Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gitmo Guys:We are Islamic Terrorists!!

This has been quite a day for our naive President Obama. First the Taliban tells him that negotiations are meaningless, because they a have goal that they will not waver from. Now five Guantanomo Bay detainees have told our government that they are hardcore Islamic terrorists and that Islam itself breeds terrorism. Please remember that Obama wants to close Gitmo and bring these people into our country. No thanks Obama, this is strike two of the day.

9/11 defendants: 'We are terrorists to the bone'

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Five men charged in the Sept. 11 attacks mock U.S. authorities and proclaim themselves "terrorists to the bone" in a war crimes court filing released Tuesday.

The five Guantanamo prisoners use the six-page document to try to justify the killing of nearly 3,000 people, portraying the attack as a response to U.S. actions in Israel, Iraq and elsewhere that is supported by their Muslim faith.

"We fight you over defending Muslims, their land, their holy sites, and their religion as a whole," they write in the document, which was submitted to the Guantanamo war crimes court and released by the Pentagon, in English, over the objections of attorneys for two of the men.

The five had previously said they wanted to plead guilty to the charges against them, and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the self-proclaimed Sept. 11 mastermind, had expressed pride in the attacks. But this is their most detailed response yet.
All five were charged with murder and other crimes at the Guantanamo war crimes court, which was suspended by President Barack Obama in January while his administration considers new strategies for prosecuting terrorists.

The charges, which carry a potential death sentence, "are badges of honor, which we carry with pride," they write.

The charge of conspiracy is "laughable," they write, because the planning was intended to be secret.

"Your intelligence apparatus, with all its abilities ... failed to discover our military attack plans before the blessed 11 September operation ... Why then should you blame us, holding us accountable and putting us on trial?"

They criticize the U.S. for fighting "from behind roadblocks, trenches and warplanes" rather than face-to-face and describe Islam as "a religion of fear" for Jews, Christians and pagans.

"We are terrorists to the bone. So, many thanks to God," they write.

Obama has ordered the closure of Guantanamo, so if and when the trials resume, they will be held somewhere else.
and most likely under a different legal system than the widely criticized military commissions created by Congress and President George W. Bush.

Three of the men are acting as their own lawyers but two of the men, Ramzi Binalshibh and Mustafa al-Hawsawi, still have Pentagon-appointed military attorneys pending a court ruling on whether they are mentally competent to represent themselves.

Their lawyers, Army Maj. Jon Jackson and Navy Cmdr. Suzanne Lachelier, said they had not met with their clients to discuss the document and cannot say what may have motivated the men to sign it — or even vouch for its authenticity.

"Based on our review of the unsigned, English and typed document there is no evidence that either Mr. Binalshibh or Mr. al-Hawsawi knew about, read, or signed this document," they said in a statement e-mailed to The Associated Press.
Pentagon spokesman Jeffrey Gordon called the filing "merely another attempt by these detainees to garner publicity."

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The Munz said...

This just goes to show how ungrateful these guys are. After all the hard work that Obama has gone through to free these guys they go and make statements like this.

Now they will have to wait until he is ready to leave office to get a Presidential pardon unless he can bury one in some 10,000 page stimulus bill somewhere.

Was there any doubt about these guys in the first place? I just hope that they are not executed, it will only make them martyrs and I want them to ROT in jail cells like common thugs.

Anonymous said...

It also shows us that they will not bend from their believes. I hope that they are executed because I do not want them preaching and brainwashing other prisoners in America.

Tonto said...

If this little manifesto these pig zits cranked out doesn't tell the tale, nothing will. I see it on Fox News and they also say the new head of the Taliban was a gitmo grad.....course the appeasement mindset of the PC crowd still wants to release these animals and/or grant them US "rights" and public trials and lawyers etc...more money thrown down a hole. And, it gives the scumbags a public forum to spew their BS. Is it me or is this world too nuts to survive?

Anonymous said...

It is not you, the West is suicidal.

Anonymous said...

Is it crazy or what? The evidence continues to mount that the world faces a crisis. We face attacks & an undermining of civilized culture & life, by an ideology that actually revels in its despicable treatment of others & its horrific actions to kill & maim innocents, & even their own.
The truth is, we did not need their admission or confession. The fact is, their words & deeds since 1979 at least, demonstrates to the world they have every intention of attempting to place the entire population of the planet under their medieval subjugation. They seem to think living in tents, violently treating even their own & especially their women, is actually a matter of pride to them. They think democracy, representative government, freedom, & civil rights, is wrong. They think their religion is the only way to live. That is, until they are caught by us & "then" they want any & every civil or constitutional right America has to offer. Then, those that cut off heads & stone their own women while they are half buried in the ground, suddenly want all those rights & to be fairly treated. Then they object to our "torture" tactics because they are brutal.
Its amazing to hear Americans called torturers & brutal by civil rights groups as they defend groups who videotape the beheading of women, men, & myriad other innocents. These apologists & the clowns committing these actual crimes against humanity actually have the guts to call us the bad guys as they do the real crimes & all we do is try to defend ourselves.
I for one will not apologize for, nor will I refrain from self defense. Humans have that rights & I intend to exercise that right to the fullest even when the leftists of the world may think we should do otherwise. Let them bow down & submit to their killers. Perhaps the leftist apologists actually do think their killers are better than them?!

Christopher Logan said...

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your insightful comments.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, that is a good point. They hate our way of life, but when we catch them they want US rights. Sorry terrorists, it does not work that way.

Anonymous said...

Honestly,at the first place i believed that the closing of Gitmo would bring much better result because i heard that the detainees are treated cruelly.Plus,it's supported by our media(in Malaysia)..but,as I follow up this kind of issue,i see there's no improvement.terrorists will be free to do anything after this..I wonder if Obama did carefully study the consequences of closing Gitmo or he just made the decision to please muslim.

Anonymous said...

He wants to please the Muslims and the left.

Unknown said...

Well, all I can say is:
1) they do not regret what they did. In fact, they are proud of having killed of those people.
2) if freed, they are going to repeat it again. Or at least they are going to try.

This is a real good case for being sentenced to life in prison. I also don't want these thugs to be "martyrs" of any cause. But not in a normal prison, in a "Sharia-like" sort of prison. Isn't that their dream?