Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mos Def on Islam

In a recent interview Hip Hop star and actor Mos Def made a statement on his religion, Islam. To be honest he sounds like most other Muslims when people criticize their religion. Personally I think that he needs an education on Islam.

Mos Def also talked about how he maintains his Islamic faith in an American culture that stigmatizes the religion. Although the reputation of Islam has experienced severe blemishes in the West, it is not uncommon to see Hip Hop artists turning to the faith: Ice Cube, Freeway, Lupe Fiasco, Q-Tip, and Beanie Siegel are just a few artists who have converted to Islam. Def assured that he is not worried about the stigma he may experience as a Muslim, and even drove this point home with his use of Arabic lyrics in The Ecstatic.

I’m a private person, but I’m certainly not ashamed of what I believe. To not speak about my faith for fear of reprisal would be terrible. If people are uncomfortable with my Islam, they should check themselves.”

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Christopher Logan said...

Iman commented on Mos Def on Islam - Islam In Action:

what exactly do you think you know about islam? You dont even have a clue!!!! you say that islam treats women like property how? In America for instance a girl is allowed to believe from a very young age that sex is okay that she doesn't have to hold on to her virginity and she can drink go to useless parties and pretty much do as she pleases.In my religion a girl grows up knowing that it's not ok to go out half naked or to have aimless sex unless married because her virginity is a gift to her husband.I don't know about your faith or beliefs but there are people in every race that are violent,murderers,rapists etc so you just can't start typing about things you can't even begin to imagine,if you want to be taken seriously go and do some concrete and heavy research into the islamic religion check the Qur'an Hadith etc. I am a muslim and I am proud to be one. Whoever insults my religion must be able to produce irrefutable facts on what your saying.

Christopher Logan said...

I have read the Koran, Muslim and Bukhari ahadith, and the Relianace of the Traveller, which has the stamp of approval from Al Azhar. Islam is a religion of war, that allows lying, and rape.

Islam 101: Lying is Permissible


Islam 101: The Religion of War


The truth is not an "insult".

Christopher Logan said...

Iman commented on Mos Def on Islam - Islam In Action:

jesus followed islam and he isn't the son of GOD as your bible tells you. God is God, He has no mother, father,child or spouse. Islam is the oldest religion on earth and its the religion that Allah(SWT) identifies with.Read the quran well without bad opinion and you'll understand what I am talking about.Islam is a religion of peace and an idle bee doesn't sting unless provoked so,no muslim will attack without provocation.

Christopher Logan said...

Christianity was around centuries before Islam, and Muslims have been at war with theh world for 1400 years. Your con will not work here.

Christopher Logan said...

On top of it, you are posting from Nigeria.

Nigeria: Muslims Shouting “Allah Akbar” Slaughter 500 Christians


Anonymous said...

Christopher Logan....never seen a idiot like you....who Talks about pros and cons at the same hand....you need counselling....I think you got some doubts about your religious status....clear them up....

muebles en cordoba said...

It can't work in actual fact, that's what I think.

Anonymous said...

Just because you hate Islam doesn't mean you lying about it.I don't care if hate Islam, but have you ask your self why I am here in this life? Every simple thing for reason 4 example: pen for writing, mobile to make a call, food to stay a live ask your self what the purpose of life?Why am I here? Because I love you I will tell where is the answer it's in the Quran I know you said those words and you didn't read Quran but if don't want read it check this website thedeenshow.com may God guide you

Anonymous said...

Christianity? Tell, when did something called 'Christianity' surface? Was Christianity know at the time of Jesus (pbuh)? Did Jesus ever refer to himself as a Christian? The answer is no. Jesus taught total submission to god. Which is what Islam means in Arabic.

Christianity is a false religion fabricated by Paul and his disciples. Jesus propagated the same religion as Moses, Abraham, Noah did before him and as Muhammad (saws) did after, Islam.

Christianity is nothing more than a religion fashioned to give the European a false idea that they were created in the image of god. Thus giving them the false authority to subjugate, kill, rape steal and murder as they please.

Christianity is the religion of the Jews with an evil twist.

sharib tanweer said...

If You Want To Know About Islam Then Follow The Quran And Compare With Other Religion Book.

Anonymous said...

Islam is the religion of satan. Period! Mohamed was a rapist,child molester,murderer,among many more. You can.find this information in his evail book calles the quran.