Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sharia Board of America

Need to govern your life by Sharia Law, confused about Sharia rulings? Today is your lucky day as The Sharia Board of America is here to guide you. Just submit your questions online, and wait for the reply. Or if you are in the Chicago area, just drop by.

Does anyone still believe that we are not heading down the same road as the UK in regards to Islam? If so you are only kidding yourself.

Dars-e-Quran by Mufti Navalur Rahman will be held Inshallah on every Friday after Maghrib prayer at Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation.

Separate sitting area is available for women.

Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation moved in 2007 to a 2800 sq.ft building at 7045 N Western Ave. Chicago, IL. This move has enabled us to consolidate the service programes in one location.

The new location is conveniently accessible by walk, public transportation within 2 miles radius of a densely populated Muslim community on the North side of Chicago. The following programs serve the Muslim Ummah through out the US and world wide.

Shariah Board of America

Over 15000 Fatwas have been issued to Muslim Community
Provide several hundred of marriage and business counseling services
Supervision and guidance for Shara'ee Zabiha
Conducted various seminars
Opened Islamic reference library
11 staff members including highly qualified Ulemas (Scholars)

Here are some of the questions submitted to the Sharia Board of America. The answers are given in an audio response, but they are not in English.

Question 1.

Is it permissible (i.e. halal, haram, makrooh) to watch cartoons for children? 2. Is it permissible (i.e. halal, haram, makrooh) to teach children with cartoons? 3. Are clothes with catoons on it permissible (i.e. halal, haram, makrooh) for children (under 2-3yrs specially)? Now-a-days almost every cloth of samll babies are full of cartoons, even other accessories also e.g. shampoos, feeders, small toys like cars and train etc. all are filled with cartoons. What should we do if these are not permissible? Also tell me about stuffed toys of animals like dogs, cats, lions etc. Are they permissible for children play? 4.
What about playing with dolls? As you know in our society children (girls) are very fond of dolls, almost every body give present of doll to girl baby. What should we do about it? 5. If someone give gift of a doll or stuffed toy of dog, cat etc. Should we accept it or not? 6. Now-a-days celebrating birthdays are very common, whats ruling of shariah about it? Specially for children, is it ok to hv a very simple family gathering with cake cuting on this day of babies?

Question 2.

my husband abandoned me on the saying of his parents went back to pakistan and
divorced me by writing three words on a piece of paper and throwing it away in front of his family. is it three divorces or one. because now he is very remorseful and says that he wants to do an islamic nikah with me


please advise because he keeps saying he wants to marry me and is aware of the fact that it was his fault. i dont want to do anything against islam.

Question 3.

Assalam u alaikum, I have Airport Transportation and Taxi Service business. I am trying to established my account to offer my service to Hotels guest for Airport Transportation. In order to get business and also established good business relationship with the Hotels staff and management some Hotels staff expect Money (10% to 25%) from my company as “Commission” for every call I get from them.
My question is it permissible to give money/ gift to hotel staff to get business from them.Jazakallah

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