Sunday, March 22, 2009

US:Muslim Charged With Bomb Threat to Jewish School

Back in January when Israel was in Gaza fighting against the Hamas terrorist group we saw American Muslims take to the streets and show their support of Hamas and their hatred of Jews. A Jordanian national obviously felt the same way about Israel and threatened to blow up a Jewish school in Chicago.

Hat tip to Chandlers Watch.

FBI Charges Man with Threat Against Jewish School
March. 21, 2009
A Jordanian national living in Chicago was taken into custody by the FBI Friday and was charged with mailing a threatening letter to the Ida Crown Jewish Academy, according to the FBI's Chicago office.

Mohammad Alkaramla, 24, was arrested by the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force in connection with a December 2008 mailing to the school at 2828 W. Pratt Avenue in Chicago. Officials believe the threatening letter was sent in response to Israel's invasion of Gaza Strip in late 2008.

The December 30 letter threatened that explosives would be detonated around the school if Israel did not cease its military actions in Gaza by January 15, according to the FBI. "No explosive devices were ever planted and no injuries were reported," the FBI release stated.

Alkaramla appeared in U.S. District Court on Friday where he was formally charged with one count of sending an Interstate Threatening Communication and was ordered to be held without bond.

The arrest came as part of a three-month investigation. FBI agents searched Alkaramla's residence in February as part of the investigation.

If convicted of the charge, which is a felony offense, Alkaramla could face a sentence up to ten years in prison.

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