Sunday, March 29, 2009

NY Based Hindu Group Backs Anti-Islamic Leader

A NY based American Indian group has been campaigning here and in the UK for one of India's anti-Islamic politician's Varun Gandhi. (No relation to Mohandas Gandhi) Gandhi was recently arrested in India for his anti-Islamic remarks, but like Dutch politician Geert Wilders, his support among civilians is growing. One would think that the world would of learned a lesson by all the centuries that Hindus have been persecuted by Muslims.

Hat tip to Coded Virus.

NRI saffronists rally in Varun Gandhi's support
By: Sanjeev Devasia 2009-03-28

Indian-American Intellectual Forum, a little known group based in New York, runs a campaign in support of BJP leader's views

New York-based Indian-American Intellectual Forum, a little-known group with saffron leanings, has been running a campaign in the US and UK in support of Varun Gandhi.

The group has, in the days after CDs of Varun's alleged hate speech targeting Muslims came to light, sent press releases to thousands of people in the two countries urging them to support Gandhi's stand. "India is a Hindu-majority country run by a dynasty for 60 years. The Hindus are very weak here and under attack. If someone announces that Hindus will be protected, we will support him. If India becomes an Islamic country, what will be the condition of Hindus?" asked Arish Sahani, the vice-president of the Forum.

Sahani added, "Do you want India to become like Pakistan? What did the government do, when 26/11 took place? Our mission is to fight terrorism and guard India."

Forum officials claim that thousands have congratulated Gandhi on his fearless stand against Islamic terrorism, and that Indians living in USA consider terrorism to be India's most pressing problem and feel that the UPA government's response to it is very weak.

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Coded Virus said...

I think its too late in India. You people still have time.

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Christopher Logan said...

I do not count you guys out. The world should of learned a lesson when it comes to Islam and India.

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Thougal said...

Keep posting about barbaric hindu and muslim .