Saturday, August 8, 2009

Obama:"I Don't Want the Folks who Created the Mess to do a lot of Talking"

Dictator Obama lets us know in his own words that him and his crew are out to silence anyone who disagrees with them. Today's left is not about freedom, they are about complete control.


Tonto said...

This shouldn't be a big surprise to anyone watching the Obama regime. The Obamites have already sent union and ACORN members to intimidate people at Town Hall Meetings. I think these thugs would be wise to be very careful. The people at these meetings, supporters or dissenters, are older, more upstanding, and would be very quick to call the cops, who pay attention to well heeled older citizens. It would be interesting to find out who bails these thugs out and pays their legal fees and fines.

Anonymous said...

The very idea the President has stated he wants those who supposedly created this mess to get out of the way & shut up, reeks of leftist thuggery. If this is the way America works, why did the left speak so loudly during Reagan, Bush 1 & Bush presidencies?
Speaking out is an American 'right' & it is not to be toyed with by a temporary employee.
I cannot yet confirm this, but according to some I have spoken to, unions, (AFL-CLO & government employees) will not be included in the health care legislation. That means, they get to keep their Cadillac plans. Why?
If unions are not included, why are their thugs coming to meetings & assaulting citizens who will be affected by this. Unions in the private sector speak for ONLY 12% of the population. Why are they coming to meetings to control the speech of the other 88% of Americans.
If unions intend to exercise their muscle keeping order at these meetings, isn't this action a sample of what they will do if they get the Card Check Legislation passed? Why give thugs the legal right to use their tactics on innocent citizens?
Once the private ballot for union elections is eliminated, it is obvious from these tactics they are displaying, they intend to 'force' people to sign cards to join unions. Its pure intimidation by threatening, directly or indirectly, the safety of Americans.