Wednesday, March 18, 2009

US:Muslim Orgs Threaten to end all Contact With FBI

In the wake of finding out that the FBI had an informant in a California Mosque, 11 major US Muslim organizations have threatened to end all outreach programs with the FBI. Demanding that the FBI changes their ways in dealing with potential Islamic threats. Of course these leading Islamic groups once again try and use our freedoms against us to get their way as they are saying "We want our constitutional rights."
They even go as far as to say that the FBI is to blame for potential Islamic terrorists here in America. This is just another example of US Muslims trying to dictate how our country is run. We need to wake up and see that they are not here to be our equals, they are here to dominate.

US Muslim Groups Mull FBI Boycott
By Muhammed Qasim, IOL Correspondent

Bazian believes that sending infiltrators and informants into mosques leaves the Muslim community with the assumption that they are "guilty" until proven otherwise.

WASHINGTON — Frustrated by mistrust, suspicion and provocative actions targeting their law-abiding community, the major American Muslim groups are considering to rupture all outreach relations with the FBI and the Justice Department.
"The Muslim organizations are very carefully considering to suspend relations with the government agency in order to create some room for the agency to re-consider the way they are dealing with the Muslim community,"
Nihad Awad, Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), told

Eleven of the most prominent Muslim groups in the country issued on Tuesday, March 17, a joint statement asking the FBI to reconsider its policies of targeting American Muslims and Muslim groups.

"If the FBI does not accord fair and equitable treatment to every American Muslim organization…then Muslim organizations, mosques and individuals will have no choice but to consider suspending all outreach activities with FBI offices, agents and other personnel," said the statement.

"This possible suspension, of course, would in no way affect our unshakable duty to report crimes or threats of violence to our nation."

The signatories stressed that reaching this decision was not swift or easy, but by all means inevitable.

"We are doing this to bring the unreasonable and unfair treatment of the Muslim community to the attention of the government, give them some time, give them some space, to make changes and amendments," Dr. Agha Sahi, Chairman of the American Muslim Task Force on Civil Rights and Elections (AMT), told IOL.

Hatem Bazian, President of the California-based American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), also linked the decisions to "the way the FBI deals with the Muslim Community in America."

"Now the organizations are collectively considering to suspend relations with the FBI."

Besides CAIR, AMT and AMP, the other organizations are the American Muslim Alliance (AMA), Islamic Educational Center of Orange County (IEC), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA), Muslim American Society-Freedom Foundation (MAS-FF), Muslim Student Association-National (MSA-N), Muslim Ummah of North America (MUNA) and United Muslims of America (UMA).


In their statement, the Muslim groups cited some of the recent provocative incidents by the FBI.

"There are a number of reasons, which compelled us to take this step, the first one is the mistreatment of the Muslim scholars and Ulema," Sahi told IOL.

"Many have been arrested on false charges and either deported or set them aside."

He added that FBI agents and informants who come into mosques to spy on worshippers also increased Muslims anger.

"[They] are provoking young Muslims and compelling them on doing unreasonable and stupid things, take them to the courts and jail them for 20 to 25 years," he said.

"The job of the government is not to provoke people."

The Muslim community in California were infuriated last month after it was revealed that the FBI sent a convicted criminal to pose as an agent provocateur in several of the state's mosques.

Last year, media reports unveiled that FBI agents were monitoring mosques in California's cities of Los Angeles and San Diego.

For Bazian, the California Muslim community leader, sending infiltrators and informants into mosques is leaving the community with one assumption.

"The assumption is that they are guilty," he said.

"They are looking at us with suspicion."

Awad, the CAIR Executive Director, agrees.

"To send a criminal to a mosque to instigate violence is not acceptable," he fumed.

"It's really undermining the relationship between the Muslim community and the government that we have made over the years."

Rights, Respect


"We want our constitutional rights."

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Anonymous said...

The essence of a previous exchange:
Islam is not a religion, and
Mosques are not houses of prayer, they are military outposts.

Perhaps this is not true of all mosques, but it is quite true of some mosques. So what are we to do about it? To what do Muslims in America owe their allegiance? The Ummah or America, and if the latter, they should be helping in every way. If they do not, we can only conclude the former.

Anonymous said...

You muslim orgs deserve provocation because all the things you bring to not just US,but whole world are all problematic.You guys never stop bringing problem to the community and your fucking Islamic orgasmizations are all just about you.Yes,it's just a self-purposed.Won't bring any good as a whole.Rather than 'boycotting' or cutting ties with FBI,it's advisably recommended for Muslims to end ties or 'boycott' US nation.Go back to your home of origin.Establish your 'great' orgasmization in your own country to help poor and helpless muslims.They need you more.

