Saturday, July 18, 2009

Turkistan Islamists:"Kill the Chinese Communists"

Shortly after the Muslim riots in China, Indonesian Muslims and Al Qaeda called for a Holy War on China. Today a third Islamic group has joined the jihad party. Like I said in the past. Go for it guys.

Report: Group tied to al-Qaida threatens China

BEIJING – A group linked to al-Qaida that threatened to disrupt last year's Beijing Olympics is vowing to avenge Muslim Uighurs who died in ethnic violence with Chinese earlier this month.

The Turkistan Islamic Party condemned the violence between Chinese and Uighurs in the northwestern Xinjiang region which stemmed from a brawl between the two sides in southern China in June.

Seyfullah, military commander of the Turkistan Islamic Party, known as TIP, said in a video issued on jihadist Web forums this week that the two incidents were examples of "genocide" perpetrated by the Chinese government.

"Know that this Muslim people have men who will take revenge for them," he said. "Soon, the horsemen of Allah will attack you, Allah willing. So lie in wait; indeed, we lie in wait with you."

The video was translated Friday by the Washington-based SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors militant Web sites. The message contains a photo of Seyfullah in camouflage, his face mostly swathed in white cloth.


"Kill the Chinese communists wherever you find them. Capture them and besiege them and lie in wait for each and every ambush," Seyfullah said, according to SITE. "We ask Allah to torture our enemies in general and the Chinese in particular with a special torture."


Chinese and Western terrorism experts say TIP is an offshoot of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, a group fighting to end Chinese rule in Xinjiang, or what some Muslims call East Turkestan.

ETIM was based in Afghanistan before the U.S. invasion and is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States. Experts say after its leader was killed in 2003, members reorganized into similar groups, including TIP, and received training from al-Qaida in Pakistan's tribal area abutting Afghanistan.

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