Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dick Morris on Sharia Encroachment in the West~Video

This is a short video in which author Dick Morris talks about the chapter on Sharia in the West from his new book Catastrophe.

Hat tip to the Munz at Munz's Place


Captain USpace said...

Great and revealing video. The Sharia Finance angle to Jihad. Possibly $3-4 TRILLION in Sharia compliant funds! Scary.

Btw, this comment form is better, good move.


absurd thought -
our supreme God says
let religion control ALL

including ALL the money
penalize borrowers

Anonymous said...

More of our leaders, and people who have more 'face time' on the news channels need to start talking about this and making people aware of what is happening.

AIG and some of the others that Morris mentioned are given our tax money and if they are favoring one religion then that is worse than saying a prayer in the schools which the ACLU should be all over. I know we won't hear a peep out of the ACLU - I think they must be getting money from the Saudis. (because I never read about the ACLU complaining about schools praying like a muslim!)

Anyway, thanks for making this available.