Tuesday, October 28, 2008

UK:Worries That the London Olympics Might Offend Muslims

Over the years the United Kingdom has made a habit of catering to Muslims more than any other group of people in the UK. Some extraordinary examples of this are giving Muslims special housing with toilets that face away from Mecca and kitchens that are specially designed for halal cuisine . The UK has refurbished prisons by making sure that the toilets do not face Mecca.

More and more public schools there are only serving halal meat with no concern for the beliefs of the non-Muslims who attend the school .

The UK has even built a cemetery where all the deceased including Christians and Jews are buried in accordance to Islamic tradition as Muslims believe that the dead have look over their shoulder towards Mecca.

Now the Kingdom is considering taking the catering to the Islamic community to a new level, as talks are being held to discuss on how to reduce tensions between the police and Muslims during the upcoming London Olympics in 2112. They are concerned that the games will clash with the Islamic month of Ramadan.

Scotland Yard has even joined in with the bowing down to Islam by hiring Islamic scholar Michael Mumisa on how to deal with the issue, the issue which should be a non-issue. Mr. Mumisa has said that the commemoration of 11 Israeli athletes killed during the Munich games by Palestinian terrorists might offend Muslims. Maybe the Islamic scholar would like for the UK just cancel the Olympics, this way Muslims are not offended. Before it is too late the leaders of the UK need to realize that the UK is their country and stop asking Muslims what needs to be done to please Islam.


Anonymous said...

Have they all gone mentally ill over there? Don't they stop to ask WHY such an event (atheletic competition) should be offensive to anyone for any reason?

Anonymous said...

Richard Kerbaj has been accused by a local London Radio station as having manufactured his report about his report on Olympics and Michael Mumisa’s comments. Did anyone listen to that news report??? I wonder what others here will now say about that?

Christopher Logan said...

I wonder where your proof is? Also the article is full of other ways that the UK is catering to Muslims. Funny how Jews, Christians, and the followers of other religions are not causing these problems. Muslims have no concerns for the beliefs of others.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with you on your remarks.If the west is offensive and the way we do things then the door is open for anyone who wishes to leave.
The problem here is we are being force-fed Islam on a day to day basis.I notice Muslims are not making much comment about the Mosque that they are under an illusion they will get, that they think will be situated next to the Olympic stadium. What a joke. Dream on.
Are we going to hear about the Priests in the Catholic Church now ? or the behaviour of the Christians 400 years ago. The problem is here and now, the problem is the Muslims and the Islamic political movement.

Christopher Logan said...

Political Islam is even more dangerous to life as we know it than potential suicide bombers.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with that, political Islam is very dangerous in the west and should be stamped out, it should be outlawed as an illegal political movement, if not then we will all witness this Religion of Peace, in the UK the way things are going if we are not careful, we will end up as just another fallen nation in fallen Europe, such is the march of political Islam


Anonymous said...

Anonymous answer no 1,

Yes it may be offensive to Muslims as they all have 4 or more wives and prayer 5 times a day they must be worn out, arthritis and cramp, not to mention the other exhaustion, although that does not apply to Bin Laden as I heard he was no good at it and only had a very small one.
But to get back on topic it May BE OFFENSIVE to Muslims as they really are too exhaused to compete and so they MAY be a trifle JEALOUS.


Fuckislam said...

Let's be clear on one thing...almost everything will offend these creatures.
it's civilisation...WE'RE OFFENDED
it's humane justice...WE'RE OFFENDED
we don't want to see little girls suffer genital mutilation...WE'RE OFFENDED
etc etc you get the picture.
Here's one of my favourite quotes from a leading islamic figure...it really shows what they're like.
"“A man can have sex with animals such as sheeps, cows, camels and so on. However, he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village; however, selling the meat to the next door village should be fine.”
From Khomeini's book, "Tahrirolvasyleh"
humans, not mooslimes
civilization, not islam

Christopher Logan said...

Edward Kessler, executive director of the Woolfe Institute, which deals with inter-faith dialogue, teaching and research, said that police needed to have a “minimum level of faith literacy” to help them deal with religious issues during the London Games. Dr Kessler said: “During Ramadan you’re going to have a lot of tired, hungry, less evenly tempered people because they haven’t eaten for 18 hours.

Christopher Logan said...

I remember that they had to cancel the St. Georges Day parade because of fears of problems with Muslims. So save your con.


Anonymous said...

eeh really,
I wonder if schools in the UK that serve Halal meat are aware of that.
I am going to post that around.


Janice said...

I don't see how some of your points make a difference to anyone else. For example, Christians/Jews/any other faith are not required to be buried in any particular direction AFAIK, so why does it matter if they are faced towards Mecca?
However I do agree some of them are stupid, and the people who do them risk further alienating Muslims.

I also heard the radio report that is quoted by someone below (Oct 28, 4.20PM, Anonymous), and completely agree that Mumisa fabricated alot of his comments.

Anonymous said...

Future generations in the West will curse the names of our political and civic leaders for caving in to the scourge of Islam.

The more our societies are compelled by gutless leaders to cater to unreasonable demands by the Muslims that live in and sponge from yet despise them, that much more will the fat and complacent masses regard capitulation as the norm.

Anonymous said...

Islam should be taken into account because in the future Islam will be the largest religion in the world then after that it will be more than all religions combined when that happens Islam will have to take into account other religions. you will probably be saying why will Islam become the largest religion. read it up Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world!

Anonymous said...

Religion seems to be unavoidable. Society does not seem to be able to function on the long run without.

If a sufficiently large number of people hang on to theirs, the other ones who have essentially no religion, will laugh at them, then fight them, but then eventually join them.

That is how the Roman Empire turned Christian. And that is how the West will eventually adopt Islam.

The only alternative to Islam, is simply another religion, and not the lack of religion. What other religion? Christianity? Thoroughly discredited... Any other option?

Anonymous said...

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