Thursday, March 5, 2009

Exclusive Q&A With the President of a Michigan Sharia Bank Part I

Back in JanuaryI posted about a Michigan bank which had implemented Islamic banking. The bank also went way beyond that and banned alcohol at after work gatherings and they have also banned their annual Christmas party. These three changes were clearly done to cater to the Islamic community while showing no concern for the beliefs of anyone else. I want to state that I am not against the free market. I am just pointing out how the free market is being used by Muslims to slowly change the country to suit Islam. This is one of the reasons that I am against Muslim immigration. Because the less of them that are here, the less of this we will see. Continually changing aspects of our country to suit Islam is not fair to our country's future non-Muslim generations. As they will just continue to come up with new demands.

Here is the the email that I had sent to Mr.Ranzini the President of University Bank.

I am writing in concern of your bank implementing sharia banking, which I find highly offensive.Do you realize that this is just one way that Muslims are slowing getting aspects of Sharia law into Western culture?

I also realize that you are doing this to try and raise more business. But why did you ban the annual Christmas party and alcohol? If Muslims are such tolerant people why would they be offended by what other people believe in? Did you even begin to consider the beliefs of anyone else besides the Muslims?

Thank you,
Christoper Logan

In his response he tries to spin it that he had a sudden awaking against alcohol because of alcoholics, and he also states that he is against charging interest. So we are supposed to believe that he as banker is all of a sudden against high interest being charged? As he talks in circles he claims that it is not appropriate for his bank to promote a religion, but yet they are promoting sharia banking.

Dear Christopher:
Thanks for your email.
The principles of Islamic Law that you are referring to, are part of both Jewish and Christian legal systems. By saying that you don’t want Sharia law in Western culture isn’t logical. Please see attached history of usury for your information in case you’d like to learn more about this topic. A condensed history is as follows:
History of Usury (As a Catholic I find the history of usury rather interesting)
Jewish Talmud says it’s illegal for Jews to charge Jews interest
Jesus says it’s illegal for everyone to charge interest
Mohammad (610) agrees with Jesus
Fourth Council of the Lateran (1215), c. 27, only forbids Catholics to exact excessive interest.
Monti di Pieta societies (Mountain of Piety) founded in Italy 1460s after first founded by Bishop of London in 1361 are the first Western World banks following the Fourth Council’s edict
Martin Luther did not change the policy, so it applies to all Protestant faiths (usually)
Enacted into law in all Western societies that usury is only the charging of excessive interest
1% per month was the usury limit when I was growing up
Inflation in the 1970s prompted rises in the usury law in most states
Usury in Michigan is set at 25% per year
Credit card companies charging 36% are immoral in my opinion
So, in summary, there is great agreement among the faiths that there are issues charging interest. Catholics and Protestants are a little more liberal on this point than Muslims or Jews. But we are all in agreement that usury is bad and immoral.

As to why we stopped having a Christmas party and don’t serve alcohol, well if you know any alcoholics or recovering alcoholics or any lawyers, you know why it’s a bad idea for a company to serve alcohol at a party. As to the Christmas party, it isn’t really appropriate for our bank to promote religion of any type, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jewish or otherwise, so we don’t have any parties like that anymore. Just because we sell them services doesn’t mean we promote religion – quite the contrary! It’s true that our bank is targeting Muslims for Islamic Banking however, at the Kroger I walked down the aisle with the supermarket’s international food aisle, and I saw the following ethnic food:
Middle Eastern
It was evident to me that Kroger is attempting to increase sales by offering a variety of products. We are doing the same. There are 2.4 million Muslims in the U.S.
We do have a Christmas tree in the lobby nicely decorated during the Holiday Season from the day after Thanksgiving to Epiphany, but since that has become rather generic, it offends nobody (actually in the beginning the tree was a Druidic religious symbol since adopted by Macy’s for Christmas decorations at their NYC store in the late 1800s).
Best wishes,
Stephen Lange Ranzini
University Bank

Stay tuned for part 2.


Anonymous said...

Creeping sharia strikes once again. Keep up the good work, Islam is not what America is about.

Anonymous said...

University Bank engages in Islamic Banking through 80%-owned University Islamic Financial Corporation, the first and only Islamic Banking subsidiary of a bank in the U.S. University Islamic Financial offers residential and commercial real estate financing, the only FDIC-insured Islamic deposits (offered through University Bank) and Islamic equity mutual funds (offered through University Insurance & Investments).

This guy is all about profit and interest whether he says so or not. He owned his first bank at the age of 23. Do you think he loves huge cash deposits that come and go from Muslims... you bet he does! Do you think he cares where the money might be headed and who it's supporting... hell no. Do you think he cares if some of the money in University Bank might help fund Muslim terrorist cells here... hell no.

He's found a new cash cow and it's called Muslims and that's all he cares about. Let's just call him the typical banker.

Tonto said...

I really don't care what this bank does to survive. I won't do business with them....ever. I don't care about whatever some muz puke rants about unless they get in my face. As long as they leave me alone they get to keep the teeth in their head instead of their pocket.

Anonymous said...

Tonto would you care if lets say 25% of the business here catered to Muslims over non-Muslims. You do not care that slowly the country is changing to suit Islam?

Christopher Logan said...

Thanks for that backup information. His greed hurts the country. As Muslims will now move on to their next demand.

Anonymous said...

Excellent job, Mr. Logan...

Christopher Logan said...

Thanks Chris,
I am going to put up part 2 now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris:

That absurd letter from Ratzini the dhimmi rat, is pure Logical Fallacy and Cognitive Dissonance. What a Sharia creep phony. It fits perfectly with Gordon Brown nose's Ramadan Greeting on YouTube and a million other examples. My friends and I get the same variations on a lying and mealy mouthed theme reply from Universities, the government and MSM et all.

All the best from Colonel Neville.

The Munz said...

Might as well just sell shares in the country ....

Christopher Logan said...

Hey Colonel,
Thanks for the laughs with your comments about Ranzini!! We are living in a world of lies. Where up is down and if Obama comes out and says that the sky is red. Half of our country will blindly agree with him. Anyone promoting sharia in any form is part of the problem and I will do my best to expose them.

Anonymous said...

A recovered alcoholic says: I am
not offended by alcohol or other
people drinking, so don't do me any favors.

Unknown said...

The Bank's President gave an excellent reply. More like a wide handed slap on the face of the inquirer.

When all the testaments and divine revelation forbid interest then advocating it rather foolishly is a condemnable crime by all understanding. Those who are advocating this interest based system are really struck by demon who has blackened their minds...

People should see their respective revelations if they really believe their faiths. I suggest that when God has declared interest banned then we should not waste our time in this discussion.

Your yourself explained the channel through which Islamic Banking works which is based on risk sharing. Better don't be afraid of Sharia. It is better thing rather your own built system which has become a shame for you when Government is burdening tax payers to bail out the institutions who have done mistakes and frauds by their own will.

Anonymous said...

OK Mohammed... do you accept interest on your investments? When you deposit money in your savings account, DO YOU ACCEPT the interest? HMMM... just curious but if I was a betting man I would say you are just another hypocritical Muslim trying to ruin our country with that BS Sharia! Tell me how you honor your women.