Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dhimmi Mods at IsraelForum.com

Well my run at IsraelForum.com has finally come to an end as the dhimmi moderators have once again stood up for the forum's Islamist. Over the years at IF there is a long list of anti-Islamic posters who have been banned yet they keep the one Muslim convert andak01 that all the trouble revolves around. Some of the rules there are no insulting and no calling another poster a liar, but andak01 is allowed to do this everyday while everyone else gets their posts deleted or even a warning or banned. When someone reports one of his posts there, the moderators do not even acknowledge the complaint. At one point the cowardly moderators even made the Islamist a moderator there. This caused a backlash of complaints and it even made one other moderator walk away. Andak01 is no longer a mod there, but he is such a creepy Islamist that he says that he is against child marriages ONLY because of how society looks at them. While never mentioning that child marriage is abusive to the mental health of the child herself. He cannot admit this because that would be admitting that there is something wrong within Islam itself. He even has verbally attacked the moderators there, and not one of them has the guts to stand up to him. The Islamist constantly talks out of both sides of his mouth trying to con the forum that there is no clash of the civilizations. He has also recently stated that Islam is perfect. Which means that he is OK with lying, rape and murder. This is what the moderators at IsraelForum.com support. Pathetic.


David Ben-Ariel said...

The fact the "Israel forum" fails to permit this staunch Christian Zionist to post on that site should say something definitely isn't kosher about it.

Christopher Logan said...

You too? But they love kissing Islamist ass.

Anonymous said...

This is very sad, but all too typical. The Jewish leadership is weak and timid, and rushes to appease the Islamists, while often ignoring those who are their best friends and most loyal supporters, such as the Christian Zionists.

To be honest, without the support of the Christian Zionists in America, I believe Israel would go under.

Yet the Jewish leadership dances attendance round their Islamists enemies, who have openly they want to destroy Israel and Jews everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Don't really mean to be anonymous, just can't sign in under the existing requirements. I don't go to IsraelForum except to read about Israel from the Israeli perspective. But it seems that everyone posting there, like me, is from somewhere else! So I end up reading the Jerusalem Post because I agree with Caroline Glick all the time and even David most of the time and that brings me a degree of sanity because I am also a Christian Zionist, and I am going bonkers with the Obama administration & the Methodists.

IF has not stopped me from posting though so I must not be contraversial enough. By the way, Sunday night I attended a Christians United for Israel rally in Lakeland, FL and they raised $75,000.00 to donate to Israel to put bomb proof shelters in Southern Israel. Somebody gave a lot more money than I could!

Check your messages on IF "S".

Christopher Logan said...

Hi anonymous,
I can no longer check messages there. You can reach me at islaminaction08@yahoo.com. It is nice to see Christians taking a stand for Israel.

SlantRight 2.0 said...

If Islamists have that much control at IF, you don't want to be there anyway. Maybe you can start your own pro-Israel forum in which Islamists are fair game. Just a thought.

Carol said...

If Islamists have that much control at IF, you don't want to be there anyway. Maybe you can start your own pro-Israel forum in which Islamists are fair game. Just a thought.

You may not want to be there, but it is good to expose them elsewhere


Anonymous said...

Greeting Chris Logan from 'abu afak'.

Israel Form is now a dead star/a cold Cinder in empty space/time.

It ended here/then

Of course, the vast majority of comments were deleted by the Criminal Newsguy who destroyed his own toy.

Best to you and all former friends/heros.

MichaelC, ibrodsky, MGB8 etc