Monday, July 13, 2009

Indonesian Muslims Call for Holy War on China

In the wake of the recent Muslim riots in China, Indonesian Muslims have come out in support of their Islamic brothers.

Indonesians protest at Chinese embassy

JAKARTA (AFP) — Indonesian Muslims called for "holy war" and briefly clashed with security guards during a protest outside the Chinese embassy in Jakarta in support of China's minority Muslim Uighurs.

Several dozen protesters from a coalition of Islamist groups shouted calls for jihad or "holy war" to help Muslims in China's northwest, where unrest between Muslim Uighurs and Han Chinese has left more than 180 people dead.

They also demanded action from the Indonesian government to stop what they called "genocide" in China's Xinjiang region.

"We urge the Indonesian government to put diplomatic pressure on the Chinese government for an immediate halt to violence on Muslims in Xinjiang," the protesters said in a statement.

"If diplomacy doesn't work we urge the Indonesian government to break diplomatic ties with China and boycott their products."

They carried banners reading "Stop the genocide of Muslims in Xinjiang", "China is communist, racist and fascist" and "Jihad for Muslim Uighurs".

Similar rallies were held in other cities in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation of about 234 million people.

Xinjiang's Uighurs complain of repressive Chinese rule, grievances the government says are baseless.

Uighurs reportedly attacked Han Chinese during the July 5 unrest and destroyed their shops but exiled Uighur leaders said the protests were peaceful until security forces over-reacted with deadly force.

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