Monday, August 31, 2009

CAIR Wants to Silence Internet and Talk Radio Critics of Islam

Just like President Obama and his crew want to silence the opposition, so does the Council on American Islamic Relations, (CAIR). It is very telling that neither Obama or CAIR has said a word about the Islamic preachers of hate in America. Just like in Europe, the left and Muslims will work hand in hand to try and destroy life as we know it.

Muslim organization blames talk radio in attacks
After attacks on Muslims in New York and California, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations is targeting what he says is “growing anti-Muslim rhetoric” on the Internet and talk radio.

CAIR is seeking federal hate crime charges in the attacks on a mother and daughter in Smithtown, N.Y., and a taxi driver in Pleasanton, Calif.


In a statement on Monday, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said “Our nation’s religious, political and community leaders need to address the growing anti-Muslim rhetoric on the Internet and on talk radio that can lead to such incidents.”

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