Friday, November 14, 2008

New Anti-Sharia law Petition for the UK

The Islamists have already opened the door for aspects of sharia law being allowed in the UK via the Sharia Courts. But this is not enough for them as they want full sharia across the UK for all UK residents. Now finally the non-Muslims there have begun to stand up against the impending Islamic takeover. I urge all Brits to watch this video and then please sign the petition.

Hat tip to Thanx A. Lott


Anonymous said...

Muslim uncontrolled immigration and the ridiculous open door policy of the Labour party is bringing in an epidemic of incurable TB.
We the original inhabitants of the former British Isles will be in the minority within 70 years in our own land.
The backlash from the ordinary people realising they are screwed will be a bloodbath. As predicted in the 60's.


Anonymous said...

To defeat the muslims we must do to them what they are doing to us. Demand their total submission to the west. If they refuse, set them to die by the bomb. You cannot negotiate with a people who refuse to talk. They want us dead. We have no choice but to remove them from this earth. Send them to Allah and their 70 virgins a peace.

Anonymous said...

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