Monday, January 26, 2009

UK:Jewish Schools Hire Military Guards

Several weeks ago it was reported from Copenhagen Denmark that Jews will be encouraged not to enroll their children into certain public schools. The reason being that the schools had a high number of Arabs in them. Now we see that the concerns for the safety of the Jewish children of Europe is getting more problematic, as Jewish schools in the UK are hiring ex-soldiers to guard the schools against Islamic attacks. Where does this all end?

25 January 2009
Ex-soldier guard for Jew pupils
By Russell Myers
Jewish schools across Britain are hiring elite former soldiers to protect pupils from Islamic extremists following Israel's invasion of Gaza.

Classrooms are being swept for bombs and visitors searched for weapons after Hamas said Jewish children are legitimate targets.

A staff member at North West London Jewish Day School said the premises now resembles a military barracks. He added: "Many of the security staff served in armies in specialist units."

Phaivish Pink, head at Manchester Jewish Grammar School, said: "Like most other schools we've taken steps to ensure pupils, staff and visitors are safe."

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Perpetua said...

Please remind me when it was that who in Hamas said that Jewish children are legitimate targets?

Anonymous said...

It's no wonder since Hamas children are being trained from an early age to kill all Jews. And that's beside the fact they then use them for human shields in a conflict.

The Muslim people as a whole have pretty much declared A WORLDWIDE JIHAD on all non-believers of Islam.

Please watch the two videos below if you haven't yet already.

Hamas Children:

Hamas in their own words:

David Ben-Ariel said...

We can expect this and more and yet most Jews will fail to make the move to the Jewish homeland of Israel, as Judaism requires.

Anonymous said...

If they move or not does not mean that they should be attacked.

Christopher Logan said...

I have yet to hear one Muslim condemn these acts.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are not condemning these acts, nor are the liberal left.
The Jewish community in Golders Green are being attacked on a daily basis.
I have sent you some videos across to support this.


Unknown said...

When is England going to realize that islam has nothing for it but the supremacism of islam over all freedom loving Britains including sharia law and dihmmitude where you can all pay a tax and live like second hand citizens in your own country. Winston Churchill has got to be rolling over in his grave; he saw the threat and hate of islam way before his time. You patriots of England arise and commit whatever acts of need to maintaine your soverienty; expell muslims before your country falls!

Anonymous said...

The jews are a sleeping giant. They are trying their best to be fair with all scunmsucken muslims. This, I don't understand? They will cut loose one of these days and the world will pitch a bitch.
I pray that the jews will fight back; "tit for tat". They need to attack back in kind!If it has to come down to you throw eggs at us, we throw bricks at you!!!Fight back ISRAEL!!Let them attack you first; then get some news coverage for yourselves. Make a play to the world first to see if they respond to your plight in a sympathetic. If they don't then respond in kind twice as violent. Then we will put out the results here, for the world to see. Israel, in the name of Yawah, fight back!Get the sympathy of Americans and the rest of the world. Let the world see the double standard being used against you by the camel shits, ( muslims) incase there are some that do not know whom I speak. Throw it back at the muslims, show how you try to avoid them, Then show how you turn on their ass aqnd humilate them. Don't let them treat you like the F..... Germans treated you.You are Gods chosen chosen people, and that is why you are hated so. Jewish men, don't be afraid to stand up and fight back> Even if you have to ambush their leaders. Bring on the war, don't be caught like breathern were in The camps! That is where they want to put you, so balls up;fight back; draw first blood, even second blood is OK, just draw their blood;"Tit for Tat", we got you back!!!...Tom

Anonymous said...

Silly Jews. Just keep "Making Deals" supporting Liberal Western Governments until now there is no one to defend you in Europe.

How did you ever convince yourselves it is more important to damage the Western World's Christian Right than to ally with them for the protection of you both against fanatics?