pro-Hamas Rally.

American Muslims, no Different From the Rest.

Good luck with your new baby,

In Mr. Ranzini's response he tries to dismiss the AIG lawsuit (linked above). Part of his dismissal is because he says that the lawyer who wrote the lawsuit is a Jew. It sure sounds like Ranzini has been hanging around with Muslims too much. Most of the readers here know the that UK has gone above and beyond to try and please their Muslim community, but Ranzini blames the UK for the actions of the Muslims there. He then implies that if we don't do what Muslims want they might try and kill us. Should we all go and convert now? Please note that he does not said one word about the hateful actions by American Muslims shown in the videos. I guess he does not want to offend any Muslims.

Dear Christopher:
The lawsuit against AIG is written by a Jewish lawyer by the name of David Yerushalmi. We looked into his allegations and found that his work is intellectually dishonest. In each case where we checked his assertions against the source materials, it turned out that what he asserted the source materials would say, wasn’t actually there. It’s the intellectual equivalent of a “hit and run” job.

The YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) started with Christian hotels and if people want to patronize Christian hotels or hostels or Sharia hotels, they are free to do so. Personally, I like Marriott and the like but have spent too many nights already at Motel 6!

Why am I promoting Islamic anything? I’m not promoting Islamic anything. We are providing a banking service that Muslims already want. One only needs to go to England to see the consequences of marginalizing Muslim citizens. Some of them then do stupid things like build bombs. We have 2.4 million American citizens who are Muslim.

The better question to ask is, why is it good public policy for banks to offer Islamic law compliant products? People I spoke to at the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Reserve Banks encourage the growth of Islamic Banking because they want more transactions running through the banking system and not through informal/illegal banking structures such as hawala where there is no records kept. The State Department sees this as a boost to U.S. image overseas – they profiled us on the State Department newswire and Voice of America. We should never forget that we are fighting two wars – lives of soldiers are at stake. If we are seen overseas as a tolerant society fewer of our citizen soldiers will die. Remember, we won The Cold War by winning “hearts and minds” worldwide and through an alliance between President Reagan and the Pope to peacefully undermine Communism, not through force of arms.

Best wishes,


In the upcoming part IV I confront Mr.Ranzini with some of the actions of Muslims across world. These actions show that we are not winning their hearts and minds.

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