Wednesday, March 11, 2009

US:Muslims Rally in Support of Ex-CAIR Member

We never seem to see American Muslims come out in support of Israel or against terrorist organizations like Hamas. But we always see them come out in support of Islamist groups, even one lead by a CAIR reject.
At least this time Rep. Adam Hasner, R-Delray Beach fought back .

Muslims gather at Capitol
Amid protests, lawmaker blasts organizing group's leader

More than 250 Muslims gathered at the Capitol on Tuesday to hear speeches, pray and celebrate their culture during Muslim Day.

The event also brought protests, as some opposed the organizing group United Voices for America and its president, Ahmed Bedier.

"This just brings attention to the leader of this group who has ties to these radical groups," said state Rep. Adam Hasner, R-Delray Beach. He was followed by others who said Bedier had ties to radical Islamic groups and has made anti-Semitic and anti-Christian statements.

Bob Kunst, president of Shalom International which also protested against the Muslim group, said "This is not such a nice group. They are a wolf in sheep's clothing."

Bedier downplayed the criticism as political "grandstanding."

"It's absolute nonsense," said Bedier, who lives in Tampa. "If there's any concern about national security they should contact law enforcement."

Despite the protests, Muslim Day was a success, Bedier said.

"We talked to 30 percent of lawmakers about education and health-care reform," he said. "Our mission is to increase minority participation in the political process."

Harry Buffing drove from Tampa to participate in the Muslim gathering and said it was a good experience. He is concerned about health care since he is on Medicare, his daughter is enrolled in KidCare, but his wife doesn't have any insurance, he said.

He also listened to speakers denounce Bedier.

"He's a rising star, and they're afraid of him," Buffing said.

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Anonymous said...

"Our mission is to increase minority participation in the political process."

Why political process?So that Islamic-based government can be established?No way!Americans,say no to him..

Christopher Logan said...

Bingo, they want to stick together to help sway our politicians to suit Islam. With no concern for us.

Tonto said...

Stop muslim immigration and kick out the ones that step out of line....that's a more realistic plan. There are plenty muslims here in the US that don't want anything to do with the radicals but are afraid of them.