Monday, August 17, 2009

NY Muslims:Collect the Jizya from the Jews and Christians~Video

Apparently our authorities just do not care that the NY based members of call for Muslims to prepare weapons as the Koran tells Muslims to terrorize non-Muslims. So they are allowed to continue to preach and here is this past Friday's hate sermon, in which the spokesman rants that Sharia Law has the solution for all of mankind's problems. He also calls for the extortion (jizya) of Jews and Christians. It is funny that if a Mafia member called for extortion he would get locked up, but when a Muslim does it is OK. Oh I forgot, most of our authority figures are afraid to face the threat of Islam.

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Tonto said...

I like seeing things like this because it means we Americans are winning. We scare the muz. We cause apostates to defect from islam. We, as Christians are not afraid to kick their muz asses when they cross the line....that's not like "back home" in the muz shitholes they came from where every non-muz fears islam. Here we don't fear, we kick ass. They like to talk big like they are winning......paper tigers and pussies....they've always been pussies.