Monday, July 13, 2009

Minnesota:Muslims hit With Terrorism Charges

I remember in the past when Islamic apologists kept on saying that the problems the stem from Islam could never happen here. Like I said that was nothing more than wishful thinking. Here is another case of Muslims in Minnesota getting hit with terrorism charges. But hey lets invite more of them here.

Feds in Minn. indict 2 of terrorism charges
by Amy Forliti, Associated Press
July 13, 2009

St. Paul, Minn. — A federal indictment unsealed in Minnesota accuses two men of terror charges in the case of several missing young Somali men.

The indictment made public Monday names Abdifatah Yusuf Isse and Salah Osman Ahmed.

Both men are accused of one count of providing material support to terrorists and one count of conspiracy to kill, kidnap, main and injure. Two more counts accuse Ahmed of making false statements to investigators.

The indictment says Ahmed traveled to Somalia to fight jihad.

An attorney listed for Isse didn't immediately return a call for comment. The court docket didn't list an attorney for Ahmed, and the federal public defender's office declined to comment on his case.

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Thorum said...

Chris, I need your help. Keep coming to the Apricity. Join ranks brother. Let's kick ass and change the world. Don't be intimided. We are all this war together. Join ranks!!

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