Thursday, March 12, 2009

OZ:Film Pulled Because of Brawls

A film about Lebanese gangs called The Combination being shown in Sydney Australia has been yanked because of brawls taking place at theatres. I am sure that these would not be Muslims who once again have a problem with free speech....

Hat tip to Nora the Spanish Pundit.

Local film pulled from cinemas after brawls
Updated Sun Mar 1, 2009
An Australian film about Lebanese gangs has been pulled from Greater Union cinemas in Sydney after violent outbursts at early screenings.

The Combination is the first Australian film release of the year and has been receiving rave reviews for its gritty portrayal of life in Sydney's west.

The distributor for the film was informed of the decision by Greater Union last night.

Allanah Zitserman from Australian Film Syndicate says Greater Union decided to stop screening the film after several brawls occurred at western Sydney cinemas after the movie was shown.

"I understand there has been some isolated incidents at the Parramatta Greater Union by a very small minority group that has forced Greater Union to make the unprecedented decision in the third day of its release to pull the film," she said.

Ms Zitserman says the film's cast and crew are devastated by the decision, but can understand why it has happened.

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Anonymous said...

Well, by 'pulling' the movie, it will only serve to make it more widely viewed. When the court order against 'Underbelly" was happening, most of us in Victoria had copies of the movie...hmm hmm...Maybe it will be permitted to be released in other States in Oz, like Underbelly was...but either way, the film will surely get around. Thanks for the heads up...I had not even heard about this film, but thanks to the lebbos carrying on about it and brawling, it has now assured that it will be viewed. Australia still has free speech.

Unknown said...

Thanks for giving it more exposure, Christopher. Free speech is really one of the most important fronts of the fight against Islamism. It's curious some of them have even said that "freedom of speech is Western terrorism".


Christopher Logan said...

No problem Nora. There is one Islamic preacher in the US that actually said that the Mohammad cartoons were intellectual terrorism. They really need to toughen up.