Sunday, March 22, 2009

Futuristic Videophones, now Available!!

Avid Islam in Action reader Caleb Anderson has asked me to post this about his new business. Does anyone remember The Jetson's style videophones? Well now they are a reality!! These exciting new phones will be featured on tonight's The Celebrity Apprentice. The show will be aired at 9PM Eastern and Pacific time and 8PM Central time. If anyone has any questions about the videophone please contact Caleb. His contact info is listed below. If anyone is interested in purchasing one please mention this site for a special rate.

Once you try our IRIS 3000™ Videophone, you'll wonder
how you ever lived without it!
Only $99.99!
with Home Unlimited Plan $29.99 a month unlimited calling!

See the person you are talking to, not just hear their
voice on a true-to-life 7-inch screen!
Pay less than traditional phone service.
Works just like a traditional phone with the features you
expect such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, and More!

For more information visit our website:
or email me at
Caleb Anderson

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