What constitutional rights you're talking about?I think they should be treated as a second class citizen as to what they have done to non-muslims in Islamic countries.Plus,ask them to pay jizya to your non-muslim ruler because they are too rich with Saudi-funded money.

I don't get it.Why does FBI has anything to do with them?F***ing B**yatch Islam..

The Munz said...

Civilus Defendus YOU ARE 100% right!
They use their "places of worship" as training grounds and political podiums under the guise of religion.

This is what makes them dangerous. This is also where they get their protection under the law.

They have no separation of church and state. Hense the "nation of Islam"

Until our government is willing to confront this issue and hold the Nation of Islam accountable for it's teachings as it should, they will continue to get away with it.

So here is the REAL question.
Is Islam a Religion or a Nation?
If it is a Nation, then we have foreign nationals on our soil congregating directly against the constitution of these United States when they attend a ceremony.
If It is a religion then it's political affiliations need to be purged once and for all.

tom said...

Hi this is Tom again: All this talk about Mosques. I gave you the answer to how to drive the muslims crazy here quite awhile back. Start burning down the mosques you have easy access to and more important than that, the libral use of .1 pig blood,.2 pig guts,.3 pig shit,do you get the fucken point!!!Do it nopw and do it often, not just once in a while;but every day.They won't touch it, so the will have to hire us infidels to clean it up, and that will be expensive!!!Do the same with their homes, business, grave yards. When you see one walking down the street;throw a jar of big blood on them. Jeer at thir females with their head covers. Make it a hell on earth for them and their children to be seen in the streets. When they try to rally in the streets, have your shit bags ready.PEOPLE, EVERY WHERE,you have to do this, you cannot be afraid,you must;ATTACK!,ATTACK,! ATTACK!AND KEEP THE PRESSURE ON, OR WE ARE ALL DEAD!Where is our defiant, rebellious, ass kicking youth when we really need them.Give them a new challange. Instead of mugging little old old men and women in the, have them turn their energy towards our muslim enemies!!!When they start their shit in an area near you;strike back and give them more hell than they ever believed they would get from us lowly, AMERICAN infedels.
Those of you out there with that mind set, you will be the new heros of this new AMERICAN SOCIETY; besides, think how much fun you can have....See ya....Tom

Tom said...

P.S.Addendum: This is tom,addition to my first post....When you do start your attacks on your local mook communities, watch the news communities, you will see your work on TV! That's a reward you cant't pass up. When the rest of the muslim scum see what they will have to eventually have to contend with,you will put them on the run fear of the same thing they are doing, and getting away with. Like a rolling snow ball, it will pick up the momentum, but, you will have the bragging rights of being the forfront of the "Anti Muslim league of true Americans". Go get em guys/ gals...tom

Anonymous said...

That President(Little guy) Ahmadinejad or what ever wants a nuke bomb , Big deal we got 10,000
and we would love a reason to use them "Just ask the Japs" . Now one of the things I dont understand is everytime the little beady eyed guy
Ahmad Talks to the Americans he has a woman translator , I think I watched him 3 or 4 times befor I got that it was not his voice , The guyv steals votes and says it our fault,,, and the hole time its the Arab people whos getting Ripped
Fact is everyones making money off the americans and dont want them to leave ,,Look at Dubi and everyones rich the same with the Saudis,,, Stop shooting and we leave your people live good,,we sall a lot of stuff both do good,,you keep shooting we stay you remane goat ranchers,,And to the guys who think they can hide in Mosques and do bad things,, If we run out of Army,Polices, Then we have 5 million Bikers and they make your worst look like a bunch of little old ladys,, these guys nothing nice to mess with.

Anonymous said...

i think the fbi is the stupid bunch of people in the usa they are stupid just becoause your muslim does not mean your going to be a terriost all you who aggree with the fbi should feel like idiots im muslim that doesnt mean im going to bomb the united states i want to join the marine corp but you shouldnt say all muslims are terriost because if you do your an idiot and should kill your slef i cant belive the stupid people in this country. and the sound of truth your a fuckin idiot im muslim and i was born in california your stupid and should just shut up because your talking out of your ass you idiot those mosque have a right to be pissed. so shut up this nation was founded on freedem. no matter what so that means muslims have that right to. because most muslims hate terriost. you dumbass

travis perkins said...

fuck everyone who has posted stuff on here you guys are idiots i hope you die and thats bad cuz i try to be peaceful. but you guys are idiots you guys make america look like a peace of shit county wich it is because of people like you you dumb mother fuckers