Thursday, January 1, 2009

Denmark:Muslim Arrested for Shooting Two Jews

Unfortunately the world saw how just easy it was for Muslims to pull off the Mumbai attacks. As it is much easier for Islamic terrorists to just walk into a crowded area and start randomly shooting people, than it is to build bombs. It is now clear that they will use guns to terrorize and kill us and that Mumbai style attacks will be occurring more frequently in the West.

In September a similar attack was stopped right before it occurred in Oklahoma and a Palestinian has just been arrested in Denmark for the mall shooting of two Jews.

Danish police arrest man in mall shooting

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Danish police say they have arrested a man of Palestinian descent on suspicion of shooting and wounding two Israelis at a shopping mall.

Police spokesman John Jacobsen says without naming the suspect that he is a 27-year-old Dane born in Lebanon of Palestinian parents.

A court on Thursday ordered the suspect held for up to four weeks while police investigate.

Police say the suspect has denied attempting to kill the Israelis but acknowledged carrying a gun Wednesday at the mall in the central Danish city of Odense.

Jacobsen says the two Israelis had been selling hair-care products when they were attacked. He says they were hospitalized in stable condition; one man was shot in the arm and one man in the leg.

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Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

I believe we must not have Muslim immigration in the USA. Islam is a hate group and should be excluded from citizenship.

Anonymous said...

If you're on a quest to convert christians + jews "by the sword," don't come crying to me when you get a little TNT dropped on your hooded noggin.

Does that mean i "hate" moslems? Not really, i'm just tired of listening to them. I'm also tired of channel 3, but i don't "hate" channel 3. Nor do i hate chicken tikka, although i've had it so much this winter, i need a break, and i won't be upset if it disappears for awhile.

Before I type further, I just bought a toy Lego figure -- it's a tiny plastic moslem hiding under their typical hood, holding grendades and an AK-47! It's hilarious, b/c that's what moslems have made themselves into: funny things.

You can order the Lego toy here: ToyWiz dot com. Go there + search for "Osama Bin Lego."

This palestinian nonsense is "theater," a stage-play using real people and real lives, to drive Jews out of Israel. Funded by foreign money + weapons. I don't care if the jews are "saints" or not. If you don't like them, leave them alone and go about your business.

I'm not even Jewish, I've only been over there once, yet I'm sick of listening to this situation for my entire life. Enough is enough.

Every time the Moslems attack Israel (every war, every skirmish), they LOSE. So admit you lost! You LOST, moslems! And you keep losing, every stunt you pull in every part of the world. Because you're good at anger and hate, and that's not a "skill."

Every time you start a fight, you get clobbered, then you cry like little babies that the infidels won't sit still while you chop their heads off.

Stop hiding behind women + children, then acting SHOCKED SHOCKED that your neighbors get killed.

In my opinion, 50 years is enough second-chances. These so-called palestinians should each be handed a box lunch, with a nice sandwich, and a fresh banana... and told "SEE YOU LATER, PLEASE LEAVE. GO LAUNCH ROCKETS AND SUICIDE-BOMB SOME OTHER BUNCH OF SUCKERS, SOMEWHERE ELSE."

These masked clowns deserve the airstrikes, the grenades, the tanks. They've earned it for the past 60 years.

If they worked this hard at the piano for 60 years, they'd all be playing Carnegie Hall. If they worked that hard at technology, they'd have landed on the moon by now. If they tried building their own lives instead of destroying other people's lives, maybe I'd feel sorry for them.

PS: don't be scared of moslems; laugh at them. Because other than humor, tell me (specifically, an example) what they have to offer?

"Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached." -- Pope Benedict, 2006

Bos'un said...

Just a follower of Muhammad's Religion of Peace spreading Muslim love toward Ahl al- Kitâb (People of the Book). Keep up the good work, Chris. كافر Bosun.

Tonto said...

The world is so inured to "muz thugs kill jews" that they hardly notice....this is "normal" right? But let Israel go after hamas, hezbulla or any other muz thugs and the arab/muz world goes into throes of emoting that would make the hammiest actor agog with admiration. Oh those nasty jews are picking on innocent, peace loving civilian muslims again!!!! Oh woe!!!
I, for one am thoroughly burnt out on muz this and muz that. As far as I'm concerned the best thing the muz thugs can do for themselves is to find a hole and stay there forever. Enough! Go Israel and kill hell out of them!..Send them all to Lebanon to cuddle up with their Hez buddies and resettle Gaza and West Bank with Jewish settlers....that will make a statement that really means something!

Tonto said...

I was just thinking that with the huge rise in the numbers of persons licensed to carry firearms in the US, muz dingbats with the idea of "lighting up" a shopping mall or something could be in for a very rude surprise.
My feeling is that a bullet in the brain could help open their minds.

Christopher Logan said...

We should of ended Muslim immigration a long time ago.

That was a great post!! It is always the same from them. They attack and attack and then when someone fights back they started crying.

You too buddy.

That is true, it is like their behavior is normal and acceptable to so many.

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